The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2547

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Chapter 2547 - Why? That's it!

"Long Fei, you can go!"

A voice.

His voice wasn't loud, but it was as if a sharp arrow had pierced into Long Fei's heart.

It hurts.

An unspeakable pain.

This pain did not originate from Yi Yourong, but rather came from himself!

Long Fei's mind trembled, and said: "Yourong, I can …"

Yi Yourong asked: What can you do? You can't do anything, even if you become stronger, and you are a powerhouse of the Mahayana Realm, so what? So what if you are a powerhouse of the Zhen Wu realm? What can you change? You can't change anything! "

Long Fei's heart tightened.

He was speechless.

He could not say a single word.

How about Mahayana Realm?

So what if you have the Zhen Wu realm?

Are you Zhao Haotian's opponent?

Are you Zhao Wuji, Zhao Chongshan's opponent?


You can't do anything.

The difference between a Mahayana Realm and an unsurpa.s.sable existence was a million miles. Even if they killed Zhao Haotian with all their might, what could they change?


Yi Yourong clearly knew his own fate.

She had promised her master that she would marry into the Zhao Family. Even if he didn't have Zhao Haotian, there was still Zhao Yitian. There were several dozen princes of the Zhao Clan, but it was difficult for her to escape marriage.

Unless... You can wipe out the entire Zhao Family.


Is that possible?

What was the Zhao Family?

Possessing the qualifications to be an outer disciple of the G.o.d's tribe, he was an existence at the peak of the entire Zhen Wu continent.

Yi Yourong looked at Long Fei and said blandly, "Long Fei, recognize the reality. I'm glad you came, but. Please forget about me and don't show up again in the future. "


Yi Yourong turned around and walked towards Zhao Haotian. He stepped forward, held Zhao Haotian's hand, and gently said. "Ignore him, let's go."

At this moment.

Time seemed to have stopped.

Long Fei's heart felt unspeakably uncomfortable!

The pain. His heart was convulsing and it was difficult to breathe. It was indescribable.

Long Fei clenched both of his fists tightly. His nails dug into the flesh of his palms and blood started to drip down. Why was he so weak?

Why … He couldn't even protect his own woman?


What Yi Yourong said was extremely obvious.

You are not a match for the Zhao Family.

Don't stay to die!

Imperceptibly, Yi Yourong was still protecting him.

Long Fei was not stupid, he naturally understood what was going on. Yi Yourong said those words to him, 'you are too weak!'

Three months …

He would charge into the Xuan Yue mountain range, step into the Wilderness, enter the Beast Battling Field, turn over the Sand G.o.d, annihilate the Meng Family, and charge into the Magic Tribe's highest level ten-storey devil tower … …


So what?

In three months time, he had risen by dozens of levels!


So what?

In the eyes of ordinary people, Ninth-level Mahayana was an unreachable existence, but... Who was the enemy he was going to face? He was the one standing at the peak of this world, the Zhao Family.

It was the entire Zhao Empire.

It was Zhen Wu continent's most powerful powerhouse, Zhao Chongshan.

Ninth-level Mahayana?

It was a ridiculous realm level.


If you can't even kill Zhao Haotian, how are you going to fight with the Zhao Family?

Long Fei had overestimated himself.

This was not a good feeling. It was like slowly sinking into a deep pool, deeper and deeper into a bottomless abyss. It was completely dark, without a trace of light to be seen.

Zhao Haotian laughed in disdain at Long Fei, and started laughing heartily. "Hahaha..."


"Hahaha …"

Amidst his laughter, he embraced Yi Yourong's waist.

Yi Yourong did not resist.

Although her heart was bleeding profusely and she was about to cry uncontrollably, she bit her tongue and endured with all her might, "Long Fei, forget about me, I'm not good enough for you, forget about me."

This was her life.

An unchangeable life!

A few minutes later.

Yi Yourong and Zhao Haotian walked out of the Sky Sect of Ling Clan.

Xiao Die and the thin monkey, the big size man, tang renjie and the others immediately walked forward.



"A Long..."

But they didn't know how to comfort Long Fei either.

At this moment.

Long Fei was like a dead man, motionless, without a trace of spirit in his body.

tang renjie shouted, and said: "If it was my woman being robbed, forget about what kind of crown prince he is, even if his family was so strong, he would f * cking be the G.o.d's tribe's ancestor and his father would still s.n.a.t.c.h it back."

"What are you scared of?"

Xiao Die immediately glared at tang renjie and said: "Are you telling A Long to go throw his life away?"

The thin monkey's gaze tensed up as he said: "Zhao Haotian is too strong, he is the Zhen Wu realm, if not for Big Sis blocking him, I'm afraid …"

Xiao Die said: "So what if we kill Zhao Haotian? "That's the Zhao Family, the one who controls the entire Empire. They also have countless powerhouse, and the Zhao Family even has a Emperor Zhen Wu's realm. If I were Sister Rong, I would have made the same choice."

"A Long!"

"Sister You Rong is protecting you. She doesn't want to see you die."

Xiao Die's tears could not help but gush out.

She could feel the pain in Long Fei's heart.

He also knew how painful it would be for Yi Yourong to make this decision.

tang renjie grinned: "Anyway, I definitely won't be cowardly, at worst, I'll just die. It's also an honor to die fighting for my beloved girl, and furthermore, he's Zhao Guo's number one beauty … …"

Not waiting for him to finish.

Xiao Die and the other two looked at tang renjie at the same time, as if they wanted to eat him up.

It was also at this moment.

Long Fei's relaxed fists tensed up, and his eyes darkened.

An instant later.

His entire body seemed to spring up from the bottomless abyss of darkness.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

He exerted all the strength in his body.

His body moved like lightning, rus.h.i.+ng out of Sky Sect of Ling Clan.




tang renjie became excited, "Hahaha... "He's going to go berserk, he's going to go berserk, that's more like it."

Just as he finished speaking …

Xiao Die and the other two all made their moves at the same time, fiercely hitting tang renjie on the head.

Three chestnuts.

There were three bulges on his head, and it looked like he had three horns on his head.

tang renjie said with a bitter face: "I, I, what did I do wrong?"

Xiao Die said in a heavy voice, "If something happens to A Long, I won't forgive you."

And then …

The three of them quickly followed.

tang renjie rubbed his swollen b.u.t.t, and muttered: "That's awesome, so cool."


"Why would I say that? This is the crown prince, fighting over a woman with the crown prince? " tang renjie slightly retracted his neck and felt a chill on his body.

He did not know why he had said those words.

It was as though he couldn't control it!

Inexplicably, some power urged him to encourage Long Fei.

Just like how he had to be Long Fei's subordinate in the beginning.

tang renjie had never doubted himself, but now … He suspected that there was another person living inside him!

… ….

Lightning speed.

The look in Long Fei's eyes was more intense than ever before.

What kind of suffering had he not felt up to now?

If he was terrified now, would he still be Long Fei?

What was the point of living?

Long Fei stood at the entrance of the Sky Sect of Ling Clan, looked at Zhao Haotian and Yi Yourong who had just walked out of the Sky Sect of Ling Clan, and said with a heavy voice, "Wait!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2547

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