The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2628

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Chapter 2628 - Releasing the Most Powerful Power

"Are you admitting defeat while kneeling, or is your woman dead?"

Xuan Ming master was extremely pleased with himself.

This match was a definite victory for her.


No matter what choice Long Fei made, she would always be the winner.

Based on her understanding of Long Fei, he would kneel before her in admitting defeat!

All of these efforts were for Yi Yourong!

Xuan Ming master had completely taken care of Long Fei, and was extremely pleased with himself, as if he had already seen himself entering Universal Realm with sky envoy and become a descendant of G.o.d's tribe.

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

Xuan Ming master laughed out loud.

Long Fei was very angry in his heart. If he could not vent his anger by dismembering the old granny into thousands of pieces, he would definitely want to transfer over a few million Alien s over and then 'go over' her, one by one!

The rage raged.

Long Fei stared at Yi Yourong, and said: "Is this really going to happen?"

Xuan Ming master sneered: "Must be this way. Either kneel down and admit defeat, or I'll kill Yi Yourong, hahaha … Trash, do you have a choice? "

"You have no choice!"

"Yi Yourong's life is in my hands, and he's your fatal weakness. If you want her to live, then you must listen to me."

"Kneel now!"

A loud sound was heard.

Long Fei's eyes tensed up, his fists clenched tightly.

Originally, the Black Dragon's' death 'had been filled with a ball of fire in his heart, but now … The anger in his heart was overflowing, he was already on the verge of losing his mind.

I really want to give Xuan Ming master a slap on the face so hard that even her mother can't recognize him.

The sky envoy also slightly urged them: "Hurry up and start, don't make me so impatient, otherwise, all of you will die inside the Boundary."

"That's right!"

"Hurry up and start!"

"Why are you still looking at each other?"

"Should we fight?"

"If you don't hit me, then I'm going home."

… ….

The surrounding people also began to urge him.

Xuan Ming master shouted loudly, "Trash, kneel down!"

She was afraid that the sky envoy would be unhappy.

She was even more afraid of sky envoy activating the Devouring Power within the array once again. If not for all of the Devouring Power being blocked by the Black Dragon earlier, she wouldn't have been able to withstand it.

Long Fei did not move.

At this time, he had to remain calm.

If he were to make a move, the moment he does... The one who was injured was Yi Yourong, it couldn't even hurt the old granny.

This made him very pa.s.sive.

He didn't know what to do.

Xuan Ming master shouted once again, "I'll make you kneel down, if you don't kneel down now, I'll make your beloved woman suffer some injuries, hahaha …"

At the same time.

She also said to Yi Yourong: "You Rong, it seems like he doesn't really love you that much. If he really likes you, without waiting for you to say anything, he will immediately kneel down and admit defeat."

"A man like that doesn't know you're going to love him!"

"Of course."

"The moment he kneels down and admits defeat, I will directly behead him."

"Hahaha …"

Xuan Ming master laughed out loud.

Yi Yourong did not speak. She was using more strength than ever … The Gifted Soul of Underworld's power was constantly struggling, and at this time … The wound in her abdomen split open.

Poisonous blood gushed out.

Xuan Ming master's eyes were filled with anger, "You still want to resist?"

"You, a little nether phoenix, dare to resist?"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The power of the Xuan Ming master suddenly exploded.

Yi Yourong's body suddenly sank, "Pfft …"

A mouthful of blood sprayed out.

He revealed a pained expression.

Xuan Ming master immediately shouted, "Kid, did you see that? If I want her to live, she will live. If I want her to die, she will die immediately. "



She was losing patience, too.


The Xuan Ming master was also on fire.

She wanted to crush Long Fei, wanted Long Fei to kneel in front of her, and wanted to ruthlessly torture him.

Her heart was almost abnormal.

Long Fei looked at the pale-faced Yi Yourong and then saw the black blood that was seeping out of his abdomen.

His joints cracked!

He clenched his teeth and died!

Xuan Ming master felt the rage on Long Fei's body surge up, and immediately sneered: "If you dare make a move, I guarantee that she will die immediately."

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d."

"Kneel before me now..."

Without waiting for Xuan Ming master to finish speaking, Long Fei suddenly roared out, "Kneel before your ancestors!"

"F * ck!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Long Fei's figure suddenly disappeared.

It instantly appeared in front of Yi Yourong.

Xuan Ming master's eyes tensed up. She did not expect Long Fei to suddenly attack, if it was her own Real Face she would be able to react in an instant.

After all, it was Yi Yourong's body.


The Gifted Soul of Underworld in Yi Yourong's body continued to resist.

His reaction was delayed by half a second.

This half second was incredibly fatal.

Long Fei appeared in front of Yi Yourong, and the idea moved, "Second-level Ghost King!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

A ghastly and terrifying power struck out.

The Ghost Emperor was summoned.

A dense h.e.l.lish aura was instantly released, occupying the entire Boundary.

"Parasitic Spell, open!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Long Fei's body moved.

It was not the idea merging into the Ghost Emperor's body, but into his body!

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Half human, half ghost!

Half was Long Fei himself, the other half was the Ghost Emperor.

His appearance was incomparably savage and savage.

The two forces perfectly merged together.

At this moment.

Long Fei's power had already reached the realm of the True Martial Emperor.


Even so... Before it was even over, Long Fei roared again, "Arrogant G.o.d Energy Value, explode!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

A hundred Arrogant G.o.d Energy Value would then be superimposed onto it.

An incomparably arrogant strength exploded forth.

At the first level, the power released by Arrogant G.o.d Energy Value was not strong, because the power of the basics were too weak. Now that Long Fei was using the Zhen Wu realm, if the power of his Arrogant G.o.d Energy Value exploded again, that would be too overbearing.


His body was burning with intense flames.

Strength flames.

It was incomparably savage.

And in this instant, it could be said that Long Fei had brought out his own strength to the peak of his realm.

Xuan Ming master reacted and said with a heavy voice, "Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what are you trying to do? Don't you want her to die? Do you want to see her dead? "

"And …"

"With your strength, what can you do?"

Even so.

It was only the power of the Emperor Zhen Wu.

It was only around the same as the power of the Xuan Ming master!

What could he do?

Most importantly, Xuan Ming master still had a trump card that could restrain Long Fei, Yi Yourong's fleshly body!

Long Fei was completely pa.s.sive.

Even if he could crush her, it would be useless.

The one who died was Yi Yourong, just like how only Zhao Haotian's flesh body died, Zhao Chongshan did not die!

What can it change?

Nothing can change.

At this moment.

The thick energy crazily released, directly forming a powerful pressure!


As the pressure fell, it directly crushed Yi Yourong.

Xuan Ming master was startled, "Pressure crush? What can you do? Kill her? Killed the woman you loved? "Kill, kill, kill, kill."

Long Fei ignored him.

Breaking open Yi Yourong's mouth, he gently said: "Close your eyes, it's going to be okay, it'll be okay in a moment!"

He took out the refined elixir and put it into Yi Yourong's mouth.

The elixir had fused.

In the next second, Long Fei's eyes turned sinister, like a ghost or G.o.d, "What can you do?"

"You'll know soon!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2628

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