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Chapter 1249 - Dark and Light Array Eye

"I can't guarantee anything to Senior, now it all depends on whether Senior is willing to bet this time."

Tang Huan laughed, "Even if we lose the bet, Senior would not suffer any additional losses, and if we win, Senior would be able to avoid any disasters, why not do it?"

"You're right."

The spirit of the True Fire pondered for a long time, then said in a deep voice, "Fine, this old man will tell you the way to close the teleportation formation, but whether or not you can do it will depend on your own ability."

"Thank you, senior."

Tang Huan smiled and heaved a sigh of relief.

He wouldn't be able to instantly return to the Yan State after closing the teleportation formation here, nor would he be able to instantly teleport to the Xuanyuan Province where Yu Feiyan was at and the Hai Continent where he was at. However, it wouldn't be a problem as with his current strength and speed, even if he travelled through the entire Forging G.o.d Great World, it wouldn't take too long.

But to the City of Heaven's Will, this was a huge influence.

Without these transportation arrays, it would be difficult for the cultivators of Heaven's Will City to arrive at the various provinces in an instant. This could allow the various sects and powers to gain some time.

The spirit of the True Fire snappily snorted, "This old man had heard that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d Long Yuan say before that every teleportation circle there has one light and one dark. If he could find the hidden Formation Apertures and activate them, he would be able to close the formation. Afterwards, the dark eye of the formation in the darkness became bright, and the original eye of the formation became dark. If you want to activate the teleportation formation again, you only need to activate it again. "

"The array core in the dark?"

Tang Huan's mind moved, "Does senior know where the eye of the formation is at?" In a situation where they knew nothing about formations at all, in order to search for the Formation Aperture, they would need to carefully a.n.a.lyze the Spirit Map, and they would definitely need a lot of time to do that.

"To the north of the formation."

The spirit of the True Fire hesitated for a moment, before speaking in a deep voice.

Then, a small ball of flame came out from the sculpture and floated towards Tang Huan, "Kid, inside this ball of flame is my Mind Stigma, bring it with you. In the future, if the Vermillion Bird attacks, I will use it to send a message to you, I hope that you can keep your promise and come help as soon as possible."

"Senior, please be at ease. If the Suzaku comes, I will definitely come!"

Tang Huan grabbed the ball of flame that was the size of a baby's fist, "There's no time to lose, senior. I'll take my leave now, and go close the teleportation formation."



After exiting the inheritance palace, in a few blinks of an eye, Tang Huan had already arrived at the Nine Colors Square, and stood north of a large teleportation formation. This array was indeed the path to the Yan State.

"Formation North …"

Tang Huan thought slightly, and immediately released the Perception Ability to its fullest extent, as he carefully probed inside.

If he knew nothing about this teleportation formation, it would take a lot of effort to find the eye of the formation in the shadows. However, with the reminder from the spirit of the True Fire, it would be much easier for Tang Huan to find it with his abilities … There was even no need for Tang Huan to deduce the Spirit Map contained within the teleportation formation.

In less than half a quarter of an hour, Tang Huan had already sensed an extremely minute aura fluctuation.

The ripple was different from the aura of the teleportation formation, but it seemed to be one with it and was extremely difficult to sense. It was only because Tang Huan had activated the power of the G.o.d Creation Crystal that he was able to sense its existence.

After that, Tang Huan followed the undulations of the Qi and looked for its source.

"Over there!"

After a moment, a smile appeared on Tang Huan's forehead. Inside the base of the teleportation formation, there was actually a small lump of shadow.

It continuously leaked out auras that were weak to the point of almost non-existent and it also had countless links with the Spirit Map s that filled the surrounding area. However, Tang Huan could faintly detect that within the shadows, there was an extremely mysterious power.

Finding the core of the formation in the dark was a difficult problem.

Tang Huan's mind raced. Although he had not tried it yet, he had a premonition that his own Innate True Origin might not be able to trigger that formation eye.

"Right, the power of a divine crystal."

After he flicked his fingers, Tang Huan's eyes could not help but light up. This teleportation formation was created by the G.o.d Forging Array, it could not help but use the power of his Divine Crystals to open up many eyes, it was extremely suitable. With this thought in mind, Tang Huan became excited and started to try it out without hesitation.

Tang Huan calmed his mind and focused. Not long later, he triggered a sliver of the G.o.d Creation G.o.d Crystal's power, and like a sharp arrow, pierced into the shadow at the base of the big array.


In the next moment, an extremely high-pitched trembling sound rang out, and strands of black Qi spread out rapidly along the Spirit Map. In merely a blink of an eye, the Teleportation Array that originally glittered with light became as black as ink, and the air within the arch became silent.

After successfully activating the teleportation formation in the darkness, the teleportation formation seemed to have become lifeless.

Seeing that, Tang Huan was overjoyed in his heart, and in that moment, Tang Huan moved his footsteps slightly, appearing at the side of the teleportation array leading to the northern side of the Sky Region.

Of the thirty-six Teleportation Arrays, only this one that led to the Heavenly Province was slightly special. This was because the Teleportation Formation was originally located in the Heavenly Province, and it was even in the central region of the Heaven Province.

This teleportation formation was naturally unable to teleport people back to the central part of the Sky Region. Its destination was a place called "Seven Stars City" in the northern part of the Sky Region. In the G.o.d Forging Age, Seven Stars City's position was similar to the small world's Glory Empire's "Sword Crafting Valley." Once, a large majority of Heavenly Blacksmith was gathered there, and could be considered to be the sacred ground of the Weapon Refiner. However, like Dragon Lake City, it had been defeated long ago.

Not long after, Tang Huan did the same and closed the array, then turned to the third array.

As time flew by, Tang Huan discovered that the eye of the teleportation formation was getting faster and faster in the dark. One by one, the teleportation formation was covered in black, and when the thirty-six large formation became as black as ink, the entire Nine Colored City seemed to have become much dimmer, and this Nine Colored Square was even more so completely shrouded in darkness.


Tang Huan let out a light breath and carefully sensed the auras that the thirty-six teleportation formation emitted were already completely replaced by the aura that originated from the shadow. The original aura fluctuations were already suppressed to the extreme, and were so weak that it could almost be ignored.

The teleportation formation was no longer effective, which was equivalent to having a heart attack on Tang Huan.

In a blink of an eye, Tang Huan summoned all of the pagans, Geng Xu, Chou Rui and a few dozen of people that were waiting for him. He then kept them inside his cave and departed with the nine spirits in the direction of Xuanzhou. Not long after Tang Huan left, many figures started to return to the Nine Colors City.

They were none other than the Heavenly Will City experts that had fled the Nine Colors City earlier. Looking at the dark city center, everyone looked at each other, they were even more bewildered and uncertain.

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 2705

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