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Chapter 2282 - Billions of Years of Zombies

This was pus.h.i.+ng a person to death!

Yi Changfeng never thought that Yi Yourong would be so irrational.

To think that a disciple who had just entered the sect would enter Secret World, whose true essence was in such a mess, this was undoubtedly courting death.

He had taken care of Long Fei, and had also taken care of Yi Yourong who was going against him.

In his eyes, this was a double kill!

Yi Changfeng was secretly happy.

"Yi Yourong?"

"Heh heh …"

"Xuan Yue sect, hehe …" Yi Changfeng laughed complacently in his heart.

… ….

Inside the Secret World.

Yi Yourong was flying atop the Black Scale Carving, surrounded by the howling wind, his primeval essence was like a blade, blowing on her body was extremely painful, but she did not care about these things.


She herself did not know why she insisted on entering the Secret World.

She was very clear in her heart that the chances of Long Fei surviving this kind of situation was very slim, but she still resolutely entered inside.

"Yi Yourong, oh Yi Yourong, are you stupid?"

"Is it worth it for that kid?"

Yi Yourong asked himself.

She had always been calm, even in the face of the super powerhouse Zhao Wuji, it was the same. But today, she was extremely abnormal, and her heart was filled with worry for Long Fei.

"Wow …"

The Black Scale Carving cried out, "Master, the flow of primeval essence is too strong, this Secret World is out of balance, it won't be long before it breaks."

"We've already flown in a circle, and there's no sign of that boy. He might have already been swallowed by the turbulent flows." The Black Scale Carving said anxiously.

Secret World's collapse was too dangerous.

It was about to collapse.

Yi Yourong frowned, "Who is destroying this Secret World?"

The Black Scale Carving said: "Now is not the time to think about this. We should leave quickly, otherwise, we will all die inside."

Yi Yourong was not calm again as he said, "No, let's go around once more. He did not go out, and is definitely inside. With his tenacious mental strength, he will definitely not die so easily."

She believed that Long Fei was still alive.

The Black Scale Carving's steel wings turned slightly, and once again flew and circled around.

Yi Yourong pondered.

"Father said before, there's no way this Secret World would collapse."



Yi Yourong raised his gaze, looked at the crumbling great hall in the distance, and his eyes flashed a trace of bright light, as he quickly shouted: "Little Black, you go out first, if … If I don't go out, you can leave Xuan Yue sect. "


Yi Yourong moved his sword and flew forward.

The Black Scale Carving also lost its balance under the impact of her powerful force, as its huge body flew towards the exit.

"Master …"

… ….

With regards to the Xuan Yue secret territory, not many people knew what kind of existence it was.

However …

Yi Liuxian was the only one who understood clearly.

Just that, he did not explain it to Yi Yourong clearly.

He only told her that this Secret World would not collapse, and that once it did, there would be a problem in the hall.

What was hidden in the hall?

Yi Yourong had never been inside before, so with her cultivation, she could only enter the hall and not the steps.

However …

Now that the Secret World was out of balance and his true essence was in disarray, there were not that many restrictions.

flew into the hall after pa.s.sing through the turbulence.

"This place..."

As Yi Yourong looked at everything in the great hall, her brows immediately furrowed, because all of this was extremely familiar to her, as if it was something from the Ming Clan.

When she saw the Eight Trigrams and Rune's Gate on the Dark Stone in the main hall, her heart trembled, "Dark Stone … Here. Could it be the tomb of a certain powerhouse? "

The Abyss Rock could only appear in the's Tomb.

Yi Yourong looked at the runes on the Dark Stone. She was the same as Long Fei, she couldn't understand any of them either.

"Who opened the Abyssal Stone?"

"Could it be... Is it him? "

Long Fei's figure appeared in Yi Yourong's mind, "He's also a member of the Ming Clan?"


"Elder Ming said that the Ming Clan is currently incredibly weak and that there are very few people left alive in the Ming Clan. How could he possibly be from the Ming Clan?" Yi Yourong was suspicious.

Long Fei didn't have any characteristics of a Ming Clan.

Otherwise, she would have seen through it long ago.

Even if she didn't see it, Elder Ming should have been able to see it.

"Boom, boom …"

At this time.

The eight trigrams gate on the Abyssal Rock constantly emitted blood-red light. Streaks of scarlet light shot out in all directions, and the sound of impact could be heard from within.

"Holy sh * t!"

"This guy is too fierce!"


"Aren't you a dark unicorn? "Let's go."

"Hurry up and go up!"

Long Fei retreated a few steps back as blood spurted out from the wounds on his body.

On the other side.

The dark unicorn was also in a bit of a sorry state, several green scales had fallen off its body, its eyes had a cold light, its anger burst forth.

At the other end.

It was a large dumpling that had green fur all over its body and a golden glow beneath the green fur!


This fellow was no ordinary zombie.

There were no weaknesses in his entire body. In addition, his cultivation technique was sharp and his cultivation was ridiculously strong. It could be said that he had completely crushed them.

What kind of zombie was this?

The green hair wore a golden body.


How old is this tomb?

Judging from the battle between G.o.d's tribe and him last time, this zombie should be at least a trillion years old!

A trillion year old zombie?

The heck … What the heck!

The dark unicorn roared, its body sank, and suddenly rushed forward.

At the same time.

Long Fei's eyes were locked tight, not letting go of even a single detail.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The two monsters collided against each other. Golden and azure light shot out in all directions.

The zombie only took half a step back to block the dark unicorn. Its green eyes flashed with a golden light.

Long Fei's pupils shook, and he immediately said: "Qilin, quickly retreat!"

The dark unicorn also reacted, but … Time slowed down by half a minute.

The green hair on its entire body seemed to have a life of its own as it crazily entangled the dark unicorn, trapping the huge dark unicorn within a few seconds.

"Roar …"

"Roar …"

The dark unicorn released waves of roars, which became lower and lower.

The green-haired golden-bodied zombie seemed to be devouring the Profound Qi of the dark unicorn.

"F * ck!"

"What kind of qilin is this?"

"I despise you!"

Long Fei saw that the dark unicorn was being tied up and was feeling very unsatisfied. Wasn't the Qilin's water a little too much?

While he was speaking.

The green-haired golden-body zombie raised its eyes and fiercely stared at Long Fei.


A powerful pressure came crus.h.i.+ng down.

Long Fei's body instantly became immobilized, his entire body felt as though it was bound, it was extremely uncomfortable!


"I f * cking hate coercion the most." Long Fei clenched his teeth, the Sky Sword roared with his hand, and slashed wildly with his sword just in time to extinguish the pressure of the green-haired golden-body zombie.


At this moment.

The green-haired golden-bodied zombie suddenly disappeared.

The cold was pressing.

Long Fei raised his gaze, "d.a.m.n!"

The zombie landed right on top of his head.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you're courting death!"

A shout.

Yi Yourong's figure was like a phantom, quickly blocking in front of Long Fei.

Long Fei was startled, then immediately became excited while looking at Yi Yourong, "Hahaha... My wife saved me! "

— —

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2282

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