The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2370

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Chapter 2370 - Zombie Evolution, Summon G.o.d of the Dragon Touching

Being too excited, Long Fei was too careless.

He did not expect that the Black Hair Zombie would evolve in less than an hour.

Long Fei looked at the surrounding corpses, his scalp slightly numb, "I was too careless!"


"Bang, bang, bang …"

Seeing the evolution of the Black Hair Zombie, the Transformers rushed forward madly, wanting to seize this opportunity to smash the Black Hair Zombie to the ground.

Seeing the Great Transformers rus.h.i.+ng over, Long Fei immediately roared out, "Don't go up, don't go over there …"

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Transformers clenched both his fists, his right fist sinking down, "King Kong Powerful Fist!"


The punch was like a violent thunderbolt, even the air began to distort from the force.

The power of this punch was too ferocious.

Even Earth Stage demon beast would probably not be able to handle it.


The Black Hair Zombie stood in place without moving, its blood-red eyes not even sparing the Transformers a single glance. This was the kind of contempt that came from the depths of its bones.

The fist descended.

A fierce wind was raging on the ground.


Transformers's fist stopped half a meter above the Black Hair Zombie's head. No matter how hard he tried, it was useless to stop.

You can't even get close?

Long Fei's pupils suddenly contracted as he immediately shouted, "Retreat, quick, retreat!"

Transformers was unconvinced in his heart. Even his strongest punch was blocked, he was unhappy, extremely unhappy, he did not retreat at all. Instead, he retracted his right hand and swept his left arm.

"Roar …"

"This is bad!" Long Fei's gaze tensed up.

Transformers's left arm drew a line of energy pattern, sweeping towards the Black Hair Zombie's chest.

It was also at this moment.

The distance of half a meter was blocked off by a strong wave of energy, leaving him with no way of entering. Moreover, the Black Hair Zombie's face did not even bat an eyelid.

It was out of a strong sense of confidence.

This defense …

This power …

Long Fei's heart became more and more shocked, "He is much stronger than the Xuan Yue secret territory's Green-haired Zombie, this tomb is too weird, who would place such a monster inside?"

He now believed even more firmly that this grave was definitely not the tomb of the Ming Clan's number one war G.o.d, Ming Long.

These zombies were not the embodiment of a corpse, but had been inside it ever since the tomb was built. They have been alive for hundreds of millions of years.

"Retreat, quick, quick, quick …"

"You're not his opponent!" Long Fei roared anxiously.

Strength was on a completely different level.

The Black Hair Zombie did not put the Transformers in her eyes at all.


Just as Transformers was about to retract his left arm, the Black Hair Zombie's pupils suddenly moved.

Transformers's eyes stared wide open as he let out a roar. The muscles on his left arm also fiercely bulged and the veins on his left arm bulged.


No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't free his left arm.

Not only that.

Transformers's entire body was covered in cold sweat. The long fur directly pierced into his flesh and continuously climbed up along his arm, absorbing crazily.

"Woo woo …"

"Ahh …"

Incomparable pain.

Transformers's entire body was twitching.

Seeing that, Long Fei did not hesitate, he leapt out heavily and pulled out his Sky Sword, then slashed at the Transformers's arm.

"Roar …"

Transformers let out a blood-curdling screech. Although it was very painful, it was the end of the pain as well. Blood spurted out like crazy and Transformers retreated like crazy.

His entire left arm fell to the ground.

His left arm was completely covered in black hair, without a single strand of flesh.


If he was even a few seconds slower, Transformers's life would have been lost.

One arm was missing to protect his life.

Long Fei threw some pills to Transformers and immediately said: "Quickly, consume them."

At the same time.

Long Fei stared at the Black Hair Zombie, his eyes sinister, "Who exactly are you guarding the tomb for, and what kind of person would place something like you inside?"

He absolutely did not believe that it was the necropolis of the Netherwyrm.

There was no powerhouse's tomb that would contain such an evil monster.


This type of zombie … It wouldn't die even after trillions of years. Once it broke through the shackles and gave him enough blood essence, it would completely erupt all of its cultivation for the last trillions of years.

Evolution in such a short time.

If he went out, the entire Xuan Yue mountain range would probably be sucked dry by him.

No one would put such a monster into a tomb, unless … The tomb itself was a trap!

The Black Hair Zombie's eyes moved sinisterly as it stared at Long Fei. Its blood-red eyes suddenly flashed with a ray of blood red light, and entered a state of extreme excitement.


He seemed to have discovered something.

Staring at Long Fei, he became exceptionally excited!

Long Fei's mind trembled, he immediately became alert.

His blood essence was not normal.

Long Fei had already noticed it when he was attracting the demon beast.

The Black Hair Zombie in front of him suddenly became excited. It must have realized that his blood essence was different from that of ordinary people.


Not only that.

Black Hair Zombie found even more, and just blood essence was only one of them.


The Black Hair Zombie attacked in an instant.

"Boss, be careful!"

"Boss …"

"So fast!" Long Fei's pupils suddenly contracted. Without any hesitation, his body immediately retreated backwards, reaching his limits in the Essence Condensation Realm.


There was a sharp pain in his chest, as if it was about to split open.

His body was also sent flying.

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Hitting the stone wall a hundred meters away, Long Fei was unable to control himself and vomited a mouthful of blood.

His health point instantly decreased to a hundred.

Just a little bit more and he would have been killed instantly.

It was also at this time that … The Spring of Life crazily surged.

"health point + 10 points."

"health point + 10 points!"

"health point + 10 points!"

… ….

A series of green recovery numbers appeared above his head and the blood on top of Long Fei's head quickly recovered as he thought to himself: "If it wasn't for this Spring of Life, I probably would have already …"

After sending Long Fei flying in one move, the Black Hair Zombie did not pursue, but stared at Long Fei more seriously.

It was as if he could see through Long Fei.

Seeing that Long Fei's injuries were quickly recovering, a streak of red light flashed in the eyes of the Black Hair Zombie again as the corner of its mouth slightly moved.

He laughed!

The zombie actually laughed?

This expressionless monster could actually laugh?

Long Fei subconsciously thought that this guy was about to become smart.


The Black Hair Zombie took a small step forward.

silver warbear rushed forward. Without looking, he swung his right hand.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

silver warbear was immediately sent flying.

The One-eyed Tiger swooped down from the sky again.

The Black Hair Zombie was also sent flying with one hand.

Both of his eyes stared at Long Fei ferociously, the smile on his face became even more excited, it was the kind of smile that would appear on one who had discovered a great treasure.

Hu hu hu hu ….

Long Fei crawled up from the ground, looked at the Black Hair Zombie, and asked: "What are you laughing at?"

"You like to laugh?"

"Your elder will let you laugh your head off today!"


Long Fei's mind moved, the idea sank, and shouted loudly, "G.o.d of the Dragon Touching, come out!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The ground suddenly quaked. Suddenly, a hundred meter tall, entirely golden body, with two long tentacles resembling bamboo whips growing on the top of its head, appeared out of nowhere and spewed venom.

Long Fei said: "Let's see how long you can continue laughing!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2370

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