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The evil ghost leader looked at Long Fei and thought for a while, then said, "Brat, if you can't take it out, there is still a place for mining in the Underworld. When the time comes, you can dig a hole through the coal for me."

"Clank, clank, clank!"

Long Fei made up the music for himself and took out a black pill from his bosom. He said to the chief evil spirit in a low voice: "Do you know what this is called?"

His face was filled with excitement.

The evil ghost shuddered and asked, "What pill?"

"Heh heh …"

"This thing is amazing." Long Fei lowered her voice and said: "I would never give an ordinary person to him. You're different, someone as mighty and powerful as yourself is definitely worthy of this pellet."

The evil ghost leader was extremely proud as he said, "Quickly tell me what pill it is."

Long Fei said with a serious face, "Listen carefully, this is the best pellet you can find in the Nine Heavens and Ten Earth. After consuming it, it will rotate 360 degrees and after that, it will continue to spin and Thomas will not be able to sleep in it seven times in one night. "Brother Wei!"


Looking at the black pill in front of him, the evil ghost leader squinted his eyes and said, "Brat, don't you know how to mess with me?"

Long Fei immediately replied: "I don't dare."

The evil ghost leader sneered, "Leng you brat, you don't have the guts to do that."

After he finished speaking, he took the pill and was about to throw it into his mouth, but was instantly suppressed by Long Fei, and said: "This pill's medicinal properties are incomparably fierce, if you take it now, I'm worried …"

Hearing that, the evil ghost leader immediately laughed, and said, "Hahaha …" Not bad, not bad at all.

"Today, I managed to catch an untactful girl, and I just so happened to be able to use this awesome pill to boost my mood." The ghost head lewdly smiled.

Long Fei also laughed along.


The evil ghost leader laughed coldly and shouted, "How many of these pills do you have on you?"

Long Fei slightly asked: "How much do you want?"

The evil ghost replied, "My physique is different from others. Others can't get out of bed seven times a night. I can't get out of bed twenty-one times a night."

Long Fei stared blankly for a moment, then said while looking at him: "You really are a dragon within ghosts."

"Wait a moment, I'll look for it again!"


Long Fei rubbed his hands together, left and right, all over the place, and thought in his heart: "Luckily I didn't take a bath for the past half month, otherwise, it would have been really difficult to solve this problem."

Not long after.

Long Fei took out the two Wei Ge s and said: "These are the last two. There's really nothing else."

And then …

Long Fei acted as if he was extremely unwilling, and said: "Ghost head, can you leave me one? This is my last two."

"Bring it here, boy."

The evil ghost leader s.n.a.t.c.hed the pill and said disdainfully, "With your small physique, you would probably be a 5 second man. This pill would be a waste if I gave it to you; even if it has a 7 fold effect, you would still be a 35 second man. What's the use of that?"

"Err …"

Long Fei forced a smile, nodded, and said: "Alright."

"Five seconds male?"

"Let's see how many seconds you can last tonight!"

The evil ghost head kicked Long Fei's b.u.t.t, and said: "Enter the city!"


The corner of Long Fei's mouth curled into a cold smile, and he thought to himself: "Tonight, you're going to fly to the sky."

Walking on the bridge that led to Demonic City, Long Fei slowly walked and kept looking. He didn't see the legendary Grandma Meng and couldn't help but ask, "Didn't they say that there is Grandma Meng on the Bridge of Helplessness?"

"Bridge of Helplessness?"

"Grandma Meng's Elixir?"

"Only those who have entered the cycle of reincarnation have the right to enjoy it, us? "You don't have the qualifications yet. Wait a moment."

… ….

"It seems like the Underworld is truly different from what I imagined." Long Fei's heart tensed up, "Where can I go to find three Souls and six Souls?"

"Let's enter the city first!"

Phantom capital.

For ghosts, this was the first stop.

It was also where the new ghost was registered.

This was the King of h.e.l.l.

There were also two big gangs, the Ox-Head Gang and the Horse-Face Hall.

These two gangs controlled everything here. The King of h.e.l.l was the supreme commander, and under normal circ.u.mstances, he wouldn't step in unless something huge happened.

And today, something big had happened.


He could feel someone's aura entering this place.

Humans and ghosts were different. No matter how powerful one was, one could not enter this place.

King Yanluo's forehead turned sinister, "Who is it?"

"What's the matter with entering my Underworld?"

"Could it be because of my Book of Life and Death?"

"No way!"

"I have to find him first. He's human, and I have to turn him into a ghost so that I don't have to worry about anything." King Yama laughed out loud.

And then …

The idea sunk and pa.s.sed onto the Ox-Head and Horse-Face of the Fragrance Inn in the True Beauty's Lair. Instantly, the two of them jumped up from the woman's stomach.

"Which one of you can find this person? The position of the ghost city's vice city lord is his."

"Remember, you can't mess up the order of the ghost city. This is my territory, if you want the higher-ups to see the disturbance here, then there's no need for you two to exist."

The two of them shook.

They had fought for the position of vice city lord for their entire lives, so this time, they had to determine who was the better one.

Ox-Head said fiercely, "The vice city lord position is mine."

Horse-Face did not want to be outdone and said, "Heh heh... Ox-Head, are you the only one who is qualified to be a Vice City Lord? I am the only one qualified, hahaha … "

The two quickly left, returning to their respective halls.

"Go and check it out immediately."

"Remember to capture him alive!"

… ….

Half a day later.

Long Fei searched for a long time, but didn't find anything, and even inquired a few times about where the Three Souls and Seven Souls were …

However …

It wasn't as if he didn't achieve anything after all this time.

He knew one thing.

This Ghost City was one of the territories under the jurisdiction of the Yama King. If he wanted to find someone, he would definitely be able to find him easily.

"The King of h.e.l.l is?"

"Hades' Manor!"

Long Fei looked at the most imposing and tyrannical building in the center of the city, and it was as if a primordial wild beast was roaring. "No matter what, I have come, and will not return until I find Xie Qin's soul and body."

"To the Residence of Hades!"

Searching for Xie Qin's Three Souls and Seven Souls could not be considered a quest, so there were no hints.

In Ghost City, Long Fei was running around like a headless fly.

He didn't have a clue.

Of course.

This was his first time in the Underworld so he was not familiar with the situation here.

Long Fei slowly walked in the direction of the Residence of Hades.

The streets were in a state of chaos.

"The Ox-Head Gang has matters to attend to, those who are unrelated can just scram to the side. Who dares to anger laozi, laozi will make sure he can't even be a ghost." A savage evil spirit bellowed.

A dozen or so members of the Ox-Head Gang rushed into an inn and brought their boss out. They slapped him to the ground and said, "Old man, I hate it when people stand and talk to me."

"Tell me, is there anyone special staying here today?"

At this moment.

It was the same for the other inn. However, it was another group of people. However, they were all from the Horse-Face Hall. They were all incredibly vicious.

Long Fei's heart trembled, "Have I been discovered?"

— —

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