The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2330

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Chapter 2330 - Foodies


Long Fei continued to conjure sword moves. He did not defend at all, but he used all his strength to fight.

had also unleashed the moves of the Phantom Sword Dance to its limits.

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

The sword Qis overlapped and exploded out.

Wave after wave of power exploded crazily.

The three demon beast s were blocked by this heavy sword qi, countless sword wounds appeared all over their bodies, and the b.l.o.o.d.y grooves on their heads quickly bottomed out.




The system beeped crazily.

He didn't have much experience, but he could use the amount to replenish it.

There were indeed a lot of experience amongst the experts in the Golden Protector Level, but it would be too difficult for Long Fei to kill him without using the Wild G.o.d's power or the power of the Sky Code.

After all, his current level was still only Escalated Blood Stage.

"Roar …"

Another demon beast rushed forward.

There were many demon beast around, but they did not decrease because of the killing.

Beside Long Fei was a pile of corpses of demon beast, the blood was flowing all over the ground, the smell of blood was drifting far away, and even more demon beast were lured over, however. The most important part was the blood on Long Fei's wound.

His blood was the biggest shock to those demon beast.

It was all because of his blood rus.h.i.+ng over like crazy.

Long Fei did not notice.

His blood vein... This was definitely not ordinary!


Long Fei let out a heavy roar, and once again charged forward.

Every time he killed or dodged, every time he used his sword or made a move, Long Fei felt as if he had been through a hundred battles.

This definitely wasn't an experience gained from the game.

It must be something else.

In the real world, it was not that simple. Every time he had to dodge a danger, he had to rely on his experience and the ability to react in the face of death. This was not something that could be found in a game, but he could do it easily.

When he combined the images in the dream, Long Fei suspected that he had experienced something. It was just that he had forgotten it now, and it existed in his subconscious mind.


A four-rating monster and beasts pounced forward, with a wave of its hands, it struck towards the back of Long Fei's head.

The fourth stage demon beast was several times stronger than the third stage demon beast. Its speed and strength were both very violent.

Normal Escalated Blood Stage warriors had no way of dodging it.

However …

In that instant when his life was hanging by a thread, Long Fei seemed to have predicted it. His body suddenly sank, he suddenly rolled, and jumped three metres away, jumping with both legs.


Its body moved like lightning, the Sky Sword shone with a bit of strange light.

"Phantom Sword Dance!"

"Sword Qi!"


Dozens of sword Qis shot out.

With the Sky Sword's buff, the Sword Qi was exceptionally sharp. The two streams of Sword Qi instantly destroyed the Stage Four demon beast. The system sounded out a prompt.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for levelling up. Currently at the ninth level of Blood Refinement!"


He had levelled up!

Long Fei exhaled excitedly, his gaze sweeping across, "Continue!"

… ….

"You said that he went alone to hunt demon beast?"

"And …"

"Facing so many Rank Three demon beast, you are not the least bit inferior? They were all killed? "

In the distance.

On a small mountain slope, several black clothed Warrior s silently stood at the side.


Warrior in the army.

Moreover, his cultivation wasn't low.

Their chests were embroidered with the word 'Zhou'. It was a member of the Zhou family!

The leader was a man who looked like a monk.

The man laughed with interest: "Abandoning the demon beast in the middle of the night? Since it's not a cultivation technique, what is he trying to do? "


"All of the surrounding demon beast have been attracted by him. What method did this guy use to attract so many demon beast?"

"Interesting, interesting, hahaha …"

The Confucian Scholar faintly smiled and said: "Don't worry about him for now. Keep your distance and closely monitor him, focusing all your attention on Yi Yourong. That kid is just a waste of Escalated Blood Stage."

"Yes sir!"

The two Black Warrior s disappeared on the spot.

The Confucian Scholar looked at the forest in the distance, "You ran to the Xuan Yue mountain range to hunt demon beast? Either this person has nothing to do after eating, or his brain is filled with water! "

"What a fool."

… ….

Early morning.

Long Fei changed into a set of clean clothes.

Yesterday, his clothes were completely stained with blood. If Yi Yourong and the others were to see it, they would definitely ask him about it, and Long Fei would be too lazy to accept it.

The result from the night, one and a half times.

He still had 15% left to level up.

"It smells so good."

The big bloke sniffed with his nose, swallowed his saliva and said, "It must be the boss's barbecue."

"Roast meat?"

thin monkey immediately jumped up and rushed out.

Xiao Die's face was also full of excitement, "I haven't eaten for a long time."

"sister Yi, hurry up! If you're late, there won't be any more!"

Yi Yourong disdained, "Is it that delicious?"

She wasn't hungry.

With her current cultivation level, she did not need to eat anything.

After a simple comb, Yi Yourong walked out of the cave. She had slept soundly last night, and had not slept so deeply for a very long time.

However …

She woke up once when the sky was still dark, and didn't find Long Fei outside the cave.

"sister Yi, hurry up!"

"If I'm too slow, there won't be anything left."

"The two of you, eat more slowly, leave some for the sister Yi." Xiao Die shouted.

The big size man and thin monkey could be said to be wolfing down their food like reincarnated hungry ghosts, almost swallowing their own tongue in.

Long Fei tore off a piece of meat that was fragrant in all directions, and walked over to Yi Yourong's side: "Eat some, replenish some strength."

Yi Yourong took the meat but did not care about it. In her opinion, there was nothing in this world that could move her. With her current cultivation, she could eat anything if she wanted to, so she asked: "Where did you go last night?"

Long Fei was startled, he thought to himself: "d.a.m.n, could she be sleeping with her eyes open?"

"I've always been right outside the cave."

Yi Yourong said: "Impossible, you weren't even outside the cave this morning."

Long Fei's heart relaxed, and said: "Didn't I say last night that I would make you breakfast? Eat quickly, it will taste worse if it gets cold. "

Yi Yourong looked at Long Fei, her instincts telling her that Long Fei was lying.

He took a bite of the barbecue and started chewing on it slowly. Suddenly … Yi Yourong's eyes flashed with a sharp light, at that moment... Her taste buds seemed to explode.

With a fierce bite, he tore off a large piece of roasted meat.

He began to chew.

The oil was sizzling and it wasn't greasy at all. The burning fragrance was everywhere, and the meat was filled with his mouth. It gave people a sense of happiness, a very fulfilling feeling.


Yi Yourong was moved, he immediately changed into a hungry wolf without caring about his image of a lady, wolfing down his food. He directly walked to the edge of the grill, and glared at thin monkey and the big size man.

thin monkey and the big size man immediately retreated.

Yi Yourong occupied the entire grill, and started to eat ferociously.

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2330

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