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blood sea sect.

Before, he only had four thousand disciples, but now … More than ten thousand disciples.

The entire blood sea sect felt like it was exploding.

Qiu Wantian's courtyard.

The other three sect masters sat there. Qiu Wantian said lightly, "Sect Leaders, please rest a.s.sured. As long as Long Fei dares to come, I will make sure he does not return."

He was a peak level 7 war emperor Ranker.

He was completely different from Yin Yue, Gui Xie, and Blood Moon.

"Even if Vengeance Sect Master is here, he wouldn't dare to come."


"Vengeance Sect Leader, we will depend on you this time."

The three great sect masters were truly shocked.

Long Fei was completely crazy.

Qiu Wantian smiled faintly, and said: "But … If the sect masters have promised to do so, then you have to keep your word. "

"Sect Master Chou, don't worry. We will definitely not get our hands on the treasures of the G.o.d's devil ancient case."

"I, Soul Demons, will keep my word."

… ….

As a condition.

When the Three Great Demon Sect entered the blood sea sect, they were not allowed to think about fighting G.o.d's devil ancient case.

However …

These people were all despicable and sinister villains. Who would know when that moment really came?

At this moment.

"Reporting to Sect Master!"

Qiu Wantian asked: "What is it?"

The disciple said, "A young man has come down the mountain."

Before he could finish his words.

The faces of the three sect masters turned cold, "He's here, he's here. Long Fei is here for the slaughter."

The muscles in the corner of Qiu Wantian's eyes twitched as he coldly snorted, "He's finally here!"

The disciple looked at the Four Sect Masters' nervous expressions and was shocked in his heart. How strong is Long Fei?

However …

The disciple said in a low voice, "Sect Master, the one who has come isn't Long Fei, it's one of Nantian Sect's envoys."

Their faces darkened.

Qiu Wantian's eyes turned sinister as he shouted, "Why are you not clear about this?"

He was obviously shocked.

The scene of Long Fei killing the evil girl saints in the Ten Thousand Yin Forbidden Land was still fresh in his mind.

The other three sect leaders also let out sighs of relief.

Right now, they couldn't hear the words' a youth has descended the mountain. 'It was like they were hearing a magic spell, and they couldn't help but feel fear from the bottom of their hearts when they heard it.

Qiu Wantian said slightly: "Nantian Sect's emissary? What are you doing here at this time? "

"Could it be... is it because of Young Master Nan Tian? "

Chi Mei said: "Brother Chou, situ feng was killed, but Nantian Sect did not make a move, he definitely has a reason for coming here."

"That's right!"

"This old cunning fox situ hao has never made a loss. He must be plotting against our Devil Sect this time."

The disciple continued, "That messenger said that Nantian Sect is here to deal with Long Fei."


Qiu Wantian rolled his eyes, and said forcefully: "Can't our four devils handle a mere Long Fei? Why did you need Nantian Sect's help? "

"Let him wait for me in the side hall."

The topic of conversation had changed too quickly.

Even that disciple couldn't react for a long time.

Qiu Wantian shouted, "Why aren't you going?"

"Yes, yes!"

Qiu Wantian slightly shouted: "I want to see what that situ hao wants to do!"

… ….

Half an hour later.

"Hahaha …"

"Envoy, rest a.s.sured that I will do as you say. Also, help me thank Sect Head Situ." Qiu Wantian said respectfully.

The envoy of the Southern Sky Region said lightly: "Sect Master Qiu, please wait. Our enemies are the same this time, leave Long Fei to us."

"Thank you, thank you!"

Qiu Wantian was extremely eager.

Towards Long Fei, he was also a little fearful in his heart.

It was rumored that Long Fei was already a war emperor Ranker in the outside world.

Even for him, it was a little too much.

Right now, Nantian Sect wanted to take revenge for situ feng and stop him.

Watching the envoy leave, Qiu Wantian was all smiles, "Is there such a good thing in the world? Hahaha... This is my chance, Qiu Wantian. "

"As long as I obtain the G.o.d's devil ancient case, what does a mere Nantian Sect count for?"

"Hahaha …"

And then …

One of the elders asked: "Sect Leader, could it be Nantian Sect's scheme?"



"In this Bloodridge Mountain, even a crafty scheme wouldn't be able to do anything to me." Qiu Wantian was extremely confident, his mind was filled with the fantasy of the 'G.o.d's devil ancient case'.

The elder did not say anything more.

… ….

"Hahaha …"

In another place.

situ yao laughed loudly, "Truly a pig, Qiu Wantian, you want me to protect your blood sea sect? You're really too naive. "

A hundred thousand disciples had hidden themselves within the Blood Sea Mountains.

situ yao.

level 7 war emperor!

This time, it was the commander of a hundred thousand disciples.

He followed situ hao's instructions, and as expected … Qiu Wantian agreed without even thinking.

"Elder, what should we do now?"

"Push forward a hundred kilometers, surround blood sea sect completely!"

"Also, watch out for Long Fei's movements. Report to me the moment you enter the Blood Sea Mountain Range!"


"You mustn't stop him. The Devil Sect can't handle a mere piece of trash from the war elder realm, but he's nothing more than an ant in my eyes."

"Our goal this time is the blood sea sect, to uproot and uproot their roots!"

situ yao did not even put Long Fei in his eyes.


He wanted to borrow Long Fei's strength and quickly push towards the blood sea sect.

The first day pa.s.sed.

Long Fei did not appear.

The next day pa.s.sed.

Long Fei still had not appeared …

The third day!

In situ yao's tent, a disciple ran in and said: "Long Fei has appeared!"

situ yao's eyes flashed with a trace of light, and he excitedly said: "Alright!"

"Immediately report to Qiu Wantian, even if Long Fei breaks through our defense and dares to rush to the blood sea sect, we Nantian Sect will follow him with all our power." situ yao had already thought of everything.

"Two birds with one stone!"

"Hahaha... My, situ yao's, name has also resounded throughout the entire South Horizon Region, hahaha … "

… ….

blood sea sect.

Qiu Wantian's eyes were filled with anger, and he bellowed: "Nantian Sect can't even take a single blow? You can't even defend against a single Long Fei? "


"The number one sect of the South Horizon Region? In my opinion, it's the number one trash sect." He thought that Long Fei would be intercepted and killed before he even arrived, but...

And then …

Qiu Wantian frowned, and shouted: "So what?!"

"You dog, watch how I'll take care of you!"

In the air above blood sea sect.

Ice and fire flapped their wings, soaring high in the sky. However … There was no sign of Long Fei on the dragon's back.

Ice and fire circled above blood sea sect once, then flew into the clouds!

It disappeared!

In another place.

Xiao Bai said in a low voice, "Master, it's just as you had expected. There's a large group of people up ahead, and they are all orthodox sect disciples."

"Nantian Sect!"

Long Fei moved and said: "Enchanted!"

"Buzz!" Strongest Upgrade System:

With the body of the Sky Demon, the corners of Long Fei's lips curled up slightly as he sneered: "situ hao, I really have to thank you for sending such a large wave of experience."

"Hahaha …"

"Xiao Bai, kill him!"

Chapter III

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