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Chapter 59 Her lipstick print


Liangcheng Lu looked at her, with a faint smile on his face. Then, he pointed the place in front of him quietly after drinking his milk.

‘Sit down.'

Sangyu Qin had no guts to disobey him. She plopped down and looked at him earnestly, with her att.i.tude of being at his disposal.

‘Do you know what you have done last night?'

Hearing Liangcheng Lu's voice come through, Sangyu Qin thought that the only thing she did was sleeping with him. Then, she replied tamely.

‘Yes, yes.'

‘So what would you like to do now?'

Liangcheng lowered his head and put the gla.s.s on the table, with the corner of his mouth hanged up. Then, he looked at Sangyu Qin with great interest.

Sangyu Qin showed a more submissive posture. What could she do? She didn't have money or power. Thus, Liangcheng Lu's the one who's meant to suffer the losses. Then, she answered with a fake smile.

‘I can't not sleep with you for free, right? Maybe I could be your servant next life, to pay you back?' 

Yu Mo who stood behind her twitched the corner of his mouth. That's exactly the meaning of sleeping with Boss Liangcheng Lu for free.

Liangcheng Lu curled the corner of his lips, with darkness in his eyes.

‘I don't need your next life. From now on, you'll be my servant to pay me back!'

He stood up and intended to go the company after saying this.

Sangyu Qin reached her hand and pinched his s.h.i.+rt. Even if she had to pay her debt, there must be a deadline. How much was it to sleep with this guy?

‘Liangcheng Lu, how much is it for one night? You have to let me have a number in my mind.'

Liangcheng Lu snorted and looked at her lightly.

‘You can search on the Internet about that.'

On these words, he left, leaving Sangyu Qin alone and being upset.

Sangyu Qin didn't dare to stay in the same car with Liangcheng Lu. Instead, she wished to get far away from him. So, she moved slowly until Liangcheng Lu's car was completely gone. After that, she got on the car that was parked outside.

‘Miss Qin, are you going to the company?'

The driver asked and Sangyu Qin nodded. She had to go to work today. Where else could she be?

She took out her phone as talking with the driver. Then, she remembered what Liangcheng Lu had said and opened the website to search on it.

- How much does it cost to sleep with Liangcheng Lu for once?

However, those women's responses made her disappointed.

‘I'll die for sleeping with Mr. Lu.'

‘It's priceless. If I can touch his face, I will never wash my hands all my life!

Those women on the forum rendered their answers. Sangyu Qin rolled her eyes. She found those women so unpromising. According to their answers, she might have to serve as Liangcheng Lu's servant forever.


She sighed and watched the car heading to Tiancheng Corporation, feeling hopeless about her life.

When she arrived, she went to the top office without haste and sat on her chair just before the deadline arrived.

The internal phone rang again. It's still Liangcheng Lu's voice on the other side. He asked a cup of coffee as always.

Sangyu Qin served the coffee and haltered on the spot for a long time. Then, she opened the door of Liangcheng Lu's office and slipped inside.

‘Mr. Lu, here's your coffee.'

Without raising his head, Liangcheng Lu drank a sip of the coffee and frowned.

‘It's cold.'

Sangyu Qin made a new one obediently right away.

‘It's hot.'

Sangyu Qin sniffed fiercely. She finally realized that Liangcheng Lu was teasing her deliberately. Then, she clenched her teeth and sat in front of him.

‘Let's have a talk, OK?'


Liangcheng Lu leaned his back on the back of the chair and said slowly, as if he was waiting for Sangyu Qin to say that.

‘Last night was my fault indeed, but you can't hold on to this and make trouble for me in the company, right? Liangcheng Lu, since you have slept with so many women, why do you have to be critical with me?'

Liangcheng Lu raised his eyebrows. He really didn't when he had slept with so many women.

‘Get out.'

He spitted those two words coldly and continued to review the doc.u.ments in his hands, which seemed that he left no s.p.a.ce for discussion.

