The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 40

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### Chapter 40 - Are you crazy?

Fire Gla.s.s City, Long family.

A disciple anxiously ran into Long Zhanwu's courtyard.

Long Zhanwu was practicing his martial arts leisurely in the courtyard. He was disturbed and looked displeased, "What happened? Why are you in such a hurry?"

"Great Clan Elder, not good, a five level monster rushed in from the Fire Wolf Valley, ma.s.sacring crazily. Countless disciples of the Long family have died."

Long Zhanye also hurriedly entered, and just as he was about to report this matter, he asked: "Big brother, what do we do?"

He whispered into Long Zhanwu's ears: "Not only the five level monster, the death warriors of the Zhuge family, the warriors of the Li Martial Arts Sect, and the people from the Nangong Imperial Clan have all entered the Fire Wolf Valley."

Long Zhanwu calmly wiped the sword in his hand, and asked softly: Where is Long Fei, that trash? Did you get rid of it? "

The first thing he cared about was not the life and death of the disciples of the Long family, but whether Long Fei had died or not!

Long Zhanye sunk, gently shook his head, and said: "Not yet!"

Long Zhanwu's eyes turned sinister, the sword in his hand suddenly erupted with a myriad of Sword Qi, with one slash, a Plum Blossom Tree more than 10 metres away directly exploded, breaking into over 10 thousand pieces.

Long Zhanye's eyes widened as he said in pleasant surprise: "Big brother, you succeeded …."

Without waiting for him to finish speaking, Long Zhanwu shouted in a deep voice, "If you can't even take care of a small piece of trash, what are you doing? killer at failure alliance did not make his move? "

Long Zhanye's expression changed, and he said: "Fire Wolf Valley's current situation is extremely complicated, I'm not sure whether or not I'll be able to kill them."

The Fire Wolf Valley was in a mess now.

Long Zhanye said again: "Big Brother, Long Ao is still inside. If he gets hurt, we should rush over right now. This a.s.sessment is over early …"

"No way!"

Long Zhanwu interrupted: "The a.s.sessment is just an a.s.sessment, it cannot be ended early. As for the five level monster entering Fire Wolf Valley, that is a test for the disciples of the Long family!"

Long Zhanye was dumbstruck, and said: "Big brother, those are the elites of the Long family, they are …."

"Don't say anymore!"

Long Zhanwu bellowed, "Since it's an elite, then it should have the appearance of an elite, otherwise, it's nothing!"


"Long Fei did not die, he must die. Even if it means taking the lives of all the disciples of the Long family, we must make him die in Fire Wolf Valley. As for Ao'er, there is someone by his side who will protect him."

Long Zhanwu's goal was very simple.

If they wanted Long Fei to die in Fire Wolf Valley, they would not hesitate to bury him along with hundreds of other disciples of the Long Family.

Even Long Zhanye was frightened. These hundred over elite warriors of the Long family were related to the foundation of the Long family. If they all died, it would be more serious than losing a Dragon G.o.d Warrior.

Long Zhanye felt a chill in his heart.

For the sake of his position, for the sake of becoming the Long Family's Patriarch, Long Zhanwu had gone crazy!

… ….

The Long family did not send anyone into the Fire Wolf Valley.

Furthermore, without even announcing the conclusion of the examination, the disciples of the Long family were left to fend for themselves in Fire Wolf Valley.

This was something that no one had expected.

Even Zhuge Wei and Li Tian Feng didn't expect this.

However …

Long Zhanwu did not send anyone to protect the disciples of the Long Family, they were even more happy and immediately pa.s.sed down the order to everyone in the Fire Wolf Valley to retreat.

"The Long family is finished."

"These elites will all die in the Fire Wolf Valley. Without these elites, the Long family will be in a state of disarray, and at that time … … "Hahaha..."

"It won't be long before there's no more Long family in Fire Gla.s.s City."

"Hahaha …"

Zhuge Wei was laughing, Li Tian Feng was laughing, Nangong Lei was laughing extremely happily, and the Nangong Imperial Family was also very satisfied.

At the same time.

They were also quickly evacuating.

He couldn't leave any clues for the Long family.

To them, although they had lost a group of elites, but with the deaths of over a hundred of the Long family's elite disciples, their profits were just too great.

