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Qiu Wantian's voice was as cold as ice.

Before he could finish.

He moved his body, and cut off the throats of the remaining eight female disciples, then pointed his sword at Xie Yun and laughed: "Let's see how many people in your evil sound sect aren't afraid of death!"


His sword was like a phantom as it furiously reaped the harvest.

The evil sound sect disciples welcomed them one after another.

They didn't expect what Long Fei had told them to do.

Seeing their sisters killed one by one, a ball of fire burned in their hearts.

They all rushed forward with all their might.

The seven sect leaders began hunting him down.

"Hahaha …"

"Little beauty, come play with me."

"Hahaha …"

The head of the Blood Refinement Sect carried a pet.i.te, pure girl disciple and flew out.

"Big Senior, please save me."

"Big Senior, please save me."

"Eldest senior sister …"

From the building not far away came the sound of tearing clothes, followed by a mournful scream, "Ah …"

"Ahh, ha, ha …"

"I've always wanted to try out the taste of the evil sound sect's disciples. Today, I've truly tasted something extraordinary. Awesome, ahahaha …" The sect master of the Blood Refinement Sect smiled obscenely.

And then …

His crazy sprint.

Tears rolled down the face of the female disciple beneath him. She looked as if she was dead and didn't even let out a cry of pain.

They were too strong.

All of them were level 7 war emperor Warriors, they were not his match.

Besides killing, there was also humiliation.

The humiliation of the soul, the humiliation of the flesh …

These sect masters of the seven major demon sects were not humans, nor were they demons. They were b.a.s.t.a.r.ds that could not be compared to beasts!

"Hahaha …"

"This is great!"

"This time, I'm going to be satisfied with two." The Sect Master of the Blood Refinement Sect flew out. With one step, he jumped into the crowd and easily grabbed the two young female disciples and flew away.

The female disciple from before had picked up her sword and touched it to her neck. She was dead.

His eyes widened.

He died with grievance!

Too cruel.

"Long Fei, why aren't you quickly coming out?"

"Hahaha... Your evil sound sect s are all about to die. " Qiu Wantian laughed crazily, he stared at Xie Yun and said: "Are you still not going to say?"

Xie Yun's entire body was injured. His face was pale as he said, "Qiu Wantian, don't even think about getting half a word from me."


"You overestimate yourself."

Qiu Wantian's brows twitched, and the floating sword beside him suddenly thrusted forward.

It directly pierced towards the center of Xie Yun's brows.

Just at this moment, a disciple rushed forward, using his life to block this sword, he looked at Xie Yun and shouted: "Big Senior Sister, quickly, quickly, escape!"

Xie Yun was so heartbroken that she wanted to go crazy, "junior sister apprentice!"

"Eldest Senior Sister, run!"

"Quickly run!"

A complete collapse.

How could they possibly be a match for the seven sect masters?

Their cultivation bases were too weak!

The whole of martial-arts arena was filled with corpses. In another building, there were female disciples lying on the ground.

The remaining evil sound sect disciples quickly retreated.

It was also at this time.

"Buzz buzz buzz …"

A cold, gloomy sound of a magical zither rang out.

Qiu Wantian's mind shook, and immediately stopped, "evil girl saints is back?"

The other six were also stunned.

evil girl saints was also a level seven war emperor Ranker, and the Demonic Zither in her hands was extremely sharp. Although she was not afraid, she had killed so many of her female disciples, I am afraid …

evil girl saints carried his Demon Zither and descended from the sky.

She had not left the cave from the time she came out. She also wanted to obtain G.o.d's devil ancient case s and even … She knew where the G.o.d's devil ancient case was flying to even better than Qiu Wantian and the others.

"Master is here!"

"Eldest Senior Sister, Master is back!"

"The grand master is back!"

The evil sound sect's female disciples were all cheering.

The female disciples all went up to welcome him with cheers. As long as evil girl saints was present, the Seven Sect Leaders would not dare to act recklessly, and they would not die.

Xie Yun looked at the floating 'master', her mind shook, and immediately shouted: "Don't go over there, everyone don't go over there …"

Not waiting for her to finish.

evil girl saints's gaze turned cold, "You d.a.m.n b.i.t.c.hes!"

"All of you, go to h.e.l.l!"

"Buzz buzz …"

His fingers moved, the zither notes were like a demon's. They formed a saber energy that swept out like a half moon!

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

Dozens of female disciples' heads were chopped off and exploded.

Compared to the methods of the seven sect heads, her methods were even more ruthless.

Extreme cruelty!

Xie Yun shouted loudly, "She is not our Sect Master. Our Sect Master is Long Fei.

In this instant.

The evil girl saints was no longer her master, and had nothing to do with the evil sound sect.

The last shred of hope had been shattered.

Their hearts felt like they were dying. They ran towards the Forbidden Land of Ten Thousand Yin like walking dead bodies …

It was too unexpected.

Qiu Wantian never thought that the evil girl saints would actually kill his own disciple so violently.

Qiu Wantian laughed loudly, "Hahaha... Holy Maiden, you really have good methods. "


"Qiu Wantian, what I want to kill is that dog Long Fei, as for the disciples of the evil sound sect, you can kill as you please, it has nothing to do with me."


"If anyone dares to steal Long Fei's head, I will fight with them." evil girl saints said coldly.

She hated Long Fei to the bones.

Qiu Wantian laughed out loud. "No problem, there is absolutely no problem at all for you to kill Long Fei, but … It has to be said clearly, the G.o.d's devil ancient case s …. "

Not waiting for him to finish.

evil girl saints's eyes turned cold: I only want Long Fei's head!


Qiu Wantian was ecstatic, he was worried that the evil girl saints would fight with him for the G.o.d's devil ancient case.

Chi Mei said slightly: "Holy Maiden, do you know where Long Fei is?"

evil girl saints laughed coldly, "The Forbidden Land of Ten Thousand Yin!"



Qiu Wantian said lightly: "The most evil place in the entire demon realm, it should be said to be the most evil place in the entire South Horizon Region."

"Men will become mummies if they enter."

"Women go in …"

Qiu Wantian looked at the evil girl saints, and suddenly said: "Long Fei has already entered?"

evil girl saints laughed: "Don't worry, he won't die that easily."

She had been to the Forbidden Land of Ten Thousand Yin and knew some things about it. The Forbidden Land of Ten Thousand Yin, the land of absolute Yin, was also the most evil.

Where is it?

Even if she went in once, she wouldn't be able to tell.


That time, she had only entered the first level and didn't dare to enter again. [].

Too terrifying.

She believed that Long Fei was only at the first layer, a mere level 2 war elder would not be able to enter the second layer!

"Then we …"

The evil girl saints sneered, and said: "Kill all the way through, and kill all the disciples of these evil sound sect s, then wait for Long Fei to crawl out from inside!"

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 349

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