Sangyu Qin heard a few women gossiping, when she getting out of the office.

‘Is she trying to seduce the boss? She has sent four or five cups of coffee just in one hour.'

‘I think so. She's probably having that wishful thinking of being the Cinderella.'

 ‘She?! Cinderella, as poor as she is, belongs to the n.o.ble family. Qin Family pales into insignificance in City G!'

Those women were talking loudly deliberately. Thus, Sangyu Qin was able to hear them, with her ears strained.

She couldn't deny that those women were telling the truth. Every girl in this world has a dream of becoming Cinderella. However, no matter how much Cinderella was mistreated at home, she comes from a n.o.ble family. So, she never had a fantasy on Liangcheng Lu. At least by doing this, she would not be disappointed afterwards.

Sangyu Qin stared at the doc.u.ments with care. Though Liangcheng Lu kept calling, she didn't bring any coffee to him. The telephone ring finally quieted down.

She sat on her seat in a daze until she's off duty. Then, she felt a shadow falling over in front of her. She raised her head and saw Jiaoyang Su's charming smile.

‘Is Liangcheng here?'

Sangyu Qin nodded instinctively. Her eyes blinked, when she saw Jiaoyang Su walking toward the office.

Though Liangcheng Lu didn't love her, she's his wife nominally. It didn't seem quite appropriate that Jiaoyang Su looked for Liangcheng Lu openly like that.

She stood up from her seat. Remembering that the two people had hugged together last time in the KTV, she felt that they must have an affair with each other. Thus, she held the coffee which was already cold off without any hesitation and entered Liangcheng Lu's office.

‘Here's the coffee you have asked.'

She put a cup of cold coffee in front of Liangcheng Lu and said sourly.

Liangcheng Lu looked down at the lipstick print on the cup, with the corner of his eyes shaking a bit. Now, he reduced himself into a situation of drinking the rest of others' coffee?

He looked up at Sangyu Qin and found the color of the lipstick matching the one on her lips. So, he didn't care too much. He held the coffee up and took a sip. Then, he put it away slightly.

However, Jiaoyang Su who had seen all of this couldn't stay calm anymore. She also saw the lipstick print. Obviously, the cup of coffee had been drunk by Sangyu Qin. However, Liangcheng Lu drunk it. She knew clearly that Liangcheng Lu was squeamish about those things.  

‘Grandpa's waiting outside. Your grandpa has been there too. Liangcheng Lu, Grandpa asked when you would set out?'

It turned out that Liangcheng Lu was about to go to Su's house tonight. Sangyu Qin collected the information in her brain.

Liangcheng Lu turned his head and took a look at Sangyu Qin. Now's not the working hours. She didn't need to wait for him.

‘You can go home first. Eat properly. I won't be back for dinner tonight.'

Jiaoyang Su saw Liangcheng Lu's doting gesture, with a trace of darkness flas.h.i.+ng in her eyes. She,holding the purse tighter, gave out a bright smile.

‘Come on. It's just a meal in Su's house. Why do you two make it like a part for ever? If Miss Qin's worried about it, you can come with us.'

Go to Su's house? Sangyu Qin guessed that the idea of letting Jiaoyang Su invite Liangcheng Lu in person might come from Liangcheng Lu's grandpa. If she followed them, there would really be a drama.

Sangyu Qin compressed her lips sensitively. Since Liangcheng Lu's grandpa disliked her, she'd better behave herself.

‘You guys can go. I won't bother you.'

Liangcheng Lu felt that those words were sour. Then, he drank that cup of coffee again, with a trace of indulgence flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes.

Only until then did Sangyu Qin see the lipstick print on the cup. With her face flus.h.i.+ng all of a sudden, she didn't even dare to have an eye contact with Liangcheng Lu.

‘I'll let Yu Mo drive your home first.

On these words, Liangcheng Lu took his coat on his arms. Sangyu Qin followed him silently.

They seemed have forgotten about Jiaoyang Su totally.

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