A few hours later.

The retreat of the three pillars's family was done without a sound, and did not leave any trace.

All that was left in Fire Wolf Valley was the fleeing disciples of the Long family.

At this moment, the Long family's conviction was shaken in their hearts.

… ….

And then there was Long Fei.

Long Fei quickly got closer, found the chance, and heavily jumped. He tightly grabbed onto his Desolate Blade and used dragon salyer technique, hacking down, "Slicing the skin!"

It struck onto the back of the Large Power King Kong Ape.


"— 2"

A damage rose up, so low that it caused one's hair to stand on end.

"Holy sh * t!" Long Fei cursed.

It was also at this time.

The Large Power King Kong Ape flipped over and struck down with its palm, "Bang!"

"Be careful!"

Liu Luoxi suddenly shouted out.

Long Fei's body fell down heavily like a kite with its string broken.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

After smas.h.i.+ng onto the ground, a deep crater appeared. Long Fei quickly swallowed a Highest Grade Medicine Powder as his internal organs felt as if they were going to shatter.

The injuries in his body stabilized slightly.

Long Fei pushed himself off the ground with his long blade and struggled to get up, cursing: "Dammit, that's a little too strong isn't it?"

When the Large Power King Kong Ape saw that Long Fei did not die, it looked like it had been humiliated.

"Mountain-hit Fist?!"

Long Fei's expression changed, "Ripple Tiny Steps."

He was bursting out with all his strength.




… ….

The earth quaked and the mountains shook. It was as if the earth was being split open. The rocks turned into dust, and dust filled the sky.

"Long Fei!"

"Long Fei!"

"Long Fei!"

The three girls shouted out Long Fei's name at the same time.

That fist … I'm afraid there is no hope of survival.

"Cough, cough, cough..."

"Cough, cough, cough..."

"Don't worry, I'm not dead yet." Long Fei was slightly touched in his heart. It was great to have someone to worry about. That punch just now was too terrifying.

He nearly peed his pants.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

After losing Long Fei's figure in the dust, the Large Power King Kong Ape locked onto Liu Luoxi and the other two. With a heavy shake of its feet, it roared towards the sky, "Roar …"

The sound waves could shake the sky and disturb one's mind.

It was like the suppression of a cultivator in his realm.

The three women's expressions were dull as they stood there motionlessly.

The Large Power King Kong Ape once again used both hands to punch, striking towards Liu Luoxi.

Long Fei's eyes turned sinister, "Your ancestors dared to touch my, Long Fei's, woman, you're tired of living!"

At this moment.

Long Fei couldn't care so much anymore.

He lowered his body and spread out his limbs.


The big toad made a strange noise, then the idea moved, "Activate all true breath s!"

One thousand eight hundred true breath were completely released.

This was all of his true breath, and he used it all on the 'Toading Skill'.

With a heavy bounce, he struck out fiercely.


Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The big toad Long Fei crashed into the Large Power King Kong Ape's chest, causing 1800 true breath to rush into its body.

"Rumble …"

The Large Power King Kong Ape's body slightly trembled, her steps were a little unsteady, and she staggered a few steps back.

The Mountain-hit Fist was also interrupted.


A bright red number appeared above its head, '— 8090', a damage of 8000 points!

"Too abnormal."

"Eighteen hundred true breath s can cause that much damage? "d.a.m.n you." Long Fei felt cold in his heart, this fellow was too abnormal.

Raising his head to swallow a true breath Pill.

true breath could recover 500 points in 3 seconds, but it was no longer useful in a short period of time.

Long Fei quickly rushed to Liu Luoxi's side and looked at the three of them.

Xiao Tiantian's face flushed red as she asked shyly, "What did you say just now?"

Liu Luoxi and Ye Ziyan were also looking at Long Fei.

"Just now?"

"I said run." Long Fei said.

Xiao Tiantian fiddled with the corner of his clothes, his face even redder, and said: "It's not this one, it's the previous one."

"Last sentence?" Long Fei thought for a moment, then said: "Your sister."

Xiao Tiantian's expression immediately changed, and he immediately shouted in fury: "Your sister, your sister, your entire family's sister!"

"Are you crazy?" Long Tian was completely confused!

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 40

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