The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2294

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Chapter 2294 - Compet.i.tions in which losers are guaranteed to lose

He must be killed!

If he did not kill, Long Fei would never be able to take it lying to his brother.

However …

He knew that Yi Yourong was in a difficult situation. She did not make a choice.


He didn't understand it too well.

However, the Alchemy knowledge in his mind was above this world, so long as he could display it without any mistakes, it was definitely possible.

"Compete with me in Alchemy?"

"You still want to bet your life?"

Yi Changfeng's eyes shook, he stared at Long Fei and laughed out loud, "Hahaha..."

It was also at this time.

Many people laughed.

"Hahaha …"

"Competing with the Great Clan Elder's Alchemy? Is there something wrong with your brain? "

"Brat, take a good look at your p.i.s.s, take a look at yourself and see just what kind of virtue you have, your Alchemy? Do you know how to write the word Alchemy? "

"If he knows Alchemy, then this daddy can still go to heaven."

"What a joke!"

… ….


What was needed was not only talent, but the acc.u.mulation of experience over a long period of time.

Cultivation of a Alchemy Master was simply too difficult. This was also the reason why the sects with thousands of people in Xuan Yue sect did not have many Alchemy Masters, which was why Yi Changfeng's status was so lofty.

A disciple's Alchemy that wasn't even twenty years old?

He didn't even have the qualifications to become an apprentice apothecary.

Yi Yourong let out a low growl as well, and said: "Don't be reckless, do you understand Alchemy?"

Long Fei said very calmly: "I don't really understand, but … I can't stand a person like Yi Changfeng who likes to act cool. Do you really think you are so strong just by concocting a few pills? "

"He can control the sect and do whatever he wants?"

"He can injure my brother? Hit my sister?"

"And …"

"Your Alchemy is amazing, this daddy will compete with yours, and if you step on anyone, I will jump to your strongest place, and this daddy will definitely trample you to death!" Long Fei said fiercely.

Yi Changfeng's eyes turned sinister, and he roared: "Good!"

"Then we …"

Without waiting for him to finish speaking, Yi Yourong interrupted him and said, "He doesn't know Alchemy."

Yi Changfeng said straightforwardly: "Young Sect Master, it's useless for you to defend him. The life wager Alchemy was brought up by him, everyone heard it."

"You destroyed my Fang Tiandao Seal, I'll endure it."

"Break my arm, I'll endure it!"

"However, to humiliate my dao of alchemy and look down on my Alchemy Technique, I cannot tolerate that."


"This is what you said yourself. Alchemy, life wager!"

Yi Yourong looked at Long Fei, signalling him not to be impulsive.


Long Fei took a step forward, and said: "You did not hear wrongly, it was my words. Alchemy is a wager, and I will bet my Alchemy on your life.

Yi Yourong's heart sank.

Xiao Die wanted to advise him, but he had no way to.

Yue Wanshan also let out a long sigh, "You're too young, you're overflowing and throwing away your life, you don't even know Alchemy, and want to compete with a sixth stage Alchemy master in Alchemy? I really don't know what you're thinking, sigh …"

There was no saving him!

Many people snickered.




"You want to gamble your life against the Great Clan Elder's Alchemy? "He's really courting death."

"Hahaha... I've seen people who overestimate their own abilities, but I've never seen anyone who overestimates their own abilities. "

… ….

Just when everyone was laughing in ridicule.

Long Fei said again, "I broke your arm just now and gave you three days to recover. I don't want you to find excuses if you lose at that time!"

"Cluck, cluck …"

Yi Changfeng angrily gritted his teeth.

It was as if he was someone who didn't understand Alchemy and was laughed at by others.


Yi Changfeng said: "We will meet each other on the pill platform in three days!"

Long Fei said: "Remember, if there's anything else, just say it quickly."


Yi Changfeng gritted his teeth so hard that they were about to shatter, and said: "Brat, just wait to die!"


He waved his sleeve and left.

Zhao Yitian immediately followed, and the elders who threatened to leave the sect also quickly followed.

Not long later.

Not many people around them left.

Yue Wanshan looked at Long Fei, and said sincerely: "You … "Sigh …"

Then, he shook his head and slowly walked away with his hands behind his back.

If we were to compete with an ordinary disciple in Alchemy, it wouldn't be much, but … Long Fei was directly like the strongest Alchemy master in Xuan Yue sect, betting his life on this!

He was simply courting death.

Yi Yourong looked at Long Fei with a complicated expression.

At this moment.

Long Fei was furious in his heart, but he had been very calm this whole time. He said to Yi Yourong while looking at him, "Don't thank me, I am just unhappy with him."


"He must die!"

In Long Fei's mind, Yi Changfeng was already on the death list!

Yi Yourong said: "You don't even know Alchemy, how are you going to compete with Yi Changfeng? Do you know what will happen if you lose? "

"Do you think you're finished just because you're dead?"

Not just that.

Yi Changfeng might even take advantage of this situation and directly force her to abdicate.

Yi Yourong was very clear about the situation today in his heart.

Three days later, the moment Yi Changfeng wins, he would definitely make all kinds of rude requests.

Plus, he had the support of the Zhao Family.

The Xuan Yue sect would probably become part of the Zhao Family!

Long Fei replied: "I won't die, because I won't lose."

"He won't lose?"

Yi Yourong said: "Then I ask you, what will you use to win? What rank did you cultivate your Alchemy Technique to? What rank pill can you refine? How many Spirit Gra.s.s s do you know? "

"You are too reckless."

Yi Yourong also felt a bit of heartache.

She was relying too much on the Pill Pavilion for this. Yi Changfeng swallowed every single step, and the current Pill Pavilion was already able to control and control the entire Xuan Yue sect.

This was her mistake.

Xiao Die said weakly, "sister Yi, A Long doesn't even know Alchemy, how about … Let's leave Xuan Yue sect? "

Yi Yourong's eyes lit up.

Long Fei looked at the four injured Xiao Die and his heart tightened. Clenching his fists tightly, he said in his heart: "I will definitely take his life!"

Seeing Long Fei's resolute expression, Yi Yourong swallowed back all his words.

"What happened?"

The big size man shook his head and woke up slightly. When he saw Long Fei, he immediately said: "Boss, you came out."

He became excited.

Just as he climbed back up, his vital energy and blood roiled in his chest, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

His face turned pale.

His body became unsteady.

Long Fei's heart once again hurt.

Yi Yourong took out the war pet s.p.a.ce's ring and retrieved the Black Scale Carving back into the war pet s.p.a.ce. He looked at Long Fei and said faintly, "During these three days, the great gates to the Xuan Yue sect will be opened day and night … It would be best to leave from the direction of the Xuanbei mountain. "


Yi Yourong left in large strides. If she didn't leave now, she wouldn't be able to control herself. She had used too many true qi s today, and her abdomen injury had started acting up again.

He was on the verge of collapsing.


She understood Long Fei's personality, he would never run away.

She didn't want Long Fei to lose.

In these three days, she did her best to help.

Because …

The man entered her heart.

— —

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2294

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