The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2579

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Chapter 2579 - I Hit Everyone


Land Banquet.

It was not beneath the capital, but in a huge building.

A sea of people.

Countless powerhouse that did not have the qualifications to enter the G.o.d's sect gathering had come here as well as the monstrous geniuses.

Fight for a spot!

G.o.d's sect gathering's invitation card.

All of the geniuses of the continent, including those who did not join any sect, or who did not have enough qualifications to join any sect, or who did not have enough power and influence in any sect, would all partic.i.p.ate in the Land Banquet to the best of their abilities.

As long as they could enter the G.o.d's sect gathering, their names would shake the world.

The big sects would offer them an olive branch, and even the royal family would ask them to stay.

This was a chance to rise to the heavens in a single step. Who could miss this chance?

"Hahaha... I am entering the next round! "

"There's definitely a place for laozi in the G.o.d's sect gathering at night."

"Dream on, you think you can enter the G.o.d's sect gathering with your little cat martial arts?"

"What is it? You want to have a fight with laozi? "

"Who's afraid of you? Don't let me meet you on the field, or else I'll beat you until you're crawling all over the ground."

"F * ck!"

"If you have the guts, come at me now!"

And then … The fight began again!

Many people in the surrounding area cheered loudly, all of them excitedly shouting. The scene was no different from the gamblers of the underground boxing ring.

At this moment.

A deep voice came out, "Luo Yongsheng!"

"Luo Yong?"

"That rogue cultivator genius with Divine level talent?"

"I heard that he went everywhere to challenge the geniuses of the various sects, and in a year's time, directly trampled over a hundred geniuses. He was even ranked in the top hundred of the Sky Sect of Ling Clan."

"I've also heard that many great sects have tried to invite him to join them, but he rejected them all."

"His goal is to do away with all the geniuses, and then obtain the invitation card from the G.o.d's sect gathering to enter the G.o.d's sect gathering, and then do away with all the geniuses."

"Amazing! I didn't expect him to partic.i.p.ate. Then I won't have a chance this year."

Everyone cast looks of disdain at him and said, "You're only in the Qi Refining stage. Let alone this year, I dare to look at it with contempt."

"F * ck!"

"Can you stop slapping your face? I was just joking. "

"Hahaha …"

… ….

Luo Yong was very strong.

At the very least, his odds were the lowest because he was the strongest!

It was said that he was rejected by a small sect when he was young, and from then on, he became extremely angry because of the opportunity to fuse with the holy vein, causing his cultivation to soar and become uncontrollable. From that time on, he no longer entered any sects or powerhouses, and he only relied on himself to create new power, but even so, the number of geniuses that were defeated by him in the past few years could be counted.

He was a fierce person!

The most popular candidate to be the champion of the Land Banquet.

"Next match, Lin Yu against Yang Tianqiang!"

"Who are these two?"

"I've never heard of it."

"He's probably just someone who wants to join in on the fun."

… ….

In the Land Banquet's secret room.

This was where the higher ups of the Land Banquet resided. It was also where the compet.i.tion was arranged.

Outside, at the corridor.

A youth not yet twenty years old stood at the door as he looked at the guard and said indifferently, "Go and report this to your boss. I have some matters to discuss with him."

"Brat, who do you think you are? Is boss someone you can meet as long as you want?" As the guard spoke, he pushed against the youth's shoulder.

It was just that …

It took a lot of effort, but he couldn't push the teenager away.


The guard was unhappy and shouted angrily, "You dare to push me back with your strength? "Trash, see if I don't cripple you …"

Not waiting for him to finish.

Long Fei moved his fist.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

His fist did not touch the guard, but the wind from his fist was like a tsunami, directly hitting his teeth out of his mouth.

In an instant, his mouth was covered in blood.

Long Fei did not even look at him, but looked at the other guard and said: "Can we go report it now?"

The guard's eyes narrowed as his body trembled slightly. He immediately said, "Yes, yes, yes. I will immediately go report it."

Walking into the hallway, he immediately shouted, "Brothers, it looks like someone is trying to wreck the scene."

"Hurry up and come out!"

"Someone's going to ruin the scene."


Both sides of the corridor were rooms. Upon hearing that someone was outside saying that they would destroy the place, suddenly … One by one, the doors of the room were pushed open, and a group of muscular men walked out.

In less than half a minute, the entire corridor was filled with people.

"That reckless b.a.s.t.a.r.d wants to destroy our Land Banquet?"

"I think he's tired of living."

"It must be a bunk next to the latrine. It's not far from death."

… ….

All of them wore the same black robe, and their muscles swelled to the point where they were about to burst. There were also some big guys, they were about two meters tall and even bigger than the big guy.

The youth stood at the entrance to the corridor.

The guard who had his teeth knocked out hurriedly ran into the corridor and stood in front of the crowd. He pointed at the youth and shouted, "That's him!"

Everyone's eyes turned sinister.

A savage gaze stared straight at the youth.

"You dog!"

"Come here and behave atrociously, you're courting death!"

"Cripple him!"

Everyone walked towards the young man.

The youth slightly raised his eyes and coldly said, "Get out of the way!"

The leader of the group suddenly exerted force, his ma.s.sive body suddenly bursting forth like a human bomb.

A cold light flashed in the corners of the youth's eyes.

The moment the big man charged over, the youth slightly lifted his right foot.


It was impossible to see how he was going to move at all. He could only hear a m.u.f.fled sound, and then … The burly man's body was hanging on the wall, his legs twitching in midair.

What happened?

No one saw it.

Those people were slightly stunned, but in the next second, they all rushed towards the youth, "Kill him!"

"Kill him!"

"Brat, your time of death has come!"

Savage to such an extent.

It was like a black tide was pouncing over.

The young man put his hands in his pockets, casually walking while occasionally waving his feet. "Bang, bang, bang …" A m.u.f.fled sound.


The walls on both sides of the corridor were full of people.

His entire body was buried in it, with his head or legs exposed. He looked like a dead dog.

From beginning to end, the youth didn't stop.

Until only the guard in front, who had his teeth knocked out and was hiding in a corner with his head in his hands, was s.h.i.+vering, "Don't kill me, don't kill me. I don't dare anymore, I won't dare anymore."

The youth said coldly, "Go inform them!"



"I'll report it immediately."

The guard scrambled out of the room and hurriedly said, "Elder, elder, someone wants to see you."

The door to the secret room opened. An elder looked at the guard for a moment before replying, "What is it? If there is nothing important, I will not forgive you …"

Before he could finish his words.

Looking at the people hanging on the walls of the corridor, his scalp tingled with numbness.

At this moment.

A gust of wind a.s.saulted him as a youth stood in front of him and coldly said, "Arrange for me to hit everyone!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2579

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