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"Burp …"

"Burp …"

Inside war pet s.p.a.ce, two burps sounded out.

Long Fei not only had liver pain, all of the muscles in his body ached. He had promised them he could eat the spirit stones because of a small mistake, and then … There was no 'then'.

s.p.a.ce Ring s originally had thousands of spirit stones, but now, not a single one remained.

Listening to their burps, Long Fei said, "After eating so many of my spirit stones, if you all don't help me break through faster, I'll break your JJ by ten centimeters."


Xiao Bai's expression tightened, and said immediately: "Master, I will definitely break through soon."

Bing Huo giggled: "Ten centimeters?"

"Brother Xiao Bai, if you're so scared when you're 10 centimeters tall, then yours is just too short."

Xiao Bai:...

Long Fei:...

Ice and Fire was a dragon. Even if it was a low-grade two-winged dragon, it was still a dragon. A dragon was a terrifying existence. He did not place ten centimeters in his eyes.

Xiao Bai stared at him and bellowed: "What is mine is 10 centimeters, while yours is 100 centimeters. Master, Ice and Fire don't need you to help them, I will always teach him a lesson, yet he dares to mock my little JJ, hmph!"

Long Fei said: "Teach him a lesson ruthlessly."

The fire and ice immediately felt that they were in trouble. "I'm training. I'm training. I guarantee that I can break through to the fifteenth level."

… ….

Four days later.

Ghost Evil, Ghost King Mountain.

An old man blocked his way.

Lonely Spirit!

The last time that a Level Expert had appeared in the tian yun city, he had easily trampled and killed situ feng, who had evolved into a Primordial Beast.

Long Fei looked at Gu Hun and asked, "Where are my two brothers?"

He could ignore everything else, but this matter had always troubled him.

He had not seen Li Yuanba and Arhat ever since Long Fei was captured in the evil sound sect. From what he knew, these two elders were the ones who took them away.

"They are training in the Secret Realm. Wild ghost is teaching them."

Long Fei secretly heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. Since there was no danger to his life, he could just let it go. He looked at Gu Hun and asked, "Senior, why did you stop me?"

Gu Hun looked at Long Fei and said, "The Blood Refinement Sect has been annihilated, are you still going to continue destroying the Ghost Evil?"

"Yes sir!"

Long Fei immediately said, "Because they offended me, so I will eliminate him!"

Gu Hun's eyes became serious and he said, "The eight great demon sects are the descendants of the Sky Demon Clan. Although the eight great forces are like a pile of loose sand, but …" They are demons after all, can they let go of this hatred? "

"Sorry, I can't let it go!" Long Fei said very straightforwardly.

Even if he could put down his experience, true qi.

However …

The scene of the evil sound sect girls being abused to death was still fresh in his mind. If he didn't wash them clean with blood, he would never forgive himself.

Before, he could have ignored it.

However …

He was now the sect master of the evil sound sect, he could not let those female disciples who were still alive lose heart!

Gu Hun said slightly, "There's no room for negotiation?"

Long Fei nodded, and said: "No, I must bathe them in blood."

"Huff …"

Gu Hun let out a heavy sigh and said, "evil sound sect being slaughtered, I also did not expect that the eight sect masters would have done it too far. However, they are still the last line of the Demon race in the South Horizon Region, so I like it when you let them live."

His lifelong ambition was to unite the eight great demon sects and make them stronger. Afterwards, he would spread the Heavenly Demon Blood Flag throughout the entire South Horizon Region.

Long Fei's appearance gave him a trace of hope.

However …

He also felt despair.

Long Fei was completely out of control. As long as his style of doing things annoyed him, then it would pursue him for a thousand miles, an existence that did not rest until one side died.

Long Fei looked at Gu Hun and said slightly, "Senior, I know what you're thinking about. The current Devil Sect is no longer the former Devil Sect, they only have benefits in their eyes, and they are not worthy of being called devils. They are only a few sinister and despicable villains.

"Against the G.o.d's devil ancient case, all they have in their eyes are benefits, scheming and scheming, and a fight."

"Do they have any thoughts for the future of the demon race in their eyes?"


"There's no need for a Devil Sect like this to exist anymore."

"If you want the demon flag to fly in the South Horizon Region, there is only one way." Long Fei said very seriously.

Right now, he could see through these eight great demon sects.

It was just that …

In his heart, he felt slightly sorry for the seven people who died in Sea Devil Emperor.

Gu Hun looked at him and said, "What method?"

Long Fei slowly said: "Ashes was reborn!"


Gu Hun was stunned.

It was also at this time that Long Fei walked past him. When they were walking parallel to each other, he slowly said.


Long Fei walked to the entrance of the Ghost Evil, and the idea sank, roaring towards the sky, "Gui Xie, get the h.e.l.l out here!"



The evil Qi permeating the Ghost Evil sky suddenly resonated with thunderous roars, like the wails of evil spirits.

"You dog, you really dare to come?"

"Do you think I'm trash like Yin Yue?"


"Today, I will let you know the power of my Ghost Evil. All disciples, listen up and kill!"

… ….

The bloodbath began!

One man, one saber, killing all the way from the entrance of the mountain.

The entire way.

Blood splashed all over the Ghost Evil.


"Ding, ding, ding …"

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Ghost Evil Disciple' for obtaining 300 experience, 300 true qi, 10 Energy Values, 10 points."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' …"

The system beep continued to ring.

From the moment Long Fei started to kill, the system had never stopped.

One set of sounds after another exploded after another!

Long Fei was extremely arrogant, and killed in a world of darkness.

From day to night, and from night to dawn, Long Fei stood outside the Ghost Evil Palace, looking at the incomparably ugly face inside. The dragon salyer pointed, and said: "Gui Xie, come out and die."

… ….

When Long Fei was ma.s.sacring the Ghost Evil.

Lonely Spirit was still standing on the same spot, his mouth constantly muttering the words "Ashes be reborn".


An incomparably mournful scream came out from the summit of Ghost Evil.

Gu Hun's eyes slightly looked up, and a sharp light flashed out, "HAHAHA … …." What a good 'Ashes was reborn', good 'boy, then go ahead and do it! "


The lone soul transformed into a stream of light and disappeared into the horizon.

He wanted to return to the secret realm.

He wanted to train Li Yuanba and Arhat for Long Fei!

He wanted the Eight Great Demons to die and reach their peak!

He wanted the Heavenly Demon Blood Flag to fly in the wind and let the entire South Horizon Region know that the demons were still alive!

And all of this.

it was all because of Long Fei.

… ….

Outside the Ghost Demon Palace.

Long Fei's chest was on fire, his face was pale white, blood trickling from the corner of his mouth, "The level 7 war emperor is too strong, with my current cultivation, it's still not enough."


"blood corpse ancestor, crawl into his body."

— —

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