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Chen Xiang knew how to go to the Paternoster Race. Previously, Bai Youyou had devoured the memories of the two of them, so he could be extremely detailed.

Paternoster Race was also in the Ten Thousand Mountains area of the Tao-creation Ancient Place, which was quite far away from here. They hid in a very deep part of the mountains and dug up the belly of the mountains.

Chen Xiang was already on his way, so of course he wouldn't immediately enter the area where the Paternoster Race s were. The Paternoster Race s were very strong, they were only worried about the Fire Mountain School s, if they were to be provoked, even the combined forces of the other sects wouldn't be their match.

"This Paternoster Race is so strong, I wonder what would happen if they were to leave the Tao-creation Ancient Place." Chen Xiang was more worried about this, because Paternoster Race and the rest had already been exterminated before, they would definitely resent this world. So, even if they did many heartless things, it was nothing strange.

On the way to Paternoster Race, Chen Xiang flew at a low alt.i.tude through the mountains, using his fastest speed to travel to a deeper place.

Xiao Xianglin had yet to learn the Supreme Mantra she had just acquired, and it would take some time for her to do so. Right now, she was in a hurry to refine a super Time array.

"Master, how strong are those Supreme Mantra?" Chen Xiang asked.

"They are all combat type, so they are not suitable for you to refine pills." Xiao Xianglin said: "I do not know how strong he is exactly, I still need to master it.

Chen Xiang had already traveled for several days and was relatively close to the Paternoster Race. He immediately stopped flying and arrived on the ground.

Paternoster Race was extremely sensitive to Tao-creation's incantations, if he flew over there, the aura released by the Flying mantra would definitely be sensed by them, and the people of Paternoster Race would definitely patrol the area, Chen Xiang did not want to fight with others in their territory.

Arriving at the ground, he walked in the forest. Suddenly, he saw several big trees with Eight ancestor contract map s on them. This was to tell him that there was a very dangerous place nearby.

"So many Eight ancestor contract map? Previously, there weren't even that many in Uncle s.h.i.+'s territory. " Chen Xiang immediately stopped in his tracks. He could only go around this place now.

After walking around in a wide circle, he discovered that there were actually many Eight ancestor contract map in the vicinity of this area. He already understood that there were many things hidden in this area, but they were all sealed by Eight ancestor contract map.

"I'll use my illusion to investigate." Chen Xiang couldn't help but be curious, and released his spirit body to investigate.

The illusion was released through the Supreme Mantra, it had a certain level of Incantation Qi, if it was not for the fact that he was looking around to see what was hidden, he would not have released the illusion, it would have attracted the attention of the people from the Paternoster Race.

"It's best not to go on for too long." Bai Youyou said: "The people of the Paternoster Race are very sensitive to all kinds of incantations. As long as they sense a certain amount of fluctuation of the incantation and confirm that it is not an incantation they are familiar with, they would immediately come over."

Bai Youyou learned all of this from those memories.

"Got it." Chen Xiang allowed the spirit body to fly quickly and entered into a mountain. He had wanted to climb that mountain just now, but he saw a Eight ancestor contract map on a rock at the bottom of the mountain.

The illusion flew into the mountain and saw several corpses on the road.

"Those bones are very strong." Chen Xiang was extremely surprised: "Judging from their strength, they must be at least from World Defying Stage Legendary Rank, for them to actually die inside, could they be from Paternoster Race?"

Chen Xiang continued to let the spirit body in, but until now, the spirit body had yet to discover any danger.

"Could it be that only people who enter this place can trigger the killing array inside?" Through his observation, Chen Xiang did not find anything, and it was not like the stone array where there was someone guarding.

"There are a lot of places in Tao-creation Ancient Place with Eight ancestor contract map. There shouldn't be people everywhere." Bai Youyou said: "That's more or less enough, you have already released your illusion for a period of time."

"Mm, I'll take it back now." In Chen Xiang's heart, he still really wanted to continue investigating, but for the sake of safety, he could only give up.

On the way back to the illusion, he sensed some movement. This was the sound the illusion heard.

The figure had already flown out of that area, and now that he heard a sound, it was clear that someone was rus.h.i.+ng towards the figure.

"Are they from the Paternoster Race? These fellows are really sensitive to incantations. " Chen Xiang immediately used the Time and s.p.a.ce power, teleporting the illusion over, and then quickly sprinted.

This was because he could sense more than ten powerful Legendary gas s through his illusion!

Paternoster Race was proficient in all kinds of incantations, they definitely had a very strong Time Formation, which allowed them to cultivate a large number of experts in a short period of time. The Junior Clan Chief and Zhou Xingzhi that he met previously were all from World Defying Stage Legendary Rank.

The people patrolling around were also from World Defying Stage Legendary Rank.

"They're flying." Chen Xiang felt the auras coming from the air. Previously, there were only a dozen of them, but it had become more than twenty now.

"There are many World Defying Stage Legendary Rank s in the Paternoster Race." Bai Youyou said: "If they follow us closely, we might have to fight them head-on."

"They have so many people. I don't want to fight them." Chen Xiang also had a lot of World Defying Stage Legendary Rank s, but they had just broken through, and there were a few in the middle stage above.

"It's a new incantation. We must find that guy." There were some shouts from above, but Chen Xiang had already stopped in his tracks and used the Counter Power to hide himself.

When Chen Xiang heard this, he secretly cursed in his heart. This group of people actually fought so hard for new incantations.

"Some incantations were created back in the day, and these incantations would breed new ones of their own. There are also many of these incantations, and the Paternoster Race really hopes to master all of them." Bai Youyou said: "In order to collect new incantations, they will do anything they can."

"They see me as prey, and they are prey to me." Chen Xiang snickered, the method Bai Youyou used to devour the runes worked, so he only needed to capture these people and he would be able to obtain their incantations.

"Split up and search, he definitely won't be able to escape, it looks like it's a Paternoster beast." the leader shouted.

Chen Xiang was currently just standing there, not moving at all.

"Someone is approaching!" Chen Xiang was secretly pleasantly surprised. splitting up to search meant that they had to split up. This was a great opportunity for him.

The person got closer and closer, and upon sensing the aura, Chen Xiang couldn't help but be shocked.

"It's Zhou Xingzhi, why is this guy here?" Seeing Zhou Xingzhi's face, Chen Xiang secretly cursed in his heart, if it was anyone else from the Paternoster Race, he would definitely make a move on them, and Zhou Xingzhi was a good person, so he had let them know.

"Zhou Xingzhi, why are you in this kind of place?" Chen Xiang immediately transmitted his voice to Zhou Xingzhi.

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2703

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