The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 25

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### Chapter 25 - I am rich!

The auction was set up in the Fengyuan Merchant Union's special auction venue.

It was the size of a basketball court in his previous life.

There were ten VIP booths set up, and the more powerful the power, the closer the booths were.

There were five hundred ordinary spots.

The prices of the tickets to the auction had already risen to several thousand taels, which was a testament to the influence of this auction.

… ….

Liu Feng changed into a beautiful set of clothes, walked up the stage, and with a respectful smile on his face, he said: "Guests, everyone is aware of the process of the auction, I will not introduce any further, the auction will begin now."

"The first auction."

"Healing Pill!"

As Liu Feng spoke, a worker immediately took out ten pills from his plate.

"Holy sh * t!"

"You actually have the nerve to take out a trash like the Healing Pill to auction?"

"Don't waste our time. Let's directly take out the behest."

… ….

The audience roared.

Liu Feng did not stop them. On the contrary, he wanted to see this scene with a smile on his face as he said: "Allow me to explain to you how these healing pills are different."

"My healing speed doubled."

"The most important thing is that it will help you cultivate, because after you consume it, you will be provided with true breath."

"This is its unique charm."

"This pill was concocted by a Grandmaster."

Although the last sentence was a lie, Liu Feng knew clearly that it would raise Long Fei's position and also raise the price. The most important thing was.

It would raise the influence of the Fengyuan Merchant Union in the pill market.

Because …

A Alchemy Grandmaster was not something that could be hired by the Merchant Union even by a family.

Everyone s.h.i.+vered, but no one called out a price.

Liu Feng was not in a hurry as he said: "Fire Gla.s.s Dynasty, the Zhuge family of four pillars are famous for their Alchemy. Can you let Lord Zhuge inspect them?"

A figure landed in private room number five.

"I'll test it." A skinny old man said.

Liu Feng replied respectfully: "It is my honor to be examined by the chief Alchemy master of the Zhuge family, Zhuge Yuqing."

Zhuge Yuqing did not dawdle either. She first picked up the pellet and sniffed it, then her eyebrows twitched. The idea moved, and her brows tightened up even more. She looked at Liu Feng and asked: "Can I taste one?"

Liu Feng nodded: "Sure."

Zhuge Yuqing put the healing pellet into her mouth, but did not swallow it immediately. She closed her eyes slightly, savoring the taste, sensing, and muttered, "The ratio of spirit herbs has reached a perfect state, the release of spirit gra.s.s's spirit energy is perfect, the true breath is surging, perfect, the treatment of wounds is perfect …"


"How can there be such a perfect healing pill?"

"Highest Grade Medicine Powder!"

Zhuge Yuqing was shocked and did not step down. She immediately said, "I will pay five hundred thousand for the remaining nine healing pellets."

As soon as his voice faded …

A huge commotion immediately broke out.

It was impossible for the Fengyuan Merchant Union and the Zhuge family to join hands.

And then …

Prince Nangong's family immediately raised the bid. "Six hundred thousand."

"Li Martial Arts Sect, seven hundred thousand."

"holy dragon mansion, eight hundred thousand."

"Zhuge, Divine Hou Mansion, one million silver."

… ….

Long Fei was dumbfounded.

A healing pill for sale to Liu Feng was only eight thousand gold coins, and it could easily be sold for a million silver coins. He felt that he had suffered a huge loss.

He even had the heart to die.

The Divine Marquis of Zhuge had produced many Alchemy geniuses, who were the strongest existences in the Fire Gla.s.s Dynasty in terms of researching medicinal pellets.

Zhuge Yuqing's shocked expression showed that even he was unable to refine it.


The greatest use of this healing pill lay in the cultivation of the young disciples.

With such a healing pill by his side, it was the same as having an extra talisman.

Of course.

The Zhuge family would never let go of the opportunity to study the Highest Grade Medicine Powder.

In the end.

