The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2562

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Chapter 2562 - Entering the Night

If he could be saved, Long Fei would have brought Yi Yourong away a long time ago.


His current cultivation was simply not good enough.

So what if he could defeat Zhao Haotian?

It was completely useless!


Long Fei was very clear in his heart that if he were to go at this time, Yi Yourong would definitely not follow him.

He understood Yi Yourong's personality very well.

She would rather suffer the most than let Long Fei get hurt. This place was not the Xuan Yue sect, it was the City of G.o.d, it was the Zhao Family's territory.

Long Fei turned and looked at Secret Area of Deep h.e.l.l.

Xiao Die said anxiously: "A Long, what are you thinking? If we do not go now, then we will not be in a hurry. sister Yourong has already knelt for quite a few hours. "

Big Al said, "Let's go all out."

"Once we rescue Big Sister, we'll hide in the Wilderness and deep in the mountains so that they won't be able to find us."

tang renjie grinned: "Your imagination is too beautiful, you think we can break into the palace to save people? "You guys don't understand how strong the Zhao Family is."

Don't say that we can't save him, even if we can save him from the Imperial City, we won't be able to leave the G.o.d capital.


tang renjie looked at Long Fei with an intoxicated expression. However, his heart was very clear, and he said: "I told you guys a long time ago that my lord would not go save someone."

"If it were me, I wouldn't go either."

Xiao Die glared at him and said fiercely: "You dog, what did you say?"

"Tell me again!"

tang renjie immediately shrunk his neck, pretended to be weak and afraid, and tried to hide behind Kai Linna, but he was pushed back by the sharp steel wings on his back.

Kai Linna said: "Why don't I go!"

"With my speed, I should be able to escape."

Kai Linna's speed was extremely fast, there was no doubt about that.

Long Fei shook his head and said: "It's useless."

tang renjie said again, "It's more than useless, it's absolutely useless. When you entered the imperial city, did you not notice the gigantic Boundary's defensive formation above your heads?"

"Other than defending against the enemy's attack, it can also prevent people from escaping. The Boundary is controlled by Zhao Wuji, no matter how fast you are, you won't be able to be faster than him."

"It's better not to think too much."

"Let's go back to our homes and look for our mothers." tang renjie wanted to retreat, he was not stupid, he had already a.n.a.lyzed it thoroughly, save her? Impossible!

A dead end.

Xiao Die's eyes darkened with killing intent.

tang renjie immediately said, "I was just saying, I don't have a home, nor do I have a mother …. "Yes, I don't even know how I came to this world."

No one paid any attention to him.

Xiao Die looked at Long Fei and said, "Are we just going to watch Sister Yourong suffer like this?"

Long Fei said in a low voice: "I am currently not their match at all, so I basically have no way of saving them, nor can I save them."

The consequence of saving others was that more people would die.

He didn't want to see any one of them die.


It was power!

If he was strong enough, then none of this would be a problem, but …


Long Fei's heart was abnormally heavy and uncomfortable.

At this moment.

The seventeen sons of Demon Emperors also flew into the air one after another. The Great Senior Brother asked, "What about us? Is there any chance of survival? "


"Gamble with our lives!"

"Our Magic Tribe has never been so sullen, what happened today, wasn't it just the Zhao Family? Isn't he just an expert of Emperor Zhen Wu's realm? "Just do it!"

The seventeen people landed and stood in front of Long Fei.

Every one of them was in high spirits, and their eyes were filled with fighting spirit.

When they returned from Sky Sect of Ling Clan to their residences, the seventeen of them were extremely agitated.

They were here to help Long Fei.


Long Fei was bullied and crushed in front of them. How were they going to meet the Demon Emperor in the future?

"Hahaha …"

The thin monkey laughed excitedly and said: "Boss, we're just going to save them. Is our strength enough now?"


"With the help of Magic Tribe, saving sister Yourong shouldn't be too difficult." Xiao Die said as well.

tang renjie said, "Every single one of the seventeen sons of the Demon Emperor can take charge on their own. If they were to use it, even the powerhouse of the Emperor Zhen Wu's realm would be able to contend against one or two of them."

He could not help but look towards Long Fei and said, "There might really be a chance!"

"As long as they can hold Zhao Wuji back, don't let him open the City Barrier Boundary and give us time to save him."

The Great Senior Brother said: "No matter how powerful Zhao Wuji is, he wouldn't dare to do anything to us. His Zhao Family can't afford to offend the Magic Tribe right now, so after you leave the city, you should immediately head to the Magic Tribe. As long as you enter the Magic Tribe's territory, you will be safe."

Everyone looked at Long Fei, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy and vitality.

This plan was really feasible.


This was not what Long Fei wanted!

What Long Fei wanted to do was to ruthlessly stomp the Zhao Family, and that old demoness, Yi Yourong's master, to death under his foot.

Save him? Sending him away?

This was not his character.


It looks like a good plan, but. People would die, and many more would die.

The seventeenth son of devil represented the Magic Tribe, but attacking the Imperial City was a serious crime. Zhao Wuji would definitely not let them live.

Then there was the process of saving someone.

Let alone the Zhao Family's powerhouse, even the old demoness herself was enough to crush them all.

Since the old granny was determined to marry Yi Yourong into the Zhao Family, she wouldn't let anyone destroy this wedding.

No way!

Long Fei shook his head: "I can't save him."

Xiao Die said: "A Long, what are you afraid of? In the past, you often said not to be terrified, even if you did, but now that the sister Yourong is about to be married off, how can you be terrified? "

Xiao Die was also somewhat angry.

tang renjie said: "He's not cowering, he's calm. As long as there's a True Martial Emperor or a powerhouse, we will all die."

Xiao Die said: "So what if I die? Which one of us is afraid of death? "

"Who's afraid of death here?"

"If you're afraid of death, you won't be here!"

seventeenth son of devil was already prepared.


He had never been afraid.

Xiao Die, thin monkey, Big Head and the others rushed out to find Long Fei and were all prepared.

It was the same for tang renjie.

Kai Linna was the same.

At this moment.

As if activated, the system suddenly sounded out.


"System Notification: Strength filled!"


"System Notification: Activating party mode!"

Two consecutive notifications sounded.

Long Fei's heart trembled slightly, "So that's how it is!"

At this moment.

The golden exclamation mark above everyone's heads disappeared!

He became excited.

Long Fei looked at them and asked, "Do you guys believe me?"

"Of course!"

"You're the boss, of course we trust you."

"You are the youngest junior brother. No matter what you say, we will believe you."

Everyone looked at Long Fei.

's eyes shone with a glimmer of hope, just like a fallen person regaining his spirits.

Long Fei said: "Thank you for your trust."

"It's a big one tonight!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2562

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