The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2577

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Chapter 2577 - The Demon Emperor

Half an hour ago.

"The sky is about to brighten."

On the city wall.

Chief Captain looked up and saw that the Dark Crack was getting smaller and smaller. It had already become a very small hole, and it was impossible for anyone to rush out.

The Great Senior Brother clenched his fists tightly and said faintly, "I'm afraid …"

He did not continue.

Because …

At this moment, everyone's hearts were secretly tightened. They all knew that Long Fei might never come out!

Xiao Die sobbed, and her tears fell like rain. She shook her head and said, "It can't be, it can't be, A Long has experienced some difficulties before, he will definitely rush out."

"The boss has his own ways. The Dark Crack was cut through by a Demon Realm powerhouse that he summoned. Even if the Dark Crack is completely healed, he would still cut his way out." The big guy said innocently.

Transformers stared at the crack that was getting smaller and smaller.

Kai Linna floated in mid air and also stared deadly at Su Yun.


The Dark Crack was about to heal.

None of them could get in.

If they could charge in again, they would not hesitate.

Chief Captain said: "I believe that little junior brother will be able to rush out, and I believe that he will definitely be alive as well. There are some things that we have to do in his absence. "

"Time is running out."

"We will enter the arena in the afternoon, and the evening will be G.o.d's sect gathering. It will also be the wedding banquet for Zhao Haotian and Yi Yourong." We will enter the arena in the afternoon, and the evening will be G.o.d's sect gathering.

The Great Senior Brother was very calm.

He believed that Long Fei was still alive, but it was impossible for him to break through the Dark Crack that was about to heal.

Since they could not rush out, then they had to do what Long Fei wanted to do!

tang renjie stood up and said: "You're right, there are some things that we must do."

While they were talking …

He turned his gaze in the direction of the Imperial Palace.

"Today is G.o.d's sect gathering."

"He's trying to rob our eldest sister-in-law, his grandmother!" The thin monkey said fiercely.

The Great Senior Brother said: "You are all Xuan Yue sect's partic.i.p.ating disciples, before G.o.d's sect gathering, no matter what happens, do not reveal your cultivation, and wait for G.o.d's sect gathering!"

And then …

The Great Senior Brother looked at tang renjie and said, "Your nose is sharp, with your current cultivation level, controlling the Zhao Family powerhouse's whereabouts isn't difficult, is it?"

"Also, that old demoness!"

tang renjie nodded his head: "No problem, I can smell their fart wherever they go."

Everyone was startled, and looked at tang renjie.

tang renjie was also a little embarra.s.sed as he said: "Describe, describe, I am just describing."

The Great Senior Brother replied, "Alright!"

"Kong Kim, Kai Linna, you guys are in charge of the outer perimeter of the palace!"

"Didn't Junior always want to take over the Zhao Family? Didn't he want no one to bully Yi Yourong? If he is not here now, then we shall take his place! "

"Let's take care of the Zhao Family!"

"Stomp that old demoness to death!"

The Great Senior Brother replied loudly.

All of the Magic Captains also stepped forward, their eyes gleaming with light.

The Great Senior Brother said, "There is still one more day to prepare. We will make this world tremble for Long Fei, and this world will tremble for us!"



The Great Senior Brother turned into a ray of light and disappeared.

Sixteen Magic Captains s followed closely behind.

Xiao Die looked at the big size man from the thin monkey and said: "We know the Xuan Yue sect as well. If A Long is not here, no matter what price I have to pay, I will not let the sister Yi marry a eunuch."

And then …

The three of them quickly disappeared as well.

tang renjie looked at Transformers and Kai Linna.

Transformers said: "The boss is still alive, I can feel his existence. I am his war pet, I know it better than anyone."

tang renjie said with a bland smile, "No one thought that he was dead. He is still alive, but we do not know when he will come out."

"Shouldn't we prepare our sister-in-law before he comes out?"

"Bring it on!"

"Since the boss isn't here, we should be more domineering." tang renjie's gaze tensed up, he looked at Kai Linna who was in the sky and said: "Let's go!"


He jumped down from the high wall.

Transformers also jumped and followed.

Kai Linna was the same.

… ….

Duke Palace, where the Magic Captains was located.

In the yard.

Sixteen Magic Captains gathered around one Magic Captains, and sixteen different energies poured into his body, forming a small scale formation.

Power rumbled.

Less than half a minute.

The Magic Captains in the middle opened his eyes.

The sixteen streams of energy vanished.

The Great Senior Brother immediately walked forward and asked, "What did Master say?"

The special ability that the disciple in the middle possessed was the ability to move his soul, allowing him to return to Magic Tribe with his soul within a few seconds.

That was the report just now.

"Master didn't say anything. He told us to be careful."

"In addition!"

"Master said that he would come personally."

"Whoever bullies his disciple will die!"

The expression in seventeenth son of devil's eyes darkened slightly.

Although the Demon Emperor didn't blame them, but … The words he said should have meant everything. He was furious.


They knew very well in their hearts what the consequences would be if their master got angry.

I'm afraid... No one could stop it!

"Great Senior Brother, what do we do now?"

Everyone looked at the Great Senior Brother.

The Great Senior Brother replied, "Master is still not clear about our current strength. No matter what, we definitely cannot let the young junior's woman marry a eunuch."

"You mean to ruin the wedding?"

"I like it!"

"Let's just finish off the Zhao Family."

"Yes!" is to get rid of them. "

… ….

Everyone became excited.

The Great Senior Brother said: "Not only must we ruin the wedding, we must also crush all the so-called geniuses in the G.o.d's sect gathering. In the name of our little junior brother!"

"Crush them all!"

"From this moment onwards, each and every one of us is called Long Fei!"

Sixteen Magic Captains's eyes were filled with excitement. At this moment … Their ambitions were lofty, and their killing intent soared to the heavens!

In the name of Long Fei, he had done everything.

This was the only thing they could do right now.

"Not waiting for master?"

The Great Senior Brother said, "I can't wait anymore. If I wait for Master to arrive, I'm afraid the G.o.d's sect gathering's wedding will be over soon."

"If you want to use junior apprentice-brother's words, then do it!"

… ….

In another place.

"supreme G.o.d, are you sure you want to do this? Would he really have to sacrifice his dignity? In your eyes, is she really just a chess piece? " Yi Liuxian said solemnly.

His voice was a little shaky when he spoke.


There was a sword wound on his chest, and blood was still gus.h.i.+ng out.

The surroundings were a complete mess.

Clearly, there had just been a battle.

Xuan Ming master said coldly: "You have lost, so you still do not have the qualifications. As for me, as the Xuan Ming master, my words are my orders, everything."

"So what if I sacrificed her for the rise of the Ming Clan?"

Yi Liuxian replied: "She's your disciple."

Xuan Ming master said: "Even if she is my daughter, I will make the same decision."

Yi Liuxian smiled, looked at the old granny in front of him and said, "For the rise of the Ming Clan, you are saying this one thing at a time, but … Is that really the case? Aren't you doing it for yourself? "

As soon as he finished.

Xuan Ming master's eyes were blazing with fire, "Impudent!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2577

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