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Without a second thought, he turned around and fled.


Because …

The ravine was filled with snakes, a sea of snakes!

It was a huge snake, dozens of meters wide, as thick as a bucket.

This alone was not enough!

If it was these, Long Fei would not flee but be excited, because … These were all experience points, how could he run away? Of course it was to start a ma.s.sacre and turn everything upside down.

Then why did he run?

Because … One of the snakes had grown half a human body, Lamia!

Daughter of the Devil Snake.

The snake girl's head was covered with small snakes, constantly flicking her tongue, and her body was emitting a unique magic power.

It was extremely cold.

Moreover, when Long Fei was looking at the crack, the Lamia was also looking at him. If she did not run, he would become a stone.


Or the serpents, Ca.s.siopeia?

No matter what.

Long Fei did not want to provoke him, those two eyes were staring at him in pain. At the very least, he did not want to provoke him right now.

Xiao Bai caught up and asked: "Master, what's wrong?"

Ice Fire said, "Master, you aren't scared, are you?"


"f.u.c.k, will I be scared?" Long Fei immediately pretended to be very fierce, "I don't want to kill innocent people. Everything in the world has life, it's not good to kill too many people."



Would Long Fei say that in his previous life, he suffered from the fear of being possessed by the Lamia?

He liked to play online games and he also played compet.i.tive games. Naturally, he had played the same game in the 101s, and it wasn't bad, but … …. He had met the disgusting Lamia before. From then on, he had the fear of being possessed by the Lamia. He tried to avoid her as much as he could, but he couldn't. Every time, it was black and white TV.

Very annoying.

It wasn't that his mechanics were bad, nor was it anything else. It was just that in his heart, there was truly a fear, the fear of being able to kill an infinite number of people … …

Thus …

When he saw the snake girl in the ravine, he immediately thought of the snake girl in the 1010. The fear in his heart once again surged to his heart.

"Huff …"

Long Fei exhaled and cursed in his heart. "d.a.m.n, I didn't think that I would bring all the fear I had from my previous life here!"

After running for about 10 minutes.

After confirming that no snakes were chasing after them, Long Fei heaved a sigh of relief.

Xiao Bai asked: "Master, what do we do now?"

Ice and Fire also said, "That gully is also a pa.s.sage to the second level. Moreover … Master, did you see the flowers on the wall that were drenched in blood? "


That flower immediately appeared in Long Fei's mind. His mind s.h.i.+vered as he thought to himself, "I believe it has sounded out, that is a Blood Orchid from a movie about the python's calamity, and it has the effect of prolonging one's lifespan. In the movie, the snakes only grow like big trees after eating that flower."

Long Fei nodded and said: "I see it. Ice and Fire, do you recognize it?"

Bing Huo said slightly: "I'm not sure, but if it is, it should be a Flower of Life and Death, also known as the Equinox Flower. This kind of flower's power is extremely strong."

"The snakes didn't rush out because of the flowers."

"Those flowers are about to mature. They will only bloom for a minute, and if you miss this minute, they will wither and lose all their strength. It will take you thousands of years to flower again, and … This kind of flower only blooms in the Yin Field, and is said to be the place where life and death are linked. " Bing Huo said slowly.

Although he was a young dragon, he had saved most of his memories.

In the world.

Only the dragon clan could do this. Only the dragon clan knew about these secrets.

Yan Huang ancestor also slightly said: "Ice and fire are right, this is indeed a Equinox Flower. Didn't you say you want to refine the Sonic Twisting Poison as an antidote? This kind of flower is also an essential Spirit Gra.s.s."


Long Fei was stunned, "So you're saying, I have no other choice?"

He wanted to concoct the antidote for the Twisting Sound Poison, and he needed to, but … If he could not obtain the Life and Death Flower and was unable to refine it, then Xie Qin would definitely die!

This way.

Long Fei had no other choice. He had to go, even if he had to.


Long Fei stood up and said faintly, "Xiao Bai, Ice and Fire!"



One wolf, one dragon, one standing on Long Fei's left and one right, their eyes like torches waiting for Long Fei's orders.

Long Fei's eyes turned sinister, he took out his dragon salyer, pointed at the ravine, and said: "Target, Sea of Snakes, advance!"

"Yes sir!"


Xiao Bai and Bing Huo were the first to walk out.

Long Fei took a step forward, and when he wasn't paying attention, he tripped over a rock and stumbled, almost falling to the ground.

Xiao Bai and Bing Huo turned around to look at Long Fei's staggering appearance. Xiao Bai said slightly: "Master, are you afraid?"

Long Fei:...

Xiao Bai slightly said: "If you're afraid, then let's go."

Ice and Fire muttered: "Brother Xiao Bai, why would Master be afraid? Have you ever seen your master afraid? "

Long Fei:...

The two divine beast s sang the same tune, causing Long Fei to want to get angry, but … He was sure that there was still a little fear in his heart that had not been cleared, but since he had already made up his mind.

Then do it!

"What rubbish are you talking about? Stop my command later." Long Fei shouted loudly and bolstered his courage. When he thought about the great move of the Lamia in his mind, he started to worry.

"I hope you're thinking too much."

"I hope this isn't a Ca.s.sIOPEIA, and definitely not a Medusa. She's just a pure white woman, a gentle white lady."

"No way!"

"Bai Suanzhen is too strong, she's just an ordinary demon beast."

Long Fei secretly said in his heart.

Long Fei and the other two walked for an entire half an hour on the road.

They had already reached the edge of the ravine.

Long Fei moved, linking to Bing Huo and Xiao Bai's idea, and said, "You guys take a step back, I'll go take a look first."

He leaned forward slightly, and in that instant, the pair of eyes in the ravine suddenly turned and stared at him. The snake girl on top of her head flicked her tongue at him.

"F * ck!"

Long Fei was instantly angered and cursed in his heart, "I'm afraid of you when I play games, why would I be afraid of you in this different world?"

"If I don't screw you today, I will change my surname to yours."

"I am a wild king fighter!"

"Ice and Fire!"


Ice and fire soared into the sky as Long Fei leapt onto the dragon's back, "Spit them to death!"

Ice and fire surged through his throat as flames blanketed the entire ravine like a fiery bandit.



Flames shot to the sky.


Long Fei looked at the damage floating above the snake heads, and his heart tensed up, "d.a.m.n, his defense is too powerful!"

"Ice and Fire!"

"Lock on to the target!"

"It's locked!"

"Ice and Fire Nine Heavens!"

Long Fei moved and instantly released the idea.


The sky turned, the power within the Nine Layered Heavens burst out, and the power beam from the first layer shot down vertically.

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Four-digit damage?

"I'll be f.u.c.ked!"

"Ice and Fire, prepare the power of the second heaven!"

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