The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2553

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Chapter 2553 - BOSS Gift Pack?

"No way!"

These two words, caused Zhao Haotian to feel incomparable despair.


Long Fei smiled sinisterly, "You don't have what I need right now, all I need is your Experience Points …"

"I disdain everything about you."

"Status? "Tras.h.!.+"

"Crown Prince's ident.i.ty? "Tras.h.!.+"

"As for Yourong, she is my woman. Do I need you to let me have her?"

"So... Just go to h.e.l.l! "

"Hahaha …"

Long Fei laughed out crazily.

At the same time!

Long Fei moved and her figure suddenly disappeared. How much experience did she have with Zhen Wu realm?

At most, it was a hundred million points.

Even if he were to double the EXP, it would still be 200 million.


Long Fei wanted to say the biggest thing about Experience Points.

After pa.s.sing through the ten-storey devil tower, he thought that the powerhouse s of the Zhen Wu realm were not really that amazing. He found out that he was wrong to have met Zhao Haotian.

Even if the Mahayana Realm was at the peak of the Ninth-level Mahayana, it was still a thousand miles away from the Zhen Wu realm. They were on completely different levels.

He had to level up!

He had to break through the Zhen Wu realm.

5 billion experience points was simply too much. He needed to maximize the experience points every single time.

He watched as the giant axe descended.

Long Fei laughed sinisterly as the idea moved!

"Absorbing Skill!"


His figure disappeared.

Once tribulation's great move was released, as long as Zhao Haotian was killed, it would be able to absorb his cultivation, and this cultivation could be converted into experience.

From level zero to Zhen Wu realm, he had at least tens of billions of experience, even if it was just one percent of it. If he just killed dozens of people like that, levelling up would be much easier!


Zhao Haotian had a black X on him.

Long Fei's figure moved, he also returned to his original position, hands behind his back, he watched silently, and laughed excitedly: "Explode, explode, hahaha!"

Yi Yourong's gaze tensed up, he really wanted to say something.

Long Fei gently pulled her hand, and said indifferently: "Don't worry, I'll take care of everything."

As long as Xing Tian was around.

Overturn the Zhao Family?


Xing Tian's axe could split the sky, but how could the old monster of the Zhao Family do it?

Let alone a mere Zhao Haotian, even if that old monster Zhao Chongshan came out, it would still be useless.

With this guy, what was there for Long Fei to be afraid of?

It doesn't exist!

Yi Yourong was still very worried.

Because …

This was the capital.

The Zhao Family would never let Zhao Haotian die.


She had received news that G.o.d's tribe's Inspector Heavenly Amba.s.sador had arrived!

Right now in the capital.

The Zhao Family were the outer disciples of the G.o.d's tribe. If Zhao Chongshan ever spoke, the G.o.d's tribe would definitely not sit by the side and do nothing. Long Fei was at a disadvantage.

Zhao Haotian saw that Long Fei did not have any intention to let him off, and his entire person became even more sinister as he roared loudly: "You dog, if you dare kill me, my father, my grandfather, the entire Zhao Family, the entire Empire will not let you go. They will bury everyone who is related to you with me."

"Long Fei, you have another choice."

"Obediently kowtow and apologize to me. I will be merciful and spare you."

Long Fei laughed: "Thank you!"

"However... Those things you said do not exist. If you die, your father, your grandfather, your Zhao Clan, and your entire Zhao Empire will all be buried with you. Only my people will not! "


"Enjoy your death!"

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At this moment, the giant axe fell.

It was incomparably huge, and brought along thick clouds as it came cras.h.i.+ng down.

Zhao Haotian's eyes were unfocused, and his body trembled even more violently. Facing the gigantic axe that had descended from the sky, the strong wind raged, causing his hair to blow all over the place and his face to become incomparably pale.

"Ahh …"

"Ahh …"

He shouted out in fear, "Dad! Dad! Save me! Save me …"



"Save me …"

Urine dripped from his crotch.

He was scared to the point of peeing.

Long Fei said solemnly: "No one can save you, no matter who it is, they will die!"

Even if Xing Tian were to use the axe, the ghost would still die.


Following Long Fei's heavy shout, two streams of flowing light flashed.



A loud sound echoed in the sky. Flames flew in all directions, exploding into pieces. An incredibly powerful force spread out in all directions. Half a second later, two figures appeared under the enormous axe.


Their strength could not withstand it either.

Zhao Haotian looked up into the sky and immediately became excited, "Father!"

"Grand Elder Wuji!"

The two of them were Zhao Wuji and infinite ancestor who rushed over!

They were the peak powerhouse s of the Zhen Wu realm.

It was infinitely close to the Emperor Zhen Wu's realm.

When the surrounding people saw them, they immediately knelt down.

Zhao Wuji was the current emperor.

But Long Fei did not kneel, nor did anyone around him.

Yi Yourong's brows tightened and his heart became even more worried.

Zhao Wuji came out.

Then Zhao Chongshan would definitely be looking at him too, the cultivation of the Emperor Zhen Wu's realm was peerless, even if Long Fei could summon Xing Tian, it was still not enough. How could he be an opponent?

Yi Yourong was not worried for himself.

She was worried for Long Fei.

To her, her life was no longer important.

Her fate could not be changed.

Even if Long Fei won, her master wouldn't let her be with him.

This was her life.

Furthermore... Could Long Fei win?

Behind Zhao Chongshan was the number one hegemon of the Universal Realm, G.o.d's tribe.

She held Long Fei's hand tightly.

She was afraid that she wouldn't be able to hold it in the future.

She looked at the side of Long Fei's face and firmly branded Long Fei's appearance into her mind. She wanted to remember Long Fei's appearance forever, even if it meant death.

If I can't be your woman in this life, then I'll live on in the next.

If you are not dead, then you must wait for me.

Yi Yourong secretly said in his heart.




The axe continued to press down.

Zhao Wuji and infinite ancestor's strongest powers surged out.

Zhao Haotian stood up and excitedly laughed out loud, "Hahaha... Hahaha... "You dog, you're about to die. Today, no matter who you are, you will still die."

"My father and Grand Preceptor Wuji will definitely kill you."

"Hahaha …"

Zhao Haotian laughed wildly with pride once again.


He had no idea what was going on.

He had no idea how much pressure his father and Grand Preceptor Wuji were currently under.

It was impossible to see how explosive the damage floating above their heads was!

"— 3293822"

"— 4228382"

"— 6626261"

… ….

They kept stacking, and the damage kept exploding.

Only Long Fei himself knew, as long as he could see it.

This kind of feeling was too comfortable.

"Kill a Boss, gift two Bosses, hahaha … …" Is this a big gift pack for me, the Boss? "Hahaha..." Long Fei was incomparably excited, "Something that has never happened before, hahaha!"

"Xing Tian, kill those three!"

"Blast them for me!"

Xing Tian replied loudly, "Understood, Master!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2553

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