The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2301

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Chapter 2301 - Inviting Master to come out?

"I thought he was crazy."

"Young Sect Master, for such a man … Is the disciple worth it? " Maid walked behind Yi Yourong. She did not understand Yi Yourong.

What was there to love about a silly man like Long Fei?

His cultivation was very strong?

Could he compare to Zhao Haotian who was like the real Long Tian Zi?

'Strong talent? '

Could he be a tong shen that was comparable to a sect of infinitas's Divine Origin blood vein?


He looked like a fool and was completely unremarkable in the crowd. If such a man had no looks, if he had no strength, why would he like him?

Then again.

Who is Yi Yourong?

The daughter of heaven, the number one beauty on Zhao Guo's body.

Which part of Long Fei was worthy of her?

There was no comparison at all.

She was also a woman, if she had to choose, even if she picked the wrong one, she wouldn't choose someone like Long Fei.

Yi Yourong did not say anything and just walked forward. In her hand, she was still holding the 'rabbit p.o.o.p' pill that Long Fei had given her, and gently ma.s.saging it between her fingers.

She did not lose it.

Of course.

She did not treat it as a pill but it was because of what Long Fei had given her and she did not want to throw it away.

"Young Sect Master, just ignore him."

"If you do it again, you'll throw yourself in."

"Let's just consider it as Xuan Yue sect."

Maid followed closely behind him to persuade him.

Yi Yourong still did not reply, and continued to walk forward.

… ….


"I'm going to continue!"

Long Fei exhaled, a faint smile hung on his lips as he muttered to himself: "She's injured, consuming that medicinal pellet should be able to stop the pain."

"I'll think of a way to treat her later."

"Heh heh …"

Throughout the entire day, Long Fei constantly 'failed', and only made use of a few times that he tried to use Alchemy that carried knowledge of Alchemy.

What he did not expect was …

The success rate was actually one hundred percent!


The attributes of the pills that were refined were extremely abnormal.

After all, this was a medicinal pill made from wild gra.s.s and flowers, and it actually had attributes? And it was very abnormal?

Take the pill Long Fei gave Yi Yourong, for example, that pill had stopped all the pain from her body, as though it was anesthetic, and she could not feel any pain at all.

For the world of Zhen Wu continent, there was no such pill.

Although the grade of the pill was not high, its attributes were extremely powerful.


Long Fei's method of 'using the heaven and earth as a stove, and naturally as a fire' was simply too exhausting, and it was extremely uncomfortable for his mental energy to be emptied out.

Every time he finished refining, he would have to rest for a while before he could recover.

That kind of Alchemy technique was too powerful, Long Fei's body was still unable to fully adapt to it.



"Refinement failed, proficiency + 1"


"Refining failed, proficiency is increased by 1!"

"Ding!" Ding! "Ding …"

The system continuously rang out failed after failed notifications, and Long Fei continued to play.

As soon as the cooldown time came, it was immediately cast.

He was practicing to the point where he blacked out and fell into a state of madness. From the looks of it, he really did look like a lunatic, a lunatic.

… ….

"Grand Elder, that kid stayed in the mountain for an entire day, he's just like a fool there." A disciple reported.

Yi Yourong sent someone to protect Long Fei.

Yi Changfeng was also sending people to monitor Long Fei, he wanted to know what Long Fei was doing, and at the same time, he wanted to make sure that Long Fei did not escape the Xuan Yue sect.

"Like a fool?"

Yi Changfeng sneered, and said: "Who cares about him, even if he's the same as my grandson, he'll still die on the pill platform."

"He definitely must die."

"That dog doesn't know anything about Alchemy. Didn't he borrow the Alchemy Technique from the Martial Pavilion? Until now, I have never seen him refine a medicinal pellet, so he simply does not understand Alchemy. " That disciple tried to curry favor with him.

Yi Changfeng laughed complacently: "Not everyone understands Alchemy, just him? Give him a hundred years and he won't be able to surpa.s.s me. "


"You don't need to keep an eye on him, as long as you guard the various gates and don't let him escape." Yi Changfeng said indifferently, as long as Long Fei was in Xuan Yue sect.

If he were to escape …

Then he also had a way to force Yi Yourong.

This time, no matter what, he would make Yi Yourong abdicate the throne!

At this time.

One of the disciples came back and said, "Great Elder, everything that you've told us has been spread out. In these two days, all the disciples in Xuan Yue sect will know about the Young Sect Master bowing and apologizing to you."


Yi Changfeng said excitedly, "Yi Yourong, I want to make you the target of public criticism. I would like to see how you, as the Young Sect Master, can sit down, hahaha …"

Yi Changfeng laughed loudly.

At this time.

A few more elders walked into the Alchemy Courtyard. One of the elders said, "Great Elder, this is the seventh grade Spirit Gra.s.s Sky Origin Flower that I have been collecting for many years."

"This is a Spirit Gra.s.s cultivator."

"This is the Golden Palace Spirit Root."

"This is …"

They were all licking Yi Changfeng's a.s.s.

and provided him with all kinds of Spirit Gra.s.s.

With these Spirit Gra.s.s, he would be like a tiger with wings.

The quality of spirit pellets was directly related to the Spirit Gra.s.s's level. A high level Spirit Gra.s.s would be able to refine high level spirit pellets, and in this Alchemy compet.i.tion, they would be competing on who would refine higher level spirit pellets!

"Hahaha …"

"Good, good, good. Just wait for me to crush that brat to the ground and climb on the pill platform. Hahaha …" Yi Changfeng did not reject any of them.

… ….

The Pill Pavilion peak was brightly lit and abuzz with activity.

Looking at the noisy Pill Pavilion, Yue Wanshan laughed bitterly and said: "Did you see that, out of over a hundred elders in Xuan Yue sect, at least ninety of them went to the Pill Pavilion."

Wu Yi said: "They are acting on the surface."

"Sigh... This is the human heart. " Yue Wanshan sighed, and said: "Young Sect Master treats them so well, but at this critical juncture, he treats them like this, it really makes one's heart cold."

Wu Yi said, "It was Yi Changfeng who pushed the matter of Young Sect Master bowing and apologizing to him to the best of his abilities to the best of his ability, causing public opinion to spread and made Young Sect Master the target of public criticism."

Yue Wanshan was fl.u.s.tered: "Why do you think that brat has to compete with him in Alchemy? This, this, isn't this courting death? "

"I really don't understand."

"A Long clearly knows that Yi Changfeng is the Great Elder of the Pill Pavilion, the strongest Alchemy master of the Xuan Yue sect, and yet she wants to compete with him in Alchemy?"

"Isn't it obvious that he's tired of living?"

Wu Yi said: "Everyone has been young and vigorous. This is a very normal thing."

Yue Wanshan said: "But isn't this a bit too much? You want to throw your life away? "

Wu Yi said: "This isn't much, I'm worried that not only will A Long throw his life away, he will also let Young Sect Master put everything into it."

Yue Wanshan's eyes darkened as he said, "Tell me, should we ask the sect master to come out of seclusion?"

"The grand master has come out of seclusion?"

Wu Yi's expression tensed up.

Yue Wanshan slightly said, "Yi Changfeng is no longer afraid of the Young Sect Master, but if he is, no matter how much more courage he has, he, Yi Changfeng, will still be extremely afraid!"

Who wouldn't be afraid of the super powerhouse of the Zhen Wu realm?

The two of them looked at each other, their eyes flas.h.i.+ng.

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2301

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