The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2690

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Fu Yan can smell the delicate fragrance on her hands. His dark eyes look at the indecisiveness in her eyes, and he subconsciously pinches her b.u.t.tocks, Gu Sheng reflexly holds her b.u.t.tocks, and two people get closer.

Fu Yan's ear is red, and his face is not so good. Gu Sheng is even more awkward. She knows that she really provoked him, but she really didn't mean it!

"A Sheng, you agreed!"

He bowed his head and kissed her, his hands in her clothes touching a soft skin, moving slightly.

Gu Sheng about to breathe a sigh of relief, but he said, "But if you seduce me so much, I really unsure, to control myself!"

There are some strong feelings in his eyes, Gu Sheng feels that she had to change strategy!

"I want to go back to school!"

"Is there a cla.s.s in the afternoon?" His voice was so nice that she was unguarded!


"But there is still some distance from here to school. When I send you, the cla.s.s is over!"

Gu Sheng...

"Whose teacher's cla.s.s, I will ask a leave for you, only this time!"

"Ask for leave? I think there is no need? I still have to go back, even if I can't catch cla.s.s but at night..."

"I have in the evening, I'll go with you!"

His voice became soft, reminding her of that night.

Gu Sheng found herself still lying in his bed, blus.h.i.+ng unconsciously, and hang down her eyes, didn't dare to look at him.

Fu Yan's breathing is also a bit forbearing. In fact, It is really the first time, so unsure,  don't know how to make her satisfied.

"Is your body okay?"

He suddenly thought of her few tricks in school, unconsciously looking at her eyes with pride, it turned out that his little wife was trained.


Gu Sheng's voice is really low, and it's so low that Fu Yan's hand is on her, can't help but carefully caress it.


He reached her forehead and asked Gu Sheng.


After Gu Sheng answer, she looked up at him with doubts. The l.u.s.t in his eyes didn't know when it started!

"Although you say that you want to marry me, I am very happy, but A Sheng, what are you thinking about?"

Gu Sheng found that although the bed was a bit hard, the elasticity was super good.

Later, Fu Yan was slightly satisfied, and he holds Gu Sheng who was at above.

"Who are the one instructed those two students to find you trouble?"

Fu Yan looks a bit harsh.

"I don't want to tell you about family matters!"

Gu Sheng saw that he was caring for her, and some words in her heart was also on the verge of coming out, but her reason told her that between them still hasn't in that stage.

"You don't want to talk about it? Gu Sheng, many things I ask you personally, instead of checking it myself, because I want to know from your mouth, this is a trust, you have to understand!"

Fu Yan's eyes became deep and overbearing, looking at the woman right before his eyes who didn't want to open her heart, he really got angry, but after all, she is my woman, how can he bear? He really thinks she doesn't take him seriously!

"I want to go back!"

"Not allowed!"

"Why are you so overbearing? I was forced by the situation to enter your office that day and disturbed your good deed with that female doctor, but then you did not suffer, it's all said that when adults get into bed, the next day we go our own way?"

Gu Sheng wants to cry and feels that she is going to collapse!

"But we are not on the bed!"


"Forget it! I help you check your body and then send you back to school!"


Gu Sheng is stupefied, he wants to help her check her body? Right here?

"Take off your clothes!"

He stood under the bed and bend over, his hands on the edge of the bed, like the sky in the early autumn, his eyes staring at her.

"Doctor Fu, do you have to take off your clothes for a check-up ?"

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2690

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