The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2586

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Chapter 2586 - Kneeling

The blood essence was drawn, and the Nantian Monument was used as the array core.

With a thought.

The Nantian Monument rose, and also smashed down in an instant.

It directly flew towards Xu Tianfu's head.

With the sudden change, Xu Tianfu squinted his eyes slightly as he looked at the stone which was flying towards him. The corner of his mouth slightly curled up as he sneered.

And then …

He pulled Gui Qingshan, who was standing on the ground, up and sneered: "Did you see that? This is your tombstone, don't worry, I will carve some words for you on it."

"What should I engrave?"

"His wife is being toyed with, his daughter is being toyed with, he has spent his entire life hiding in the dog hole, he is just a piece of trash, what do you think?"

Gui Qingshan growled, and immediately said to Long Fei: "Don't worry about me, kill him, kill him, kill him, ahhh …"

Insanity and insanity.

If there was a ten percent chance of success, Gui Qingshan would risk his life to kill Xu Tianfu. His cultivation was not a match for Xu Tianfu at all. After sixteen years, Xu Tianfu was already a high levelled powerhouse of the Zhen Wu realm.

He couldn't kill her.

He hoped that Long Fei could kill him, even if it cost him his life.

"Long Fei!"

"Don't worry about me. Kill him, kill him!"

Gui Qingshan shouted.

However, Xu Tianfu said with a complacent smile: "Brat, kill me! Let's see if he will die first, or if I will die first and kill the person who took care of you.

At this moment.

Long Fei frowned.

Also at that moment, the Nantian Monument suddenly stopped in mid air.

Xu Tianfu became even more proud and said: "Now that's obedient, hahaha …"

He was secretly delighted in his heart.

Gui Qingshan was his weakness, no matter how strong he was, he wasn't afraid of him being stronger than the Great Emperor of the Genuine Force.

His right hand moved.

He immediately grabbed Gui Qingshan's throat, stared at Long Fei and bellowed: "Brat, kneel down!"

Gui Qingshan shook his head.

At the same time.

The power of sixteen Zhen Wu realm s gathered and once again struck towards Long Fei's head. Thunder roared in mid air and the surrounding s.p.a.ce was warped.

"He's dead for sure!"

"This kid is dead for sure!"

"I didn't expect him to be the remnants of the previous dynasty."

"Is he the descendant of the wei family?"

"What a pity!"

"In front of the team, he's still too weak."

"That's right!"

"From then on, there is no one in wei family anymore."

… ….

All sorts of discussions broke out in the surroundings.

Seeing Long Fei standing there in a daze, they thought that he would die the next second.

However …

They simply didn't understand Long Fei and didn't know what he was waiting for.

Xu Tianfu's expression turned sinister, and he became even more pleased with himself, "You dog, I made you kneel down, did you not hear me? "If you don't kneel down, I'll wrench off his head!"



With a deep voice, the thunder in the air became more and more intense.

At this moment.

A system announcement rang out in Long Fei's mind.


"Target locked!"

Long Fei's eyes flashed with a glimmer, and she coldly asked: "Who do you think you are? Can you f * * king bear kneeling down? "

The aura on his body underwent a sudden change.

His eyes changed drastically as well.

Xu Tianfu's mind trembled slightly. He had a bad premonition, but... He believed that Long Fei would not do anything to him, because he still had Gui Qingshan's card.

A Nantian Monument's attack could kill Gui Qingshan but Gui Qingshan would definitely kill him.

Xu Tianfu disdainfully said: "You dog, I think you won't die even if you don't kneel in front of Huang Quan, right? Then let's just watch as this general from the previous dynasty dies. "

Exerting force with two fingers.

Xu Tianfu's aura exploded.

At the same time.

The attacks of the sixteen Zhen Wu realm Bodyguard s also descended.

Long Fei didn't even look at him and only coldly replied, "The one who died is you, it's just that you still don't know it."


The Nantian Monument descended.

Xu Tianfu laughed sinisterly: Kill him first.

He suddenly raised Gui Qingshan up into the air.

Gui Qingshan looked at Long Fei with eyes full of grat.i.tude, and muttered: "Brat, I thank you!"

"Yue Er, I'm here!"

He closed his eyes.

In this sort of situation, he was dead for sure.

If he could perish together with Xu Tianfu, his life would be more than enough.


After pausing for half a quarter of an hour, the Nantian Monument did not land on his body. He could not feel the slightest bit of pain, and as he slightly opened his eyes, he discovered that there were no traces of the Nantian Monument.

Xu Tianfu was also stunned.

"Hahaha …"

"Are you trying to scare me?"

"Didn't I say it before? You wouldn't be able to use its power even if a trash treasure like you fell into your hands … "Hahaha..." Xu Tianfu laughed wildly.


At this moment!

His body suddenly sank.

An unbearable power caused him to instantly kneel on the ground.


The ground cracked, the kneecap shattered, and dark red blood flowed out.

Xu Tianfu's face instantly turned incomparably pale, and his throat started to roll.

He spat out a mouthful of black blood.

His pupils constricted and his entire body trembled uncontrollably, "What is this? What's in my body? "

Kneel down in front of so many people.

He knelt in front of Long Fei.

He was kneeling as straight as a tombstone.

The key was …

Xu Tianfu couldn't get up at all.

At this time, the power and pressure of the ninth stage of the Genuine Force on Long Fei's body erupted, the power of the Nantian Monument formation eye also erupted, the idea sank, "Break for me!"




His strength soared to the heavens, directly sending the sixteen incoming Zhen Wu realm powerhouse s flying out.

"Bang, bang, bang …"

One by one, they were sent flying into the air and at the same time, landed straight on their knees. The ground cracked and the kneecap shattered.

They were all the same.

Sixteen Zhen Wu realm s were inserted into the ground like sixteen tombstones.

This scene …

Shocked to the point of exploding on the surface.

The surrounding people were all dumbfounded.

When Yi Liuxian saw this, his blood boiled, his eyes shone with excitement as he said: "Good boy, awesome!"

He couldn't help it.

He was shocked.

Breaking through the formation with a single move and crus.h.i.+ng the opponent with a single blow; this sort of power was simply too great.

"How did you do it?"

"Too awesome!"

"Oh my G.o.d, what did I just see?"

"These Bodyguard did not even kneel before the Emperor. To think that all of them would kneel on the ground today, hahaha... "Too powerful."

"Is there anyone more eye-catching than him?"

"It seems like the previous a.s.sembly is going to turn over."

"Turn over? The real powerhouse is a core member of the Zhao Family. Furthermore, with the Zhao Family's Grand Ancestor present, even if the Wei Guo Immortal was here back then, it would be useless. "

… ….

Long Fei slowly walked towards Xu Tianfu, and coldly laughed: "Does kneeling feels good?"

"I guess it must be very satisfying, right?"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2586

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