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The refining workshop exploded.

The system beep rang.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for successfully refining it!"


"Please name your weapon!"

… ….

"Huff …"

Long Fei's body went limp and he immediately sat down on his b.u.t.t under the roof. Sweat rolled down his forehead and his entire body was drenched in sweat, including the panties inside.

Spiritual energy was extremely exhausted.

It was too hard.

During the ten minutes of artifact forging, he did not relax for even a second.

The mental strength was extremely high, and the instant the system beep sounded, it loosened up, as if it had been completely emptied out in an instant. It was incomparably uncomfortable.

It was as if his brain had stopped working.

"This is too hard to bear."

"This kind of high-intensity refining is not something that my current mental strength can withstand." Long Fei still had some lingering fear in his heart. If not for the weapon in his heart, he would never risk his life like this.

Refining, Alchemy, carving of formations, and a series of supporting skills all required a high level of mental strength, because Alchemy, in the process of refining, one could not allow even the slightest bit of distraction.

Long Fei lied in the middle of the ruins, gasping for air.

The idea moved, "Ancestor, are you alright?"

Yan Huang ancestor was also extremely weak, and he said, "He won't die."

"I need to rest."

"If I don't get some rest, I really won't be able to make it."

He did not expect this to happen.

Never would he have thought that the two hammers refined by Long Fei would actually contain power beyond his imagination.

It's just a fourth level Yellow Ranked Refining Technics, it's already pretty good to be able to refine a Profound Ranked Spirit Treasure, but... He didn't think that this Long Fei brat was completely...

The power of the twin hammers was too strong.

He had no choice but to use all of his strength to let the dual hammers fully absorb the spirit spring water's energy. At the same time, he also modified the dual hammers' elemental essence attributes.

Turn all elemental energy into a type of power.

This way, the elemental energy would be even more powerful.

It pierced the heart like a sharp arrow!

One hit kill.

Long Fei said heavily, "Ancestor, thank you."


After continuously consuming a few Dragon Spirit Pills, his true qi had recovered a little, but it was still only a little. Out of the more than three hundred thousand true qi Pills, he only had about five percent of them remaining.

Yan Huang ancestor did not reply, as he remained completely silent within Long Fei's broken

He also did not continue to absorb Long Fei's true qi.

The Yan Huang ancestor also knew that Long Fei was about to enter the examination grounds of the Xuanjian sect, and he needed the true qi even more.

At this moment.

No matter how difficult it was, it wouldn't absorb Long Fei's true qi.

Long Fei moved and mumbled: "Now let me see what rank it is and what type it is."

He opened the system and checked.

Weapon:? Unnamed)

Rank: Semi-artifact Demon (Can be leveled up)

Weight: 99,999 jin (1)

Description: Possessing the power of thunder, able to unleash heavenly lightning attacks, infused with 100% thunder element power.

Description 2: Not available to the unG.o.dly.

Description 3: A person with G.o.dly strength can double the power of the twin hammers.

… ….

Seeing the System's description, Long Fei became excited, "It's worth it, everything is worth it, hahaha … I never thought that refining a Semi-artifact on my first try, and it's even a demonic equipment, hahaha … "

"It's worth it."

"Even if I lose half my life, it's still worth it."

This weapon … Long Fei had the thought of refining it from the very beginning.

Who is Yuan Ba?

If you add another surname in front of 'Yuan Ba', Li Yuanba!

This was all too clear.

This pair of hammers were made specifically for Yuan Ba.


"Please name your weapon!"

The system once again rang out, Long Fei thought to himself, "In the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Li Yuanba's dual hammers were beating drums and urns with golden hammers … … However... This name is not domineering enough. "

"Yuan Ba should be worthy of a domineering name."

"The Twin Hammers have the thunder attribute, so they are called thunder hammers?"

"Thunder... "It's still not powerful enough. Thunder, lightning, thunder, thunder!"

Long Fei immediately became excited because of the two words "Lei Nu" and said, "It's called Lei Nu."


"The name of Lei Nu is a success."

When Long Fei looked at the dual hammers again, their names immediately changed to 'Lei Nu'.

Thunder Clap!

This pair of sledgehammers would definitely show off its might in Yuan Ba's hands, and when it was used, it would definitely cause thunder to roll around, raging in all four directions, it would definitely be an existence as valiant as thunder.

"Hahaha …" Long Fei laughed wildly because of this name, and thought: "Yuan Ba, I don't believe that you won't be moved by this pair of gigantic hammers, I don't believe that I can't subdue you."

This time, Long Fei was extremely confident.

It was also at this time.

"Boss, are you alright?"


Niu Dahai shouted anxiously, "I already told him not to forge artifacts, not artifacts, but he … "Hey, boss, don't die."

Yuan Ling stared coldly at Niu Dahai, and anxiously shouted as well: "Long Fei, Long Fei."

Hearing the shout, Long Fei's heart moved, he wanted to reply, but suddenly discovered his own red hair, his heart s.h.i.+vered, and said: "So this is Bedevilment!"

He did not pay attention to the process of artifact forging.

Now that he saw his blood-red devil, he could sense the aura in his body, a unique aura.

Long Fei became excited again.

"This is what it means to be bewitched …"

"Arrogant, arrogant, unscrupulous. He does as he pleases. This is the aura of a devil." Long Fei could clearly feel this feeling.

Very good, very good.

"Boss, you have to do something else. Today is the day of the a.s.sessment. If something were to happen to you, what would happen to the a.s.sessment?" Niu Dahai became anxious.

At the same time.

He was also swiftly cleaning up the mess within the workshop, and was about to dig Long Fei out from the ruins.

"Don't let them see me like this."

Long Fei moved, "Recover back to your original body's form."


"100 points."

As soon as he finished.

With his points reduced by 1000, Long Fei quickly recovered to his original state, and thought to himself: "Luckily I still have 2000 points, otherwise it would really be bad."

There is no separation between good and evil.

It wouldn't be good if they found out they still had the body of a Demonic cultivator.


This was Long Fei's secret. Other than Xiao Bai, Bing Huo, and the Patriarch, no one else would know about this secret.

"I'm fine!"

"I'm still alive." Long Fei feigned weakness and screamed a few times.

Niu Dahai and Yuan Ling's hearts were startled, they quickly found Long Fei's location and pulled him out from the ruins, the two of them relaxed.

Niu Dahai immediately said: "Boss, you scared me to death." Strongest Upgrade System:

Yuan Ling had an ice-cold expression, but her eyes revealed worry, and she said lightly: "Hurry up and wash up, we're about to gather."

"If you are late, you will be disqualified."

Long Fei smiled slightly, "Don't worry, there won't be a problem."

Yuan Ling's brows tightened, this was no longer an ordinary a.s.sessment, the Zhou family's influence was completely targeting Long Fei!

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 244

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