The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2557

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Chapter 2557 - sky envoy Staring at Long Fei?

Sick, unwilling!

However …

Long Fei would never admit defeat.

Not strong enough?

Then he would be strong enough.

Can't crush them?

Couldn't we take them down?

Then he would be able to crush them and defeat them!

To Long Fei, he had no time.

Tomorrow was the G.o.d's sect gathering, the day of Zhao Haotian's and Yi Yourong's grand wedding. He would definitely not let his woman marry a eunuch.

Even if he were to die, he wouldn't!


What could one night change?

So what if Long Fei stepped into the Zhen Wu realm?

The difference between the Zhen Wu realm and the Emperor Zhen Wu's realm was eighteen million miles. There were many powerhouse s in the Divine Realm but there were only a few True Martial Emperor s in the entire continent.

What could they do?

To break through the Emperor Zhen Wu's realm in one night?

This was absolutely impossible!

Then again.

Long Fei also had the right to partic.i.p.ate in the Land Banquet s and obtain them.

He had no time at all!

The center of the Great Senior Brother's brows tightened. He looked at Long Fei's resolute expression and swallowed his words back. He knew that at this point in time, no matter what he said, it would be useless.


If it was him, he would also make the same choice as Long Fei.

Men had to be full of blood.

If he was bullied by others and continued to submit, then what was the point in living?

A few Magic Captains s looked at each other and made the same decision.

No matter what Long Fei did, they would always accompany him.

and also to protect Long Fei.

Long Fei looked at them and said, ", you all can go back first. You have already helped me enough, I'm afraid the Zhao Family will target you all tomorrow in G.o.d's sect gathering."

"You guys go back and get ready as well."

The Great Senior Brother said, "Junior brother, no one is afraid of being targeted at us. We have long since made our preparations, what rank does a mere G.o.d's sect gathering have in our eyes? What does the ranking of humans have to do with our Magic Tribe?"


"Junior apprentice-brother, we'll accompany you."

They were worried that Long Fei would take the risk.

The blow was simply too great.

Long Fei said: "Don't worry, I will definitely not do anything rash. I will definitely not do anything reckless before tomorrow night."

"Xiao Die, you guys go back as well. The Xuan Yue sect has been bullied by the people of the sect of infinitas. You guys go back and console them.

Xiao Die wanted to say something but hesitated.

The big size man pulled on Xiao Die's clothes and said: "Sister Xiao Die, let's go. Boss wants to be alone."

The big size man usually did not speak, but he understood Long Fei the best.

Long Fei looked at tang renjie...

Without waiting for Long Fei to speak, tang renjie waved his hand and said: "I'm going to drink wine with the flowers. I heard that today, G.o.d has arrived at a group of exotic chicks.

tang renjie looked at the surrounding people who were staring at him, he shrugged and said: "It seems like none of you like women, I will go myself."

Following that …

tang renjie left with big strides.


He never thought of leaving.

One must know that no matter where Long Fei went, he could still sense him.

"Boss, you have to be careful on your own."

"Youngest junior brother, if there's anything, please inform us. Even if you want to attack the Imperial Palace, you should at least say it. We, the Senior Brother's sea of flames, will accompany you in your journey."


"princess sand moon is waiting for you too, you better not be too hasty."

Many Magic Captains s laughed as they spoke.

And then, one by one, they left as well.

Long Fei stood in place, watching them leave one by one, and revealed a smile, "It's so good to have a brother!"

seventeenth son of devil's life and death were intertwined.

It gave Long Fei a very familiar feeling, just like the scenes that flashed past his mind in the past.

That's the feeling.

Unspeakable comfort.

Long Fei looked at the imperial city in the middle of the high clouds and muttered, "I'm here. If I can't do anything, what's the point of it?"

"Zhao Family?"

"Old witch?"

"sky envoy?"

"I don't care who you are, whoever blocks me, will die!"

Long Fei said heavily in his heart, "The more attacks I take, the more pressure I feel, the more depressed I will be. Naturally, it will make me stronger!"

Her eyes were firmer than ever.


Long Fei's pupils contracted, "In one night, where can I go to level up?"

"What can I change in one night?"

Ghost Emperor Skill?

In a single night, he was unable to break through at all.

Summon of the ten-storey devil tower?

There was only one time a day, so even if he summoned Xing Tian out, he could only stay for two minutes, and that wouldn't change anything.

What happened today made Long Fei understand one thing.

No matter how strong the skill was.

No matter how strong holy artifact were, they were just external forces.

The real strong one was him, Real Face.

This was the only way to become truly strong!

In the end, there was only one word. Level!

Four billion experience points, one night … It was impossible, unless he killed a powerhouse from another world like Ocean King, otherwise, he would not be able to break through!

Furthermore... How could a powerhouse from another world like the Ocean King have killed him?

How could he kill it?

Long Fei was a little lost, "I need to find a place to level up, and find a place to enter the Experience Paradise …"

… ….

In another place!

Imperial palace, Supreme Harmony Hall.

"Dad, why?"

"Why didn't you kill him?" When the bindings on Zhao Haotian loosened, he couldn't help but ask. He didn't understand, at that time they had the defensive power given to them by the sky envoy. It was easy to kill Long Fei, but why didn't they kill him?


Zhao Wuji's expression suddenly changed.

Not only did he not kill them, he even invited Long Fei to the G.o.d's sect gathering.

What did that mean?

Was Long Fei the one who messed up his wedding?

Zhao Wuji's eyes darkened as he said solemnly, "You think I don't want to cripple him? To be able to break through the ten-storey devil tower to become the strongest in the history of Magic Tribe before the age of twenty, and to summon the general of the Devil Realm, such a person is a huge threat to our Zhao Family. Do you think that I don't want to get rid of him? "

The power that Long Fei had displayed was too terrifying.

At that time … He was already seriously injured, and almost died.

infinite ancestor was the same.

They had been completely crushed at that time, never before.

A single person like that was too much of a threat to them. Zhao Wuji knew very well that if they were not on the same side, they had to be eliminated.


He still couldn't figure it out.

Why did he have to stop?

Zhao Haotian asked: Then why didn't you kill him?

He believed that his father would definitely be able to kill Long Fei once he made a move.

Zhao Wuji's gaze tightened as he let out a heavy breath, "It was that Lord that did not let me do it."

Zhao Haotian was startled, for a moment she could not react, and asked: "Which master is it?"

Zhao Wuji asked, "Who else could I call Lord?"

At this moment.

Zhao Haotian reacted, and said: "Lord sky envoy?"


Zhao Wuji shook his head and said, "I don't know … … What I'm worried about now is. Since the sky envoy has set his eyes on him, then your position will be replaced by him! "

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2557

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