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Dark Peak.

The dark energy was like a blade, crazily blowing about.

Long Fei carried the dragon salyer on his shoulder, his entire face was filled with dominance, his voice sank and suddenly exploded, "Dark Crow King, brother is here again!"

His voice resounded in the sky.

It directly exploded at the top of Dark Peak.


The flames at the top of the pitch black Dark Peak burned brightly, and Fire Ravens covered the sky as they rushed towards Long Fei.

"F * ck!"

"It's a high-leveled skill."

Long Fei's mind trembled, the corner of his mouth slightly curled, and said: "Do you think I'm still the same as a few months ago?"

The dragon salyer descended.

The black flame on the blade rolled out, Long Fei moved, and said: "Ice Fire!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Ice and fire rushed out from war pet s.p.a.ce. Long Fei leapt onto the dragon's back, and coldly sneered: "Charge up, and burn down his nest."

"Roar …"

The sound of ice and fire rose up into the sky. A flock of Fire Ravens followed behind him. It was a spectacular sight.

"Heh heh …"

Long Fei rode his ice and fire to the top of the cloud layer. Looking at the two death-like eyes at the top of the Dark Peak which was not far from him, his heart sank. "Charge over there."

Ice and Fire said, "Understood!"

His speed changed, his wings flapped, and he quickly rushed to the top of Dark Peak.

Compared to a few months ago, Bing Huo's Level Increase had increased by quite a few levels, and he had now reached level 17!

Speed, strength, and attack all increased.

In the beginning, he had been in an extremely sorry state due to the Fire Ravens, but now, these Fire Ravens couldn't keep up at all.

"Come on!"

"Burn me! I can't catch up to him, hahaha …" The flames and ice were incredibly proud of themselves as they flew left and right, while the Fire Ravens flew right and left as well.

He was completely fooled by the flames and ice.

To be exact, he was probably being played by Long Fei.

Long Fei laughed secretly in his heart: "It's like tracking missiles, this is really fun."

"Last time, you chased me until I was p.i.s.sed. This time … I'll burn down your old nest first. "

Long Fei's control of his fire and ice had obviously slowed down by a few degrees.

He was maintaining a certain distance from the Fire Ravens.

On top of Dark Peak was a huge tree. There were no branches or leaves on the tree, it was completely black like a burned tree.

At the top of the tree there was a huge nest.

Dark Crow King's lair.

Inside the den, Dark Crow King stared at Long Fei with eyes filled with the power of death, and said with an ice-cold voice. "Puny human, is it you again?"

"You escaped last time, and you still dare to come today?"

Dark Crow King's solemn voice sounded out.


Long Fei grinned from ear to ear: "Last time, big bro said that there would be a day I would f * * k you up. Big bro came here now, to f * ck your Dark Crow King."

"You're courting death!" The Dark Crow King's voice fell.

The Fire Ravens increased their speed in an instant.

Long Fei's palms broke out in cold sweat, and he said: "Fire and ice, add!"


The distance between them widened once again, maintaining a very ingenious distance.

Dark Crow King's body shook, and said: "Your strength has increased a bit, but with your little cultivation, you still dare to fight with me? You are courting death! "

Long Fei laughed: "Really?"

As soon as he finished.

Long Fei moved his idea once more, before suddenly diving down. With a loud roar, he shouted, "Look at who's courting death."

The direction suddenly changed.

The Fire Ravens didn't even have time to react.

The flock of Fire Ravens crashed into the big black tree. However, the moment they crashed into the tree, all the Fire Ravens exploded into pieces.




The huge ancient tree combusted, and even the Dark Crow King's lair started to burn as well.

"Who wants to die?"

"Feeling good?"

"Last time, you almost made me pee my pants. This time, you yourself got blown away, Dark Crow King, so what's so good about it?"

"Hahaha …" Long Fei laughed out loud.

It was also at this time.

Dark Crow King was furious beyond compare, but...

The center of Yan Huang ancestor's brows tightened as he said, "His lifespan is almost up."

"What do you mean?"

Long Fei's heart tightened. He didn't come here to kill Dark Crow King this time, but to tame him. Without him, Long Fei wouldn't even be able to go down to the Underworld.

Yan Huang ancestor said: I'm going to die, my lifespan is almost up, seems like he hasn't evolved into a Nine Secret Underworld Finches yet.

"Now, only by evolving into a Nine Secret Underworld Finches can he regain his life force."

"F * ck!" Long Fei cursed in his heart, "Ancestor, what should we do now? Without him, how would I have entered the Underworld, and how would I have found Xie Qin's Three Souls and Seven Souls? "

This was a very important issue!

Without Dark Crow King, Long Fei could not enter the Underworld!


The furious Dark Crow King gave up on his last moments of effort.

He was going to die with dignity right now.

He wanted to kill Long Fei.

"Rumble …"

The sky suddenly began to burn.

Endless flames burned as the Dark Crow King roared, "You lowly human, I want you to enter the Underworld!"

Long Fei frowned, and suddenly shouted: "Crow King, you have exhausted all of your lifespan yet you dare to use such a strong power, do you want to be reincarnated as soon as possible?"

Dark Crow King's eyes moved, and said: "How do you know that my lifespan is exhausted? Kid, who exactly are you? "

Only he knew of his longevity.

In these thousand years, no one dared to go against his domain, nor did they know when his lifespan would be used up. However, Long Fei actually knew that he was about to die.

Old dead.

Long Fei said heavily, "Who I am is not important. What is important is that I can help you evolve, grant you a new life expectancy, and allow you to become a Nine Secret Underworld Finches!"

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …" Crow King laughed wildly, "With just you? You, a lowly cultivator of the war master ream, actually said something like you want me to evolve into a Nine Secret Underworld Finches. You are not just an ordinary arrogant individual, I have cultivated for a thousand years and I am still unable to evolve, what made you dare to be so arrogant? "

After a thousand years, he had persevered in his efforts. However, in the end, he still failed.

It was also at this time.

Yan Huang ancestor's voice suddenly came out, "He can't, I can!"

Dark Crow King's expression immediately changed.

"You are..."

He could feel the ferocity in his voice.


He was still somewhat familiar with this sound. The feeling was as if he had heard this sound in a dream or a reincarnation.

Yan Huang ancestor shouted. "Don't care who I am, do as this brat says, understand?" = Half ^ Float # # Life ^

"Yes, yes!"

He was hesitating, but the Dark Crow King nodded in agreement for some reason.

Because of the Yan Huang ancestor's voice!

Long Fei was secretly shocked, "What's going on?"

Chapter III

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 383

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