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Chapter 2608 - Sweeping the Way

I'm looking forward to it.

sky envoy really wanted to know all of Long Fei's strength.

At this moment.

He suppressed his desire.

The power of the ancient inheritance caused everyone to look up, but … Once they stepped in, if they did not have enough power, they would be surrounded and killed by the powerhouse of G.o.d's tribe.

He wanted to obtain the power of the ancient inheritance on Long Fei's body, but he had to recognize the reality.

Desire and greed were suppressed.

Long Fei's heart also slightly relaxed, "Just a bit more!"

The sky envoy was a big BOSS, there was no doubt about this. Long Fei had to constantly pay attention to the changes in his name. Or he could directly make the first move and gain the upper hand.

In that instant.

When Long Fei tested the bottom line of the sky envoy, his name suddenly changed from white to yellow. If the yellow name was angered again, it would quickly change to red and he would actively attack!

This was all thanks to the many games he had played in his previous life. With his current experience, Long Fei was able to control it.


sky envoy's name returned to white a few seconds later.

Long Fei didn't know what sky envoy was thinking.


sky envoy did not know that Long Fei could see through his every move.

"The rest of the compet.i.tion will be carried out by the three of you."


"Show me your full strength!" sky envoy stared at Long Fei and said, with a 'Kid, I think you have a good expression'.

Zhao Haotian said: "Understood!"

His heart was also tight at the same time, "Alchemy and artifact forging are all G.o.dly techniques, that formation … Beast Master... It must be the same in every way. "

"Seems like he's stronger than I thought."


"No matter how good the cultivation of these Auxiliary Method is, it's useless. The one controlling this world is the powerhouse of the martial arts training, not the Alchemy Master, and even more so not the Master Refiner."

No matter how strong the supporting skills were, they were only there to serve the powerhouse.

No powerhouse of the Auxiliary Method could stand at the peak of the world.

In the end, it was still a gift for the powerhouse.

The final battle arena was still a martial arena!

Zhao Haotian quickly sorted out all of these, and the corner of his mouth slightly hooked up as he thought to himself: "Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, fighting arena, just you wait!"

"Heh heh …"

Zhao Haotian understood all of these, and at the same time, the same was also true for the Xuan Ming master, "As long as we inscribe the formation, the demon beast … All of these compet.i.tions have reached the Divine Ranking, so the one who will be the victor will be the fighting arena. "

"In the end, the Zhen Wu realm is still only a Zhen Wu realm. It's impossible for him to win against me."

"Hahaha …"

Yi Yourong said: "Master, why aren't you awake yet? In the past, you looked down upon Long Fei, saying that he had no Inherent Skill and no blood vein s. But if even the sky envoy had taken a liking to him, why don't you understand? Could it be that you have a better eye than sky envoy? "

"Furthermore, his Alchemy has crushed you."

"Refining is also able to crush you. Don't tell me that he didn't step on you?"

"Or do you think that your own Alchemy and artifact forging are on the same level as his? If that's the case, don't you think you're ridiculous? "

"How dare you!" Xuan Ming master heavily shouted with disdain, "Alchemy, so what if your artifact forging is powerful? What could he decide? He can't decide anything, he can't even decide his own fate, and in the end, he's still being dictated by the sky envoy.


"In the fighting arena, I can kill him in one move!"

Xuan Ming master said coldly: "In this world, only martial arts can decide everything!"


They all had their own ulterior motives.

"Let the compet.i.tion begin!" The sky envoy said indifferently.

Ten seconds later.

Long Fei finished forming the array and stood quietly at the side.

The formation was set up in the great hall.

"It was as fast as lightning."

The sky envoy stared at Long Fei as his heart tightened, "The power of another ancient martial arts, this is truly too exciting."

… ….

"All of these are divine grade formations, draw!"

"Next match!"

"Beast Master Compet.i.tion!"

… ….

In ten seconds, Long Fei had easily tamed a super ferocious beast, and obediently squatted beside him.

Even the sky envoy wanted to laugh out loud, "Hahaha … Yet another ancient martial arts! "


"This brat …" If it was truly omnipotent, then what exactly was the ancient power that he inherited? No one can cultivate so many ancient martial arts s in one go. "

"No matter what ancient inheritance it is, it must be a very powerful force." sky envoy was getting more and more excited, and he was unable to suppress the greed in his heart anymore.

I want it too much!

"The ancient inheritance in his body has yet to awaken. This way, it will be much easier for me to fuse it …" The sky envoy's palms started to sweat, his eyes started to flicker, and his eyes started to s.h.i.+ne.

"What are you doing?"

"A burst of white, a burst of yellow, what exactly is he thinking in his heart? What was he trying to do? Long Fei stared at sky envoy.

The look in his eyes kept changing.

It must be a change in his heart.

However …

Long Fei felt that the look in sky envoy's eyes was turning more and more strange.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

"Puppet creation completed!"

"Divine grade!"

Zhao Haotian was panting a little. From the very beginning, he was unable to support the beasts, it was not because his strength was lacking, but because he did not have enough mastery over the auxiliary skills.

It had taken him over half an hour to create a puppet.

Yi Yourong also shouted out slightly, "Finished!"

She too.

The support skill had already reached its limit.


Long Fei only used ten seconds each time, giving them a huge pressure.

Each time, the items refined would be much stronger than the ones refined by them.

Alchemy, artifact forging, formation, beast taming … Every single one of them was being completely crushed, if not for the fact that sky envoy had done it on purpose, this G.o.d's sect gathering would have ended long ago.

They had no chance at all to enter the final battle.

Just like what Long Fei had said at the start, he would step on them!

Zhao Haotian's heart was engulfed in a ball of fire.

He felt extremely displeased.


The same was true for the Xuan Ming master in Yi Yourong's body.

The two of them were constantly being suppressed by Long Fei, the anger in their hearts was getting stronger and stronger, waiting for fighting arena to release all of his anger!

"Divine level!"

"All of them are at the Divine level!"

"Hahaha …"

sky envoy smiled faintly, and said: "They are all Divine Rank, and once again it is a tie. It seems like all of you are going to enter the final round."

"So beautiful!"

"It's like a feast, carefree and carefree!"

The people of ten families, Zhou family, and sect of infinitas also felt the same way.

Deity level battles.

It was too exciting.

However, they all knew that this was sky envoy deliberately releasing the pressure, otherwise, Long Fei would have already won.

Now, let's drag it to the final match.

This way, Long Fei's advantage would be gone.

The corner of Zhao Haotian's mouth raised, and he looked at Long Fei coldly: "Brat, we're going to fight, are you starting to tremble?"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2608

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