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At the same time, the whole corridor was lit up.

Just like a huge weapons factory.



The sounds of battle continuously sounded out in the sky.

The first statue that resurrected held a long spear in hand as it stabbed towards Xiang Longfei.

Also at this time, Long Fei quickly went to the side, and looked through the system to check the stats.

Demonic Beast: Demon Statue

Level: Level 5

Description: Each statue has the soul of a disciple of the Thunder Dragon Temple, a mutated soul.

"Soul Seal?"

Long Fei's heart trembled as he asked, "Ancestor, what's the situation with these statues?"

The Yan Huang ancestor said slightly: "It should be some kind of powerful technique, refining the souls of the dead to the Seal s in these statues. The moment there is some sort of mechanism, these statues will be resurrected."

"This cultivation method should be a type of Sealing."

"Moreover... Your s.p.a.ce Ring s' nine dragons rising from the sky, that pearl also contains a soul, as for what kind of soul it is, I am not sure. " Yan Huang ancestor saw through the souls of the Seal s within these sculptures with a glance and muttered: "I'm very curious, what secrets are hidden in this secret realm?"

"First the Tomb Guardian Wolf, then the Golden-Armored Zombies."

"To think that a sculpture of the soul of the Seal would appear here. Just this kind of Sealing is an extremely strong existence, able to refine the soul of a dead person."

"What are they protecting?"

"And that Xuan Ming sword sheath, the Profound G.o.d was also a disciple of the Thunder Dragon Temple? Or did he come here before? " Yan Huang ancestor muttered.

Long Fei was forced into a dead end by a statue, and said: "Don't talk about those useless things, tell me where its weakness is?"

"Wait a moment!"

The Yan Huang ancestor's Qi moved, and immediately said: "At the heart area, there's a Seal Formation at the heart area, it's enough to shatter the Seal Formation. However, these fellows's defense is much stronger than the Flying Zombies, you should be careful."

As soon as he finished.

Long Fei retracted his dragon salyer and moved his right arm, punching out explosively.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

A punch pierced through the heart of the statue, instantly shattering it.

Yan Huang ancestor was slightly astonished, he said: "Good boy, your strength has increased a lot in this period of time."


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Statue' for obtaining 1 experience point, true qi 100 points, Energy Values 1 point."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Evil Spirit' # 1"

"Evil Spirit?"

Long Fei opened the system and looked. A lump of black fog was like a ghost, the same as the Ghost Warrior s back at the Supreme Temple.

Should I release it?

The Yan Huang ancestor immediately said: "Don't release it, the soul locked chain you killed can perfectly lock these evil spirits in. The combination of these two things might be able to create a special Magic Weapon."

Without waiting for Long Fei to release it, Yan Huang ancestor warned him.

Long Fei asked: "What special Magic Weapon?"

Yan Huang ancestor laughed: "You will know when the time is right. Right now, just kill all of these statues, the more evil spirits the better."

"Heh heh …"

"As your Master, it's time for me to show you some of my abilities."

Long Fei had never doubted the abilities of the Yan Huang ancestor.

A person who could instantly devour holy artifact, would his ability be weak?

This was an aura that the Nangong Imperial Clan was unable to refine for tens of thousands of years. How could it be lacking?

Was it possible for someone who could fuse with dragon salyer and increase their destructive power to be weak?


The ability of the Yan Huang ancestor was very strong.

In his heart, Long Fei began to look forward to it, and said excitedly: "Then just watch."

"Xiao Bai, come out!"

"Ice and Fire, come out!"

"Roar …"

"Roar …"

"Hahaha... Master, I couldn't hold it in any longer. " Xiao Bai rushed out of the war pet s.p.a.ce, and with a flash of white light, he instantly turned into a two-meter-tall wolf.

His current level had already broken through to the fourth level.

Although he was still at the juvenile beast level, he was completely different now.

Xiao Bai's body released the might of a divine beast, coldly snorted, and said: "Even this group of Seal statues dare be impudent in front of my master?"

"Master, just stand by the side and watch."

"I want the Enlargement Stroke!"

"Big move?"

Hearing these two words, Long Fei's body trembled, he immediately thought of the scene in demon territory, and immediately ran forward, saying: "No, you better not use Enlargement Stroke, I already have a mental trauma towards you, I'm afraid my heart might not be able to take it."

He was really afraid that Xiao Bai would fart after holding back for so long.

Otherwise, he would choke out a pile of feces.

Xiao Bai said in all seriousness: "Boss, this time your big move will work."

Long Fei said: "Keep them for next time, you can kill all of these statues for me now."

However, the fire and ice didn't seem to care. Their throats rolled up as they spewed out a ma.s.s of flames. "Rumble …"

"Rumble …"

It didn't instantly kill them, but the chunks of flesh on the statues' heads instantly fell by a third.

"Well done, continue!"

Long Fei praised.

The fire and ice aura turned and his body was covered in frost. Then, with another spurt of frost, countless ice swords shot out. More than half of the slots on the statues' heads dropped down.

The damage of this group of attacks was too great.

"Ice and Fire, I didn't expect that you would increase your cultivation quite a bit over the past month. Let me show you my strength."

The white blur moved.

"Roar …"

Xiao Bai suddenly roared out, and all the statues entered into a state of dizziness for the time being.


"Roar …"

Another sound wave attack exploded, like the roar of a Wolf G.o.d, causing the statues to crumble.

When Long Fei saw this, he was extremely excited.

In just a short month, Xiao Bai and the ice and fire forces had become much stronger.

These statues were all five level monster s, they could not withstand the attacks from the two of them at all.


Those statues crumbled and rolled to the ground. In a short second, they were revived once again, and their HP recovered to 10%.

"Seems like what the ancestor said is correct, these statues can only be killed after the Seal on the heart area is shattered."


Long Fei bellowed, "Xiao Bai, Ice and Fire, you guys clear the way. You don't have to close the door to the statue of revival, just leave it to me."


"Yes sir!"

One wolf and one dragon rushed out like G.o.ds of death.

Last time in the Fire Gla.s.s City, when they were faced with Hong Tianjun, they were unable to retaliate. The feeling of being stomped on was extremely difficult, and to them, it didn't matter if they were stomped on or not, but they could not crush Long Fei.

He could only suppress Long Fei.

Seeing Hong Tianjun bringing their close sister-in-law Liu Luoxi along, they were displeased.

Thus … http ://>

In this month, Long Fei was desperately cultivating, and they were also desperately cultivating.

Xiao Bai had vowed that the next time he met Hong Tianjun, he would definitely make him kneel in front of Long Fei and sing a song of conquest!

It was the same with fire and ice.

"Hong Tianjun, just you wait."

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 224

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