Nine healing pills were sold to the Zhuge family for 1,300,000 silver.

This was also the first time in the history of G.o.d's martial continent that a sky-high price of one million three hundred thousand gold coins had been offered for nine first-grade healing pellets.

"Next, we'll proceed to the second item auction."

"Spiritual Void Ring."

"s.p.a.ce Ring made from a mysterious meteorite, a hundred square meters of s.p.a.ce Ring, starting bid 100 thousand silver." As soon as Liu Feng finished his sentence.

Silence reigned below the stage.

It was just a s.p.a.ce Ring, but it was a little big, so not many people called out a price.

Long Fei called out, "One hundred and fifty thousand."

He needed a large s.p.a.ce Ring storage item.

No one bid, Liu Feng smashed the hammer down and said: "Deal."

"The third item."

"Xuan cla.s.s six stage sword art, Sky Xuan sword art. The bidding price is 300 thousand."

"Five hundred thousand."

"Six hundred thousand!"

"Eight hundred thousand."

… ….

"One million and five hundred thousand."

"Two million."

… ….

The price soared.

"The fourth item."

"Wind Shadow Step, not appraised, does not guarantee quality. Starting price, 10 thousand silver."


This meant that the Fengyuan Merchant Union did not know the grade of this technique. It could be a Divine level technique or the most trashy one of the Yellow Rank.

Even more so, there was a huge risk involved in this gamble.

"Thirty thousand gold."

"Fifty thousand!"

"One hundred thousand!"

Although it was unappraised, there were still many people bidding, and the price kept rising.

Long Fei looked at the Wind Shadow Step through the system.

Skill Path: Wind Shadow Step

Rank: First Rank of Heaven Stage

true breath: 10 true breath will not be consumed in a second.

Description: Like the wind, the shadow is erratic, the observation is unclear, unfathomable. Like a gale, like a gale, like a hurricane …

Long Fei was secretly excited in his heart, and said: "One million!"

Many people turned to look at Long Fei.

"Is this person an idiot?" You actually spent so much money to buy an unidentified cultivation technique. "

"My brain must be full of water."

"A million to buy an unidentified cultivation technique, hahaha... "He's too talented."

… ….

The price of one million was not low, even Liu Feng was a little surprised. Seeing that it was Long Fei, her eyes moved slightly, signalling him not to buy it.


Everything was too late, Liu Feng was sure that no one was bidding, he knocked on the hammer: "One million, sold."

Long Fei was secretly excited, "For a high price of two million for a Profound Rank 6, I bought it for a million for a first rank Heaven Stage, hahaha … I've picked up a big mistake. "

Who would know that the Wind Shadow Step was a first rank Heaven Ranked technique?

Next was a new auction.

"The ninth item."

"The treasure map of the Thunder Dragon Temple."

"The location of the Immortal Trail Thunder Dragon Temple, unappraised treasure map, starting bid 50 thousand silver."

The Fengyuan Merchant Union had sent people to search for this item based on the instructions on the treasure map, but they could not find it.

Other than that.

It was hard to say whether there were any Thunder Dragon Temple s around, so he decided to auction them.

"Thunder Dragon Temple? I've never heard of it at all. "

"It's another unidentified item. Take it out to swindle others."

"Sixty thousand!"

"Eighty thousand."

"One hundred and fifty thousand."

"Two hundred thousand!"

… ….

If he couldn't appraise it, he would be gambling. If he won the bet, he would make a profit. If he lost the bet, he would die a loss!

Long Fei still had eight hundred and fifty thousand left of the two million he had left. Just as he was about to buy something else, he saw the treasure map and muttered: "Anyway, it's not my money, I'll buy it!"

"Five hundred thousand!"


The entire hall was silent. No one bid again.

He was staring at Long Fei again, and in their eyes, this person was already a standard number two!

Long Fei was even excited, and said: "I've bought it again, hahaha."

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 25

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