The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2306

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Chapter 2306 I can do whatever you want with me

He had not eaten or slept for three days and three nights. His eyes were dark and he had refined them into panda eyes.

Long Fei herself almost went crazy.

Unless it was a moment of life or death, he swore that he would never crazily train his Alchemy and proficiency again in the future. It was simply too tiring.


He just wanted it to end earlier.

Because …

He was really sleepy and really hungry.

"Hurry, hurry, stop wasting time." Long Fei walked towards the stage in big strides.

Yi Changfeng sneered, "You want to die so quickly? "Alright, then I'll grant you your wish."

And then …

Yi Changfeng looked at Yi Yourong and said: "You Rong, what I said earlier was still valid. Kneel down and apologize to me in front of everyone, hand over the positions of the Xuan Yue underworld wheel and Young Sect Master and I will spare his life."

Yi Changfeng was completely confident.

Alchemy vs Long Fei?

It was too simple!

Yi Yourong's heart sank, she was not confident.

However... Without waiting for her to speak, Long Fei turned and cursed, "f.u.c.k you, are you f * cking competing? "If you don't want to compete, then scram for laozi."

"Kowtow and apologize? Is your head full of s.h.i.+t or did you not wake up from your sleep? "

The entire group fell silent.

Everyone looked at Long Fei in unison, their faces filled with astonishment.

"Scolding the Great Elder?"

"He pointed at his own nose and cursed. Isn't this a little too arrogant?"

"d.a.m.n, he's really gone crazy."

"Even if you want to die, that's not the case."

… ….

Great Elder is amazing?

Can't you scold him?

With Long Fei's character, not to mention the Great Clan Elder, even if the Old Heavenly Emperor was in front of him, he would still scold his eighteen generations of ancestors even if he was displeased.

Yi Changfeng's face darkened, and shouted: "You dog, I'll definitely kill you with my own hands!"

Long Fei said: You want to kill me? Then don't say anything, hurry up and get me on the pill bed. Three days ago, you should have died. If you live to see tomorrow's sun, I will write "Long Fei" backwards. "

Extreme arrogance!

Yi Yourong looked at Long Fei, and even she started to have doubts in her heart.


Why was Long Fei so arrogant, if he was competing with Alchemy and Yi Changfeng was also a seven-rating alchemist, how could he win? There was no chance of winning at all.

Yue Wanshan also asked in bewilderment, "This brat... He's really crazy, but is this really okay? it's a compet.i.tion of Alchemy. "

At this time.

Xiao Die walked over and said in a low voice: "sister Yi, it's alright, A Long is very strong."

thin monkey said: "Definitely!"

The big guy grinned and said, "That's our boss!"

As for the green ox, it let out a loud 'moo'.

Yi Yourong looked at Xiao Die and the others. Their injuries were all serious and they could not recover in a short period of time, but they had all recovered as if they were people who had not been injured.

Just when Yi Yourong wanted to ask, Yi Changfeng shouted out, "Set the stage!"

"Enter the pill stage!"

His voice shook.

The Disciple of Powder Pavillion shouted in unison, "Go up, up, down …"

Two moving pill platforms were pushed out.

Yi Changfeng looked at Long Fei and said sinisterly: "This time, I will definitely kill you!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Yi Changfeng's figure moved, he leapt up, and in the blink of an eye, landed on the tall stage. His eyes turned sinister, and the Qi around his body suddenly changed, becoming blazing.

He was a Alchemy genius.

The aura around him changed upon stepping onto the pill platform.

This kind of person was born for Alchemy.

Around sixty years old, seven rank Alchemy Great Grandmasters, there were not many of them in the entire Zhen Wu continent.

Once news of him breaking through to the seventh grade spread out, there would definitely be many big sects that would invite him, even the Zhao Family.

"Come up and die!" Yi Changfeng bellowed.

Long Fei hugged his fists, with his joints bursting out. He said disdainfully, "We'll find out who it is after they die."

He was prepared to step onto the stage.

At this time, Yi Yourong walked over to Long Fei's side and whispered a few words into his ear.

Long Fei's eyes darkened, he turned to look at Yi Changfeng, "Sh * t, aren't you being too ruthless?"

And then …

Long Fei said to Yi Yourong: "If I win this time …."

Yi Yourong revealed a charming and moving smile, that smile could hook a person's soul, and it was too captivating. She blew lightly towards Long Fei, and her voice sounded a little coy, saying: "You win, I'll let you do whatever you want with me."


Initially, when he saw Yi Yourong's charming smile, he was already a little unable to control himself. In the end, when he said "I'll do whatever you want with it", even more so, it caused his imagination to run wild. However, the scene where he turned over in his bed and fought for several days and nights.

"That's what you said!" Long Fei seemed to have already forgotten what happened last time.


Long Fei's eyes flashed with a bright light, his entire body was as if he had been injected with chicken blood, as he walked up the pill stage with big steps.

The two platforms were ten meters apart and eight meters tall.

In a superior position.

There was a kind of fighting style in the movies.

Yi Changfeng sneered, "This little disciple doesn't know his place. Competing with me in Alchemy, today I will let you know what Alchemy is."

Long Fei could not wait any longer, and said: "Stop talking like that, aren't you annoyed? "Hurry up and start, I still have important things to do, don't waste my time."

His expression did not even look at Yi Changfeng.

It was as if he didn't care at all.

This made Yi Changfeng even more unhappy.

However …

He was a seven-rating alchemist, and the anger in his heart had surged, but he had slightly calmed down.

At this time.

An elder came out and said: "The Spirit Gra.s.s are already placed in front of you. Use them to refine a spirit pill.


"You only have one chance!"

There was only one set of Spirit Gra.s.s in front of them, and it was only enough to concoct a single pill. If there was any mistake, or if there was a furnace explosion, there would be no chance at all.

Yi Changfeng laughed coldly: "Brat, don't say that I am bullying you, you can choose a few more Spirit Gra.s.s, this way, you can wait until the furnace explodes, and the spirit liquid will be used to spray out."

"Anyway, you're definitely going to lose today."

He wanted to let Long Fei make a fool of himself.

It was just that …

Long Fei looked at the six or seven Spirit Gra.s.s on the stage, which were all of high quality. His eyes shone with a golden light, as if he had never seen Spirit Gra.s.s in his entire life.

"Holy sh * t!"

"I'm rich!"

"So many Spirit Gra.s.s." Long Fei was about to drool. He had been refining wild flowers for three days now, how could he not be excited when he suddenly saw high levelled Spirit Gra.s.s.

Yi Changfeng disdained, "b.a.s.t.a.r.d."

The audience also burst into laughter.

"Looking at his appearance, he must have never seen such a high level Spirit Gra.s.s before."


"Trash is trash."

"We're definitely going to lose!"

"Get the h.e.l.l out of here."

… ….

Yi Yourong looked at Long Fei and started to get nervous, "Does he even know Alchemy?"

Yue Wanshan's palms could not help but break out in cold sweat.

Out of everyone present, perhaps only Xiao Die and the others remained calm and collected, because they knew clearly in their hearts that Long Fei's Alchemy Technique was too strong.

A single pill that didn't look like much could cure all the pain on their bodies.

Even Yi Changfeng couldn't do it.

The Presided elders's voice sank, and he said: "The compet.i.tion begins!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2306

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