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Sea Devil Emperor, why was it called Sea Devil Emperor?

Because …

This place was close to the sea.


Deep beneath Sea Demon City was the sea, and below the plaza was a hundred-year-old Sea Demon, also known as the Sea Demon!

Being controlled by the Scarlet Soul Tribe, they had been imprisoned deep under the sea. Now … It was about to be released.

"His aura is too strong!"




The earth trembled.

The square suddenly collapsed. A tentacle broke through the ground and the seawater poured into it.


Another tentacle broke through the ground.

Huang Haitu bellowed, "Demon Cavalry Warrior, retreat!"

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The Demon Cavalry Warrior retreated frantically.

Long Fei's brows tightened, the ground was trembling, and his face was pale, "What exactly is this thing?"


A prehistoric monster was exposed its body. It was a giant octopus. The entire plaza was occupied by it. Thousands of tentacles constantly swept over it.

The old man then moved to the sky and stood on top of the octopus's head. He laughed sinisterly: "You dog, don't you like to kill? "Let's kill them again."


The tentacle moved.

It directly sent a large group of demon wolves flying. The other tentacle swept across and sent all of them flying.

"Chief, this sea monster is too strong, we are not its match."

"Leader, retreat."

"The difference is simply too great."

"Chief, we can't hold on any longer."

The demon wolf's voice sounded in Xiao Bai's mind, one after another.

These demon wolves were no match for him.

Xiao Bai frowned, then said: "All of you, retreat, and leave the imperial city."


"Go and do your thing, leave this guy to me."

Long Fei asked: "Xiao Bai, can you do it?"

Xiao Bai grinned and said: "I've never done it this way before!"


Long Fei said to Li Yuanba: "Continue crippling those Demon Knight Warrior!"

Li Yuanba nodded, and said: "Understood!"

"Roar …"

Xiao Bai's body became three meters tall and became a giant wolf. The might of the divine beast on his body was released, revealing two sharp fangs, he said solemnly: "Ugly thing, you still dare to be arrogant in front of this wolf grandpa?"

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The aura in his body exploded forth.

A huge ray of Xuna Bai light shot out.

At the same time.

Xiao Bai turned into a white shadow and charged out at the same time.


The old man was slightly shocked, "I didn't expect it to be a divine beast?"

"What a pity!"

"Unfortunately, your divine beast's realm is too low."

"Just like that... "Too weak!"

His idea connected with the giant octopus, and the octopus faced the dazzling shockwave. Its two tentacles towered in the sky and ferociously smashed down.


The two tentacles were cut off.

Xiao Bai laughed coldly: "Who's so weak?"


Without waiting for him to finish rejoicing, the two severed tentacles grew out and bombarded him down with even more ferocity than before.



It was like a black lightning striking down horizontally.

The old man disdainfully said, "You little b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"


Xiao Bai's body was swept away.

At this moment, fire and ice filled the sky and rained down like crazy.

Several tentacles of the octopus shot up into the sky. Ice and fire were like a fighter jet, crazily dodging and attacking at the same time.

Xiao Bai's body suddenly shrunk, and he hid the presence on his body. The white shadow kept moving, looking for the octopus's weakness.

This guy had killed one tentacle, but it would only give birth to another. No matter how he killed it, it would be useless!


Xiao Bai stared at Hai Shui who was lying on the ground and frowned.

"He's a Sea Demon! He has to have water!"

"If there's no water …"

"Definitely die!"

Xiao Bai sneered in his heart: "Let's see you survive this!"

Every time the octopus attacked, it would bring the seawater with it into the sky. He definitely needed the seawater to revive him and survive.

"Ice and Fire!" Xiao Bai shouted loudly.

Bing Huo said: "Brother Xiao Bai, what's wrong?"

Xiao Bai shouted: "Can you absorb all of this seawater?"

Bing Huo looked at the seawater on the ground and said, "No problem!"


"Listen to my instructions, this guy should be regenerating from the sea." Xiao Bai said.

Ice and Fire said, "Understood!"

As soon as he finished.

Ice and Fire suddenly swooped down. Thousands of tentacles attacked them like a huge lightning field. Ice and fire flew at their limits.

"Absorb all his seawater!"

As soon as Xiao Bai finished his sentence, his body suddenly grew incomparably huge, as the shadow of a Wolf G.o.d also rushed out.

The ice flame opened its b.l.o.o.d.y mouth and sucked close to the ground. "Hualala …" "Hualala …"

The surging sea water was sucked into his body.

And at this moment.

The few tentacles of the octopus were completely devoid of any moisture.

"Hualala …"

"Hualala …"


Eight tentacles were chopped off, and blood gushed out crazily. The octopus cried out in pain, but the broken tentacles did not regenerate.


"I knew it. This Wolf G.o.d is invincible."

It was at this moment.

The fire and ice faces were filled with pain.

Xiao Bai was shocked, and immediately asked: "Ice and Fire, what's wrong?"

The ice and fire was extremely uncomfortable as he said, "d.a.m.n …" It's too salty, it's so salty that it hurts your liver! "

Xiao Bai:...


At the same time.

The ice and fire inside his body rolled and he shouted, "I'll return the water to you!"

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Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The sea water sprayed out and instantly condensed in the air, turning into an ice mountain that smashed down!


Patriarch Red Soul began to move.

The iceberg pressed down heavily on the giant octopus's head.

Xiao Bai roared out, and said: "Good job!"


"You dare to be arrogant in front of us? This should be great, hahaha... "

The ice mountain pressed down.

The giant octopus was bleeding profusely from the beating. It no longer had the arrogance it had at the beginning of its appearance. Its face was completely filled with bitterness.

"The boss said so!"

"While he's sick, I want his life!"


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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 312

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