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The first day pa.s.sed.

Long Fei did not take a step out of the courtyard.

When w.a.n.g bodang came to visit him during this time, he was even more at ease when he saw Long Fei's perverted look.

Is there a man in this world who doesn't like beautiful women?

If not, then he must be a gay.

Long Fei was no exception.

… ….

The next day.

Long Fei pointed out Li Yuanba and Arhat's cultivation.

"Yuan Ba, you train in power. Pure power, awaken the power within your body, and awaken the hidden G.o.dly strength within your blood vein, causing your power to increase explosively."

"Arhat, your cultivation is different from Yuan Ba's. The power in your body is the power of the holy buddha, and you also have the power of Demon Subduing. You need to learn how to combine these two powers, in order to maximize your strength."

"Three days have already pa.s.sed. We don't have much time left."

"Two days later, we are going to face a fierce battle!"

Long Fei could tell from w.a.n.g bodang's expression.

He was feeling proud.

He was extremely pleased with himself.

If … w.a.n.g bodang was a level 3 war emperor cultivator, if he did not make a move, then he was waiting for an even more powerful person to appear.

Without a doubt, this person was stronger than him, and their status was more precious than his.


There was no doubt that this was a man.

This was also the reason why Long Fei didn't leave.

Li Yuanba said naively: "Thank you, boss."

Arhat was the same, his heart filled with grat.i.tude.

"You guys continue your cultivation. I'm going to cultivate inside the house. No one is allowed to disturb me." Long Fei could not be disturbed when he entered the G.o.d's devil s.p.a.ce.

The two of them nodded, "Yes, boss!"

… ….

G.o.d's devil s.p.a.ce.

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"Wushuang of the Second Order!"

Long Fei smiled slightly, "The two of you, continue."

Xiao Bai leaned against Bing Huo, and panted heavily. Xiao Bai gasped for breath and said: "Master, are you still human? We cannot withstand it even with our demon beast bodies, how did your human body withstand it? "

His physical strength couldn't keep up at all.

Long Fei panted heavily and said: "People need to be strong, and they need to be strong."

"How can you call a man if he isn't strong?"


Without waiting for them to get up, Long Fei brought his dragon salyer and cut it down.

Xiao Bai and Bing Huo were so scared that their faces turned pale.

Dodging it quickly, Long Fei really wasn't joking, he really would slash down.



"Seal successful!"

"Master, you cheated, you cheated, ah... Ah... I can't move. " Xiao Bai was suspended in midair by the Seal and his Sealing was immediately sealed by it.

Long Fei leaped into the air, and then smashed down with his fist, "ko!"

Xiao Bai was smashed down.

The clothes on Long Fei's back were scorched, he retreated, and counterattacked. The dragon salyer moved, and directly placed the blade on the dragon's head, and with a movement of the back of the blade, it smashed horizontally. "Ku!"

"I'm not coming anymore!"

"I'm not coming either."

"It's completely m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.tic."

The two divine beast were completely crushed by Long Fei, and Long Fei couldn't help but to control them to run into the war pet s.p.a.ce to rest. No matter how Long Fei called for them, they both stopped coming out.

"So boring."

Long Fei smiled, and said: "The battles these past two days, you guys should properly experience them."


Long Fei did not continue cultivating either. He sat cross-legged and was also meditating over his combat experience.

Half an hour later.

Long Fei used up all of his combat experience for the past two days and started to cultivate again.


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"proficiency + 6"

… ….

A full day pa.s.sed.

Long Fei only stopped cultivating after he was chased out of the G.o.d's devil s.p.a.ce.

Long Fei regained his original form and looked at his personal stats.

Player: Long Fei

Rank: level 2 war elder

true qi: o

Experience: >

Skills: Toading Skill (Level 3), dragon salyer technique (Level 4), Holy Sword 81 Moves (Level 0), Mountain-hit Fist (Level 5), Peerless (Level 2) …

Energy Values: >

Points: >

war pet: Xiao Bai (Level 6 Young Beast G.o.d), Ice and Fire (Level 12, Young Beast G.o.d)

lucky value: 20 points

Charm Value: 0 points

… ….

Skills: Unparalleled

Level: Level 2


Description: Currently able to activate Level 2 Unparalleled, four times the attribute strength!

Long Fei muttered to himself, "proficiency who still lacks two thousand points should be able to break through the third level, which is eight times the attribute strength, hehe …"

In these two days, Li Yuanba and Arhat's cultivation had also improved by leaps and bounds.

Long Fei would give them some pointers when he had time.

The two of them possessed talent akin to humans. They were able to understand one thing at a time. Especially when it came to the stimulation of their own energy, they were as fast as a rocket.

"There's only one day left!"

Long Fei looked at the night sky.

"I wonder what Xie Qin is like now."

"I hope she's all right."

Xie Qin's injuries had not completely recovered, her current cultivation could at most reach war master ream.

At this moment.

evil sound sect.

The eight elders of the eight great sects had all gathered at the Evil Sound Peak.

Xie Yin knelt on the ground, his face full of tears, "Master, I am not lying to you. The other seven senior fellow apprentice s died because of you."

"The people of the Scarlet Soul Tribe have returned. If not for Long Fei, I'm afraid my disciple would have died there too."

"Now that he is in danger, I beg of you elders, please send soldiers to save him."

Not waiting for her to finish.

The Blood Refinement Sect's great elder was furious. "Why have the elders of the seven great demon sects died and only you returned alive?" he yelled. Did he give you the G.o.d's devil lute? "


"It must be because you colluded with him. I don't believe whatever nonsense the G.o.d's devil ancient case can only be opened by the G.o.d's devil successor. It must be because of you connecting the two of them."

"Hand over the Heavenly Demon Relic."

"The G.o.d's devil ancestor's remnants were left behind by the eight great demon sects, not given to you lightly."

"To think that they would come up with a clan of Scarlet Souls. Back then, the Scarlet Souls Tribe was chased for tens of thousands of miles by the ancestor and they had all been killed by him. Xie Qin, you lied and you drew a rough draft, do you think we are idiots?"

No one believed her.

They all thought that Xie Qin had colluded with Long Fei.

Even the sect master of the evil sound sect was the same.

She said slightly: "Qin'er, are the G.o.d's devil lute really in your hands?"

Xie Qin's heart ached as though he was dying, and he said: "Master, there's no G.o.d's devil lute in the G.o.d's devil ancient case, Master, even you don't believe me?"

The evil sound sect Lord said: "How can I trust you if you are to tell me this?"

The Great Clan Elder from the blood sea sect walked out and asked, "You said that the tian yun city's master captured that brat? You said they are sect disciples? "

Xie Qin nodded, and said: "Yes, they are definitely sect disciples."

The blood sea sect elder said, "Everyone, why don't we make a trip to the tian yun city?"

"What do you mean?"

The corners of the blood sea sect Elder's mouth lifted as he laughed, "tian yun city Lord is an elder of a sect. He must have captured that brat for the sake of the G.o.d's devil ancient case.

Xie Qin immediately became ecstatic, and said: "Right, right, you guys hurry up and save Long Fei." [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]

"Save him?"

"Hahaha …"

The blood sea sect Elder laughed out wildly and said, "We are going to kill him!"

"And then you!"

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 329

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