The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 38

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### Chapter 38 - BOSS Appear

He saved Long Shan and gave him a Highest Grade Medicine Powder.

Long Shan was so moved that he couldn't even speak. "Young Lord, I was in the wrong in the past. From today onwards, my Long Shan's life is yours."

"Young master, you're too strong."

"Young Lord..."

Long Fei glared at him and said: "Can you shut up?"

Long Shan immediately shut his mouth.

Long Fei said: "Now listen to me, hide in the hollow of the tree, and don't let anyone find out. This is a healing pill, if you take another pill in four hours, all the wounds on your body will be healed."

Long Shan replied, "Many thanks Young Master, but Young Master, where do you want to go? According to my speculations, not only are there death warriors from the Zhuge family, there are also warriors from the Li Martial Arts Sect, Nangong Lei's men and there are also people from the Nangong Imperial Clan that had secretly sent them. The Fire Wolf Valley is too dangerous, Long Ao has also sent people to search for you, to kill you. "

The night was too dangerous. Demonic beasts and killers were destined to be a feast of

"As expected." Long Fei's heart trembled, and said: "Since everyone wants my life, then let's see who wants who's life!"

And then …

Long Fei began to move quickly.

… ….

"Elder, we lost contact with the three warriors. They must have fallen."

Zhuge Wei frowned and said in a low voice, "Find out who did it?"


"Tras.h.!.+" Zhuge Wei harrumphed coldly and said, "The Dragon G.o.d Warriors are definitely still alive. Kill them all for me. Kill all the disciples of the Long family. Don't let anyone leave here alive."

"Yes sir!"

… ….

Li Martial Arts Sect also received the news that the death warrior of the Zhuge family was killed.

Li Tian Feng asked: "Did Long Zhanwu discover something?"

"No, from the beginning till the end, Long Zhanwu did not send anyone into the Fire Wolf Valley, he did not seem to care about what was happening in the Fire Wolf Valley at all."

Li Tian Feng said, "I understand. Let's follow our original plan and continue to kill!"

… ….

Nangong Lei was secretly shocked, "Are there any disciples that can kill Zhuge, the Death Soldiers?"

An old man replied: "Reporting to Your Highness, the strongest disciple in the Long family examination is at the fifth level of the war spirit, this kind of strength might kill one person, but killing three at the same time is simply impossible."

Nangong Lei muttered: "Could it be the Dragon G.o.d Warriors?"

The old man was silent.

And then …

Nangong Lei sneered, and said: "No matter who it is, this batch of Long Family disciples all died in Fire Wolf Valley, send my order, let Gui Shou take action!"

The old man immediately nodded, and said: "The five level monster is already prepared, once you enter the Fire Wolf Valley, you will be furious. At that time, not a single one of the Long family disciples will be able to survive, and all the death warriors of Zhuge family and the warriors of Li Martial Arts Sect will all die."

Nangong Lei laughed sinisterly and said: "We can definitely heavily injure them this time!"

"Who would have thought that I, Nangong Lei, would have a Beast Master Stage expert?"


… ….

The night was so quiet that it was terrifying.


A black shadow flashed past.

A Long family disciple walked out of the cave and suddenly shouted, "Who is it?"

It was also at this moment.

The four Li Martial Arts Sect s who rushed out were all elite warriors of the war spirit Realm.

He moved at full power.

"Roar …"

A talisman exploded, and a Sword Teeth Tiger rushed out. It directly pushed a warrior to the ground and bit off his neck.

Instant kill!


The system sounded out.

Soon after, a ghost-like man wielded a saber and hacked down.

His blade technique was incomparably fierce.

"Open the skin!"


"Broken tendons, broken bones!"

whoosh whoosh … *

The combination of dragon salyer technique and Ripple Tiny Steps was perfect and invulnerable.

After a few consecutive slashes, the remaining three were killed.

The Long Family disciples who were standing at the entrance of the cave were shocked. Looking at the dim Long Fei, they asked, "Who are you?"

Long Fei said, "Members of the Long family."

And then he disappeared in the blink of an eye.

… ….

"Ahh …"

A Long family disciple cried out in pain.

Long Fei's eyes darkened, and rushed forward with all his strength.

No matter what Long Zhanwu wanted to do to him, he always remembered one thing, he was a member of the Long family!

The Long family's eldest son was the person who treated him the best in the world.

The Long family was his hard work. He couldn't let the external forces kill the Long family's disciples so easily, absolutely not!

In addition!

Killing was so much better than killing Fire Wolves.

He had plenty of experience and could drop some items. Although these items were trash, they could still be exchanged for points.

Then there was the possibility of obtaining Energy Values!

Long Fei spent the entire night the people of three pillars.

Li Tian Feng and Zhuge Wei's hearts chilled. There were constant reports of death. They even felt that this was an from the Long family.

He was a little confused.


Most importantly, they did not even know who killed him.

More and more disciples of the Long family were saved, and they too, did not know who it was. Long Fei only left behind one sentence each time, "Members of the Long family."

This caused the Long family disciples to feel warm in their hearts.

The disciples of the Long family quickly gathered together.

This way, it would be difficult for the death soldiers of the Zhuge family and the warriors of the Li family to him.

… ….

Long Ao flew into a rage, "You two are trash, if you can't even find them, what's the use in raising you two?"

Long Tai and Long Lin lowered their heads in silence.

Long Ao frowned, and said: "Since you can't find it, then hunt all the monsters here! You must get first place in the first round of the examination!"

"Yes sir!"

This was what Long Zhanwu had instructed him to do. If he was still unable to deal with Long Fei on the second night, then there would be no need for him to act anymore.

In the end, even Long Ao did not know who it was.

However …

Long Ao believed that Long Fei would definitely not be able to survive.

"Long Fei, just you wait!"

… ….

A night of killing.

Long Fei couldn't remember how many people he killed, but he couldn't remember who those black-robed Death Soldiers were anymore.

Early morning.

He squatted down by the stream and washed his face, checking everything except for the pills.

His points had now reached 800.

"I still need 200 more points to exchange for a Demonic Cultivator."


On the other side of the hill there was a loud noise.



The earth shook and the mountains shook. The towering trees were uprooted, the broken mountains crumbled, and in less than half a minute, they rushed into Fire Wolf Valley.

"Demonic Beast!"

"five level monster, the five level monster has rushed into the Fire Wolf Valley. Everyone run!"

"The five level monster is here, run."

… ….

The disciples of the Long family frantically fled.

The more they ran, the more crazily the mountain-like demonic beast chased. Its two palms swept out, grabbing a towering tree and ferociously throwing it out.


A few of the Long family disciples were overturned.

They usually hid deep within the Fire Gla.s.s Mountain Range, so they would not appear outside the mountain range. Adding to this berserk mode, Long Fei's heart tightened, "Beast Master?"


Long Fei rushed out and rushed to the hillside. Looking ahead, his eyes opened wide and he laughed excitedly: "Boss!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 38

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