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Chapter 2389 - Entering the Wilderness

The fourth day, was also the day that the monthly pills were distributed.

However …

On this day, Long Fei left without a sound.

At the window where the monthly elixirs were distributed.

There was a sea of people waiting, whether it was the disciples of the Xuan Yue sect or the elders.

Many people wanted to see Long Fei become a joke.

However, when they received their monthly pills … They were all shocked!

"Grade eight spirit pellet …" Oh my G.o.d, am I dreaming? I, I actually received a Tier 8 Spirit Building Pill. One must know that the best Spirit Building Pill in the past was only a Tier 3, but now it was a Tier 8 … Quick, quick, hold me, I can't take it anymore. "

"What is mine is a Grade Nine Spirit Dan!"

"What's going on?"

"What's the situation?"

"Has the Pill Pavilion released the bottom line?"

"Who refined this pill?" Does the Pill Pavilion have such a powerful Alchemy master? "

… ….

A lot of people were screaming.


They did not have much hope in the beginning, as they knew that even if Long Fei had Alchemy, he would not be able to concoct that many pills.


Now, not only were there plenty of pills, he would even give one more than usual. Furthermore, the quality of the pills was terrifyingly high.

It made them feel like they were dreaming.


One of the elders looked excited as his eyes flashed, "Earth, Earth, Tier Spiritual Pill. Th-this is the first time in my life that I've taken an Earth Tier Spiritual Pill."

Tears streamed down his face as he spoke.

He was so excited that tears were flowing out of his eyes.

It was also at this time.

That elder walked up to him and asked, "Who refined this spirit pellet?" I want to thank him, and I want to thank him personally. "

An elder from the Pill Pavilion revealed a smile. He was very proud and pleased with himself. His arrogance wasn't that of a superior cultivator, but that of a person from the Pill Pavilion Peak.

He loudly said, "All of the pills today were personally concocted by our Great Elder. All of the disciples are Grade Eight Spirit Dans. All of the Elders are Earth Grade ones."

As soon as he finished.

The entire audience was stunned.

"The Great Elder of the Pill Pavilion? Who is it? "

"Is that so?"

"Who is the Great Elder of the Pill Pavilion?" Didn't Yi Changfeng die? "

"Could it be..."

"It can't be? Is it that brat? "

The Pill Pavilion's elder shouted again: "Your guess is right, it's Great Clan Elder Long Fei. These pills were all refined by him."

The entire venue quieted down.

Many people began to lower their heads.

They felt very ashamed.

Many of them came to see Long Fei as a joke, but … But Long Fei was using such a method to repay them, how could they not be ashamed?

"We... We. Sigh... We were once against Great Clan Elder Long Fei, but now he is treating us with such kindness. "

"From today onwards, whoever says anything bad about Great Clan Elder Long Fei will be killed by him!"

"I'll fight him too!"

"I'll do my best too!"

"Great Clan Elder Long Fei, Great Clan Elder Long Fei …"

All of a sudden.

The entire audience was shouting out Long Fei's name.

His voice rumbled in the sky.

… ….

On a barren hillside.

Gui Qingshan looked into the distance with his hands behind his back.

Not long later.

Miao Chong walked over in a hurry, hugged his hands slightly, and said: "I couldn't find it!"

Gui Qingshan's brows tightened, and asked: "Where did he go?"

Miao Chong said: "Great General, today's monthly pellets were released, I heard that the disciples of Xuan Yue sect received pellets of the eighth rank and the elders received pellets of the earth rank, all of these were made by Long Fei alone, this, isn't this too unbelievable?"

Gui Qingshan said indifferently: "He has always been creating miracles, I have always felt that he was unfathomable, but I realized that I was wrong, he is not someone we can see through."

"Huff …"

After Gui Qingshan finished speaking, he let out a long sigh.

He had always felt that Long Fei had great potential.

But he discovered …

He couldn't see through Long Fei at all!

Miao Chong asked: What do we do now? Shall we send someone to find him? "

Gui Qingshan shook his head: "No need. Although I don't know why he left, I believe he will definitely come back."

"Long Fei!"

"You should be preparing for the G.o.d's sect gathering, right?"

Gui Qingshan guessed that Long Fei had suffered some sort of stimulation?

Otherwise …

He would definitely not abandon his brothers, and his only son.

There were still three months until G.o.d's sect gathering.

"Three months … What kind of changes can you bring about? " Gui Qingshan's eyes lit up, "I am so looking forward to it."

After a long time.

Gui Qingshan said: "It's time for us to prepare!"

Miao Chong revealed an excited expression, he cupped his fists, and said: "As you command!"

… ….

Ten days later.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

"Rumble …"

Transformers was like a wild bull that had been going berserk.

Within the mountain range.

He was like a king.

A level nine Peak Demon Beast, Transformers was indeed incomparably strong.


In these ten days, using the power of the Transformers, Long Fei levelled up one more level, and he was already at the sixth level of the Origin Condensation Realm.

One in ten days!

This was something that ordinary warriors would not even dare dream about. But to Long Fei … No, often, no, full, meaning!

This was also because the aura on Transformers's body was too thick.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"


Transformers pushed himself up with his four limbs and leaped onto a tall mountain. He stopped and looked into the distance as the idea moved and said: "Boss, Xuan Yue mountain range is coming out from the front."

Long Fei stood up and looked into the distance.

In the distance was a sea of clouds. Nothing could be seen.

In ten days, they pa.s.sed through Xuan Yue mountain range.

He had seen the map before. On the other side of the Xuan Yue mountain range was the Wilderness.

His goal was to enter the Wilderness!

This was because the most dangerous place in Zhen Wu continent was the Wilderness.

A Level 9 demon beast was nothing in the Wilderness, but Long Fei wanted to find those abnormal big demon beast to hunt down and level up.


It was a leveling up breakthrough.

What Long Fei needed the most right now was levels.

"True Martial Emperor is amazing, right?"


"Give me enough demon beast and I will overturn the entire Zhen Wu continent." Long Fei clenched his fists tightly, and thought of Yi Yourong's master.

The anger in his heart flared up.

He felt indignant in his heart.

But... He knows that this is the time when a powerhouse is king. If you want to change, then you have to force others!

The old granny was a powerhouse of the Emperor Zhen Wu's realm, and with Long Fei's current cultivation, even if he looked up to her, he would not be able to compare to her, so he had to level up.

He wanted to step into the Emperor Zhen Wu's realm!

He wanted to use ten times, a hundred times the usual methods to get revenge.

He wanted his woman to be at the mercy of no one, let alone marry a eunuch!

Long Fei looked at the other side of the sea of clouds and said, "Enter the Wilderness!"

Transformers let out a roar, and his four limbs stared straight ahead, "Boom!"

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2389

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