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Both Chen Xiang and Xiao Xianglin had not thought that it would be so easy, and were still a little unconvinced. But this was given to them by the Tao-creation Divine Lord, so there shouldn't be any problems.

"Thank you, senior." Xiao Xianglin was very grateful. This way, Little White Fox could leave the Tao-creation Ancient Place.

"Jiuyang, Gu Tong! You guys stay here for the time being, I need to go somewhere and find helpers, otherwise when we enter the Tao-creation Ancient Place, we won't be able to beat them. " Tao-creation Divine Lord said: "Right now, we do not need to work hard to enter the Seven Mountains Divine Island, everyone can rest for the time being."

"Yes, Big Brother!" Gu Tong replied.

Tao-creation Divine Lord looked at the cave in the distance and sighed. Then, he suddenly disappeared, leaving behind a trace of faint time and s.p.a.ce aura.

"I'll take you guys to find Shuang'er and the others." Luo Jiuyang said.

Xiao Xianglin had originally planned to ask about the Doppelgänger mantra, but he didn't think that Tao-creation Divine Lord would leave so quickly.

When Chen Xiang saw Qin Shuang, Peng profoundfei, and the others, Long Xueyi learned that Xiao Xianglin had accepted a Nine-tailed Fox as his disciple and was really looking forward to see Little White Fox. She felt that she would have another playmate in the future.

Qin Shuang and the others entered the You Yao Mountain Villa, they wanted to learn the Tao-creation's Incantation from Xiao Xianglin.

"Let's go to Tao-creation Ancient Place first." Chen Xiang said: "After pa.s.sing through that rock, we will be able to reach a forest, and that forest is still very safe."

Gu Tong said: "Let's go in, Second Brother is waiting outside."

"Alright!" Luo Jiuyang said.

Gu Tong opened the incantation on the huge boulder, walked in with Song Longprofound and Chen Xiang, and arrived at the Tao-creation Ancient Place.

"Martial Uncle, we can develop here!" They won't be able to get in. " Song Longprofound said, the energy here was much more than in the previous place.

"It's not the safest." Chen Xiang said, "Because only Icy Jade Sect knows of this place. For many years, only Icy Jade Sect and the others have tried to break through the barrier themselves, and if the other sects knew as well, it would be hard to say if they attacked this place together."

"That's right!" Icy Jade Sect must have thought that there was some kind of treasure inside and he wouldn't tell the other six sects. However, Icy Jade Sect will definitely not be able to hide from such a huge commotion. " Gu Tong said: "Big Brother said before, the Tao-creation's Seven Sects plotted against each other all day long, guarding against each other. They did not fall out because they were worried that Big Brother would take revenge on them.

"It's quite easy to get out from inside." Chen Xiang said, this was what Xiao Xianglin had told him.

"Is that so? You want to go out? " Gu Tong asked.

"Yes, I'm going to give that pill to Junior Sister, she's still waiting for me outside." Chen Xiang said: "She has been wanting to leave Tao-creation Ancient Place since a long time ago. I want her to quickly go see what is going on outside."

"Alright, you must be careful." Gu Tong patted Chen Xiang's shoulder. Chen Xiang's cultivation level was not as high as his, so he called him senior, but deep down he had a lot of respect for Chen Xiang.

"I also want to go with big brother." Song Longprofound muttered.

"There'll be a chance in the future. Learn a few things from Senior Luo." Chen Xiang laughed.

"I will definitely learn well." Song Longprofound nodded heavily.

"Then I'll be taking my leave!" After Chen Xiang bid farewell to Gu Tong and Song Longprofound, he quickly ran towards another high wall.

The high wall where he had come in must have been guarded; he would not go there again.

After rus.h.i.+ng out of the high wall, he was still in Icy Jade Sect. When he came out, he could see people walking around everywhere, and there were a lot of people in the Peak of World Defying magic realm, all of them were disciples of Icy Jade Sect.

It was a good thing that there were no World Defying Stage Legendary Rank s, if not Chen Xiang's price would be easily discovered.

While there were no Legends in the vicinity, Chen Xiang quickly left the Icy Jade Sect, and the entire journey was extremely smooth.

After leaving the Icy Jade Sect, Chen Xiang used the Red fire dragon to sense Little White Fox's location, then quickly flew over on the Six Realms mirrors.

"The Tao-creation Divine Lord actually refined a pill, it seems very ancient." Xiao Xianglin looked at the pellet carefully: "There are still World Defying Dan grain inside."

"Could it be that he refined it before?" Chen Xiang gave the pellet to Xiao Xianglin without scrutinizing it.

"It should be! My guess is that in the future, there will be a few Paternoster beast like Little White Fox that will appear in this group of Tao-creation Ancient Place. He also intends to let these Paternoster beast leave the Tao-creation Ancient Place, or join his faction. " Xiao Xianglin said.

"This Tao-creation Divine Lord seems to be very weak!" Chen Xiang said: "Otherwise, he wouldn't have gone to look for helpers and directly called them in."

"I feel the same way." Xiao Xianglin said: "Let's go ask Uncle s.h.i.+."

Little White Fox stayed in the cave inside a big tree, waiting for Chen Xiang and Xiao Xianglin.

She hadn't even waited for a few days before Chen Xiang and Xiao Xianglin came to find her. She saw the s.h.i.+ning dragon scales of the Red fire dragon in her hands and was very excited.

"s.h.i.+xiong Master!" Little White Fox shouted.

Little White Fox jumped onto the Six Realms mirrors and threw herself into Xiao Xianglin's embrace. She was very worried that Chen Xiang and Xiao Xianglin would not return.

Xiao Xianglin hugged Little White Fox, and laughed: "Little White Fox, we can bring you out of Tao-creation Ancient Place soon, we have already found a way."

"That's great!" Little White Fox was very happy.

Long Xueyi also came out from the You Yao Mountain Villa. When she saw Little White Fox's nine beautiful tails, her eyes shone, and she ran over to caress them.

Little White Fox also knew about Long Xueyi's situation, which was what Feng Ke'er had told her. Therefore, she did not feel that Long Xueyi was a stranger to her, and even took off her tail to play with him.

Long Xueyi placed a fox tail on the small of his back and said with a smile, "I'm also a little vixen."

Chen Xiang slapped her tender fart: "This Little Naughty Dragon, as long as you play with her, don't think of getting Junior Sister to give you her tail."

"I'm just playing." Long Xueyi used his tail as a scarf and stuck his tongue out at Chen Xiang.

Little White Fox seemed to like Long Xueyi's mischievous White Dragon a lot, and the two of them started to play around immediately.

Xiao Xianglin also couldn't do anything to them.

"Let's go back! I need some time to digest what I've gained here. " Xiao Xianglin said: "Now that we have Supreme Mantra, I will take some time to get one for you."

"Thank you for your hard work, my beautiful master." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Hmph, be careful on your way back. Remember to find Uncle s.h.i.+ and tell him about meeting him." Xiao Xianglin reminded them before he returned to the You Yao Mountain Villa.

Chen Xiang rode on his Six Realms mirrors and arrived at a safe zone close to the Giant Stone Array. Then, he released his illusion body and went to find Uncle s.h.i.+.

"Uncle s.h.i.+, I've seen Tao-creation Divine Lord." Chen Xiang said.

"It's good as long as you see it. I never would have thought that you would be able to enter that tunnel. Your ability is truly amazing. Even I am not certain that you would be able to enter." The Uncle s.h.i.+ sighed. This book came from the 17K web page, the first thing I did was to look at the original content!

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2677

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