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Chapter 2364 - Stone Door Open, Evil Surge


As the sword intent churned, a strange light flashed on the Sky Sword.

The first stage of the Sky Code was released.

Lin Tianshou felt an incomparably strong sword intent and was shocked in his heart. "To have such a strong sword intent at such a young age, this child must not be allowed to live!"

The moment Long Fei's sword descended.

Lin Tianshou glared, his eyes bloodshot.

"Blood essence as a guide!"

"Fate Beast!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

When the blood essence landed on the ground, Lin Tianshou quickly formed a seal and set his feet on a huge array. The array formation was filled with beast runes and waves of power was surging under the ground.

"Bring it on!"

"Fate Centipede!"

"Crack, crack, crack …"

Long Fei's longsword was still half a meter away from Lin Tianshou when the array beneath his feet suddenly exploded!

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

An enormous black centipede rushed out.

He had feet on his head.

Her whole body was s.h.i.+ning black.

Just like the 'G.o.d of the Dragon Touching' in the popular legend, this guy was even more brutal.

Lin Tianshou roared out, "Rip him apart for me."

"Fate Beast!"

Yi Yourong's face turned sinister as he shouted, "Long Fei, be careful!"

The Transformers could no longer hold it in, he turned and was about to charge forward, but when he looked at Long Fei, several Warrior s collided and flew out.

If they still didn't kill him, the blocking tactic would be instantly disintegrated.

Long Fei shouted, "Don't come over, don't worry about me, block the place!"

Once they failed, that would be the real danger.

Even if one Lin Tianshou was any stronger, he wouldn't be able to compare to thousands of Warrior s.

"Fate Beast."

"The general has even summoned his Fate Beast. Isn't this guy too terrifying?"


"He's dead for sure!"

"You must die, no one has ever been able to survive the hands of the General's Fate Beast."

… ….

Fate Beast.

A life beast unique to the beastmastery!

This was using the power of beast taming to make a contract with a kind of demon beast.

Let the demon beast absorb the power of his Fate Wheel.

The stronger they were, the stronger the Fate Beast.

The Fate Beast that Lin Tianshou had nurtured for dozens of years, this Fate Beast was extremely strong, even more powerful than him. Furthermore, suddenly summoning it, no one could react to it.

"Hahaha …"

"It's your honor to die in the hands of my Fate Beast." Lin Tianshou was very proud, towards those that he should kill, he would definitely not show any mercy.

One hit kill.

This was the style of the army.

Long Fei frowned, the light on the Sky Sword became even brighter. "Ah …"

At this moment.

He could only give up on Lin Tianshou.


Just as Lin Tianshou had expected, Long Fei's cultivation was too low, and he could not react at all.

Long Fei could only bite the bullet and go to battle.

He did not expect that a Fate Beast would suddenly appear.


The power of the Sky Code erupted.

Hiding behind the Fate Centipede, Lin Tianshou quickly retreated and jumped out of the Sky Code's sword intent.

The power of the Sky Code all struck onto the body of the Fate Centipede as well.

The antennae had been broken.

Also at that moment, the Fate Centipede let out a sinister roar, opened its mouth and directly spat out the venom at Long Fei, causing the venom to envelop his entire body.


Long Fei heavily smashed onto the ground, "Pfft …"

A mouthful of blood sprayed out!


"Long Fei!"

"A Long!"

… ….


saved his life, and gave him his second life, allowing him to become a level nine demon beast. Seeing that Long Fei was injured, Transformers did not care that much.

He rushed out.

At the same time.

silver warbear, a sixth level One-eyed Tiger also rushed out at the same time.

War Beast Savior!

At the same time, Yi Yourong also used all of his strength to charge towards Long Fei.

But at this time, the blocking tactic had completely collapsed, and the big size man and thin monkey were sent flying.

war beast regiment swarmed in, and in half a minute, hundreds of meters of beast and Warrior rushed in.

In an instant.

Long Fei and the rest were trapped in a desperate situation.

Long Fei fell to the ground, his heart sinking when he saw Transformers rus.h.i.+ng towards him.

He wanted to shout.

However, his entire body was numb. Even his tongue was numb, making it impossible for him to make any sounds.

Not only that.

Long Fei's consciousness went numb, as if his entire body was paralyzed.

The poison wrapped around his body continued to seep into his body. Like the poison on the poison whip in his palm, it continued to rush toward his heart.

Once the poison entered his heart, Long Fei would die.

He was …

There was only one way to keep him alive!


However... He couldn't even move at all. How was he supposed to kill monsters and gain experience from killing them?

The only thing left to do …

It was the Transformers.

The Fate Centipede had one of its antennae cut off by Long Fei, and had already dealt some damage. As long as Transformers killed the Fate Centipede, the experience gained would be enough for Long Fei to level up.

As long as he leveled up, all the pain in his body would be gone.

"Roar …"

Transformers rushed forward crazily, the armor on his body released a cold light, from right in front of the Fate Centipede, he used both hands to thump his chest, heavily smas.h.i.+ng onto it.

Fate Centipede was not afraid.

The moment the Transformers smashed down, a large amount of venom sprayed out from its mouth.

The venom sprayed all over Transformers's body.

At the same time.

Transformers's movements immediately slowed down, before his fists could land, the Fate Centipede moved, and directly bit onto Transformers's thigh.

"Woo …"

The Transformers let out a painful scream as his fist fell.

This punch was too weak. A pitiful damage figure floated above the Fate Centipede's head. "— 1"

The venom was too strong.

Instant paralysis of your nerves.

He couldn't stop it at all.


Transformers's body fell to the ground. Just like Long Fei, he was paralyzed and could not move.

silver warbear and One-eyed Tiger also rushed forward.

The result was the same.

They were immediately sent flying by the Fate Centipede, while the two warbeasts also fell into a state of paralysis.

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

Lin Tianshou laughed proudly, "Do you think trash like you are worthy enough to fight with me?"

At the same time.

The entrance to Secret World was already filled with all the s that came before him. Now … Long Fei and the others had truly stepped into a desperate situation.

Don't talk about Fate Centipede s.

They could not handle such a huge war beast regiment.

There was only one way for them now.

A dead end!

No ….

Long Fei would never admit defeat, much less accept his fate.

I'm as tough as steel!

Long Fei looked at Xiao Die who was already by the side of the stone door, his gaze became sinister, and with all his might, he shouted out, "Open the door!"

This situation.

Xiao Die also did not have any hesitation.

He took out the 'ancient moon volume' and heavily stuffed it into the stone cave in the middle of the stone door, then fiercely twisted it.


The mechanism was operating.

The two stone doors slowly opened and an evil aura instantly gushed out like a flood …

— —

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2364

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