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Chapter 2592 - Face-smacking sect of infinitas

great hall began to enter the stage.

"Guo Tribe, Xuan Yue sect!"

An old eunuch shouted out loudly. Yi Yourong led the way and leisurely walked into the hall.

Behind her followed Xiao Die, thin monkey, the big size man and a few Xuan Yue sect disciples.


She appeared not long ago and her expression was even colder than yesterday. It was as if she had seen a stranger when she saw Xiao Die, and she did not say a single word.

No matter what Xiao Die and the others said, Yi Yourong did not reply to them.

No one knew what she had been through since last night.

Yi Yourong walked into the palace.

Xiao Die looked at thin monkey and the big size man and asked, "What should we do?"

"Let's talk inside!"

"Our main goal is to protect Big Sister's safety."

The Xuan Yue sect disciples were the first to enter the great hall, causing the surrounding people to laugh coldly.

"Guo Tribe?"

"What a joke, all these trash are worthy of being a Guo Tribe?"

"Why don't you take a p.i.s.s and see what you look like, they actually dared to be the first to enter the Sky Harmony Palace."

"Xuan Yue sect's grades are always the lowest, and this year will definitely not be an exception. This group of trash will not be ashamed, what Guo Tribe? I think it should be the bottom in the entire sect."

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

Many people in the crowd burst out in laughter.

thin monkey frowned, feeling very unhappy.

Xiao Die said in a low voice: "We are not here to compete, we are here to save people, do not be rash and cause a ruckus."

"Humph!" thin monkey snorted, "d.a.m.n it, I will kill them one by one later!"

"sect of infinitas, enter!"

As soon as he finished.

Everyone quieted down.

tong shen took the lead, and their gazes all intersected with each other on his body.

Nineteen years old, Da Xia Peak Realm.

holy vein, Divine level talent. It could be said that it was a dragon amongst men, an existence without a single one in a million.

The most monstrous genius of sect of infinitas.

tong shen had a smile on his face. Every time he reached a place, he would become the center of this place, and the palace was no exception.


After waiting for more than ten years, today he would let the entire continent know his name.

tong shen walked into the Supreme Harmony Hall and sat down.

It just happened to be opposite of Xuan Yue sect.


"The Zhou family representative enters!"

The leader was a disciple of the Zhou family, and also a general of the Zhous army.

However …

In the hearts of the Zhou family members, he was like a sharp cold blade that could only be used in critical moments.

"Magic Tribe representative enters."

Chief Captain walked in.

The sixteen Magic Captains s behind him followed him, their faces expressionless.

He only needed ten seconds to enter the great hall, he did not even have time for everyone to discuss.

Chief Captain looked at Xiao Die.

Xiao Die glanced at the Yi Yourong who was sitting like a log, then gently shook his head at Chief Captain.

Chief Captain looked at Yi Yourong.

One of the Magic Captains s beside him said, "Great Senior Brother, she seems to have been restricted by some kind of power. I can feel the movement of the power in her body."

"Isn't today G.o.d's sect gathering and her wedding banquet? Why was there someone locking down her source spirit? Are you afraid that she will cause trouble? "

Chief Captain said in a low voice: "It should be that old demoness who didn't want her to ruin this wedding, no need to think about it, it must be her master."

"F * ck!"

"Isn't this too much?"

"He actually treats his own disciple this way."

"I can't stand it!"

"That's right, Great Senior Brother, there's no need to wait, just do it!"

Chief Captain's expression sank, and said: "Don't be rash, calm down."

"Don't worry!"

"Zhao Haotian still hasn't come out. Our goal is to kill Zhao Haotian, then break into the G.o.d's sect gathering and take care of the Zhao Family."

They had come this time to take everything back for Long Fei.

Not only did he have to save them, he also had to take care of the Zhao Family.

Otherwise, even if they managed to save him, it would be useless because the Zhao Family would definitely not let them go.

The eyes of the numerous Magic Captains became sinister.

A sect of infinitas disciple at the side disdainfully said, "A group of barbarians!"

A Magic Captains who was already on fire immediately stood up. With his eyes opened wide, he shouted, "You f * cking have the guts to say that again!"

That disciple was not afraid of trouble and said with a sneer, "So what if I say one more word about you barbarians?"

Not waiting for him to finish.

The figure of the Magic Captains moved, instantly landing in front of the sect of infinitas disciple and fiercely slapped him in front of everyone.


A resounding slap across the face.

The disciple was slapped until he was lying on the ground. His head hit the floor and the floor cracked. His entire body bounced up. Blood was flowing out from his nose, eyes and ears.

After being bounced up, it was even more shaky. It was unable to stand steadily, and was unable to distinguish its east, south, and west.

Furthermore, he couldn't say a single word.

Magic Captains's gaze swept across them, "Who the h.e.l.l dares to say that again!?"

The twenty odd disciples of sect of infinitas were stunned and no one dared to make a sound, because the aura being emitted from the body of the Magic Captains was too dense, and all of them were suppressed.

tong shen's expression was extremely ugly.


He could not say a word.

Acting cool?

I'll kill you with a single slap!

The Chief Captain said lightly: "Ninth Junior Brother, come back."


Ninth Junior Brother coldly snorted, stared at Tong Shen and said: "Take care of this group of sc.u.m, if you dare provoke my Magic Tribe again, I will make them kneel down and call our ancestors!"

It was very domineering.

tong shen's teeth chattered loudly, but … Until Magic Captains left, he was still unable to say a single word. He fiercely swept his gaze over his Junior Brother behind him.

All of them lowered their heads.

sect of infinitas had always been arrogant and despotic, he thought that this old man was the best in the world!


This time the situation was a little different.

Having been slapped in the face by Magic Tribe, and in front of so many people at that.

The anger in tong shen's heart raged, but he did not dare erupt, because the cultivation level of the Magic Captains was stronger than his. He was still unable to withstand the aura of the Zhen Wu realm.

However …

He was not worried, because G.o.d's sect gathering was not only competing in terms of fighting strength, but in all aspects.

The Zhen Wu realm was indeed strong.

However …

If he wanted to get first place, just relying on force was not enough!

This was a contest in all aspects.

Martial arts duels were only one of them.

The entire Sky Harmony Hall was already filled.

However, there were still many people outside the hall.

Many of these people were n.o.bles of the Royal Capital, but they couldn't reach the qualifications to enter the palace. In addition, there were also some people who were specially invited. They could only watch from the sidelines.

Of course.

You can also partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion, but... Compared to the powerhouse in the Great Hall, the people outside the Great Hall were on completely different levels.

At this moment.

The old eunuch with the duck's voice lightly said, "The emperor has arrived."

Aside from the people in the main hall, everyone outside the hall knelt down in unison to greet him. However … The one walking in front was not the emperor but the crown prince, Zhao Haotian.

This scene shocked everyone.

The moment Zhao Haotian stepped into the great hall, he immediately looked at Yi Yourong, and revealed a perverted lewd smile, "Zhao Guo's number one beauty is indeed not for show."

"Hahaha …"

"I like it!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2592

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