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Top of Xuanjian peak.

A few old men riding on flying swords flew out from the summit and landed in the air above the Sword Tomb.

One of them stroked his beard and said with a smile, "This year's disciples are all top talents of different places, so there should be a surprise."

"I hope so."

"Heaven Sect's Hong Tianjun is too much of a pressure on us, the strongest person among the young generation of the Southern Domain, his strength has already reached the war emperor realm, it can no longer be described as a genius anymore." An old man frowned.

The other female elder slightly said: "Hong Wanjue is Heavenly Sect Master Hong Wantu's son, he is not powerful with the sword nor is he talented in terms of potential, but rather the blood vein. I heard that he is hiding an extremely powerful blood vein in his body, and he has reached the war emperor realm before the age of twenty.

"Sigh …"

"Let's not talk about this anymore."

"Let's see what kind of special disciples we have this year."

"Perhaps, among these one hundred thousand disciples, there might be one or two that are even fiercer than Hong Wanjue?"

A few elders looked at the disciples outside of the Sword Tomb.

They all knew in their hearts that the number one genius of the South Horizon Region, Hong Wanjue, was unrivalled even in the last several hundred thousand years.

In the entire South Horizon Region, no one's talent could compare to Hong Wanjue's.

Their hopes towards these one hundred thousand disciples were nothing more than empty words. They all knew in their hearts that no one could compare to Hong Lingtong.

It was just that …

They also wanted to find one or two talented disciples who could at least raise the sect's morale.

This was because in the South Horizon Region, the pressure that Hong Wanjue had given them was simply too great, and they couldn't withstand the pressure.

Looking at the disciples below who were using up all their Sword Tomb, the four elders smiled bitterly. One of them said: "Sigh … "Seems like it's even worse this year than last year."

"At least Zhou Tianyu was able to hold on last year, I'm afraid this year..."

"If everyone is like Zhou Tianyu, then our Xuanjian sect will be able to contend with the Heaven Sect."

"Zhou Tianyu's comprehension towards the way of the sword has already reached an astonis.h.i.+ng level. He's already a genius amongst geniuses, how many people in the entire South Horizon Region can compare to him?"

"Cultivate Zhou Tianyu properly, in the future, there won't be any problems with his war emperor realm, at least you can earn some face for the Xuanjian sect."

… ….

The four of them were a little disappointed with this year's disciples.

Because …

These disciples only knew about the a.s.sessment, and many people did not even know what the Sword Tomb was.

Sword Tomb, Sword Grave.

Just as they left in disappointment.

The female elder was surprised: "Wait, what do you think the youth is doing?"

"Which one?"

The female elder pointed at Long Fei who was silently standing there. At this time, Long Fei had picked up a small branch in his hand.

The other three looked over.

An elder said slightly, "They should be unable to squeeze in."

Another elder said, "It doesn't look like it."

"Look at him with his eyes closed, as if he's trying to comprehend something."


"What is he looking at?"

"He's staring at the two words' Sword Tomb ', could it be?"


The four of them looked at each other and their faces sank. They said almost at the same time, "Did he comprehend something?"

The four of them held their breaths as they quietly looked at Long Fei.

He was extremely nervous, as if his life and death were at stake.

… ….

Long Fei's mind rumbled.

And then …

Long Fei picked up a tree branch from the ground and closed his eyes.

It was also at this moment.

His mind was attracted by some kind of strong force, and Long Fei gave up on controlling it.

With a 'swoosh', the power of his mind entered the words' Sword Tomb '.


"Sword Drawing Arts."


"Raise the sword!"

"Broken Sword Style …"

… ….

When the Solitary Nine Swords was unleashed, it was completely out of Long Fei's control, and he could not help but unleash the sword technique.

At the same time as he used it.

The sharpness of the word 'Sword Tomb' constantly appeared in his mind. This sharpness was like lifting something heavy as though it was light, but it was also like pulling up mountains and rivers.

"What is this?"

Long Fei could not help but ask, "Where are we?"

"This is the Sword Saint's s.p.a.ce."

"You are the first person to enter the Sword Saint s.p.a.ce so far."

An ancient voice resounded in the void. It was very special, as if the voice of someone who hadn't made a sound in a million years.

"Sword Saint s.p.a.ce?" Long Fei was startled, "I am quite clear about Sword Saint Yi, but I don't know if he has the s.p.a.ce or not."

"Cough, cough, cough..."

"Even though this is the Sword Saint's s.p.a.ce and my surname is Yi, I'm not a Master. I'm a Sword Saint."


Since you were able to open the Sword Saint s.p.a.ce, it shows that you have a very unique potential, and your understanding of the way of the sword is higher than ordinary people. I have stayed here for a million years, and even the first generation sect master of the Xuanjian sect only left with a peerless divine sword, unable to open the Sword Saint s.p.a.ce.

"The first generation sect master of Xuanjian sect? It seems like the legends are true. " Long Fei immediately giggled, "Senior, the Grandmaster of Xuanjian sect did not open the Sword Saint s.p.a.ce and obtain a supreme divine sword. If I open the Sword Saint s.p.a.ce, would I get a reward of ten peerless divine swords?"


"Ten, this is too exciting."

"One to Jojo, one to Liu Luoxi, one to Ye Ziyan, one to Xiao Tiantian, two on his shoulders, two on his back, two in his hands, ten divine swords, won't they beat you? I, your father, will smash you to death with my holy artifact. Long Fei started to become smug.

"No way!"

"One exchange point is enough."

"If we go and catch the Golden Dragon, our days will be even better." Long Fei was excited again. The matter of him killing the golden dragon in one shot really made him nostalgic.

The Lottery System was too exciting.

Just when he was about to marry those rich and beautiful ladies and walk towards the peak of his life …

The Sword Saint suddenly shouted, "The supreme divine sword is gone."


Long Fei's beautiful dream shattered as she asked doubtfully: "You're the Sword Saint right? If you don't have a peerless divine sword, there will definitely be other better holy artifact s. That would fit your ident.i.ty as the Sword Saint, right?"

"Even if you don't have a peerless divine sword, you should at least give it to me. What about a peerless divine blade?"

The Sword Saint said, "No."

Long Fei was a little unhappy, "I was the one who activated the Sword Saint's s.p.a.ce, there must be some other sword right?"

Even if it wasn't a holy artifact, it was fine.

Exchange points are also good.


The Sword Saint said, "I don't have any more swords left."

Long Fei stared at him with slanted eyes, he kept staring without moving, staring for more than ten minutes, "Do you feel embarra.s.sed? You should at least give me something now, right? "

The Sword Saint replied, "None at all."

Long Fei rolled his eyes, and said: "Can't you play around?"

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