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"You're not a ghost!"

As soon as he finished.

The s.p.a.ce between Long Fei's eyebrows tightened.

In that instant.

The entire yard quieted down, so quiet that it was terrifying.

Long Fei's eyes flashed with a trace of light.

She turned her head to look at Long Fei, then looked at the child and said: "Ling'er, don't speak nonsense. In Ghost City, everyone is a ghost."


The beautiful woman reacted with pleasant surprise: "Ling'er, you can talk? You spoke up, hha ha. You can talk now. "

He was incomparably happy.

Incomparable excitement.

She had never been happier.

For an entire eight years, from birth until now, he had never uttered a single word. Even when he was crying, he had never cried.

If he wasn't used to being beaten or scolded, he would never make a sound.

That 'you're not a ghost' was the first sound he made since he was born.

The lady was so happy that tears started streaming down her face.

Seeing that, Long Fei laughed: "Your mother is right, everyone in Ghost City is a ghost, I am also a ghost!"

The child was still looking at Long Fei as he said, "You're not a ghost, you're a human!"

In that instant.

Long Fei's eyes became colder.

He didn't know how the child in front of him could tell that he was human. Even those evil leaders couldn't tell that he was human, so how could a child tell?

The beautiful woman was startled. She seemed to have felt the coldness in Long Fei's eyes and pulled her son closer. "Ling'er, don't speak nonsense."

Now, Long Fei was sure that the entire Ghost City was searching for him.

If his whereabouts were to be leaked out …

Long Fei slightly said: "Since you know that I am a human, then …"

The beautiful woman's expression changed, and she immediately kowtowed to Long Fei: "It was Ling'er who said that, it was Ling'er who said that.

She was too worried.

Long Fei smiled lightly: "I won't do anything to you."


Long Fei had finally felt the hearts of all the parents in the world today.

Long Fei looked at the calm and collected child seriously, and then, he turned and prepared to leave.

At this moment.

The child suddenly took a step forward and asked, "Can I follow you?"


Suddenly, when Long Fei was unprepared, he turned around and looked at the child again, and laughed: "You are still a child, you should have done some things that you should have done at your age, not followed me."

The beautiful woman also quickly pulled her son back into her embrace and said, "Ling Er."

The child still had a serious expression as he said, "I want to follow you."

The beautiful woman became even more anxious and said, "Ling'er."

Long Fei asked with great interest: "Why are you following me?"

The child looked at Long Fei and said, "Because you can give me a different world. I want to return to the world that belongs to you."

Long Fei's face darkened.

The beautiful woman's expression changed drastically as her body trembled. She hugged her son tightly and said, "Don't, don't, don't. Ling'er, please don't."

Long Fei said: "You want to return Yang?"

The child nodded, "Yes, Yang. I want revenge!"

The beautiful woman was shocked once again. Her eyes were filled with fear as she kept saying, "No Ling'er, no Ling'er!"

At this moment.

The system sounded out.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for coming across the eight great King Kong mission 'Subduing the Yuling guardian warrior'!"

"Mission level: A"

"Time of mission: One year"

"task reward, 1,000 experience, 80 thousand true qi, 10 thousand points."

"Yuling guardian warrior?"

Long Fei's heart sank, and thought to himself while looking at the child: "He's one of my eight great King Kong? "No way, he's just a kid."

In that instant.

The system beep sounded again.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for coming into contact with the hidden quest 'Take your Heavenly Spirit and leave Ghost City'."

"Mission level: S"

"Time of mission: 1 year"

"task reward: 1,000 experience, true qi, 10 thousand points, special reward of the divine rank secret technique 'Ten Thousand Ghosts Withering Wood Art'!"

"Do you accept?"

Long Fei did not accept it immediately.

He looked at her seriously and said, "You really want to come with me?"

"No way!"

"You can't take him away, please, you can't take him away." The beautiful woman became nervous. She hugged the child tightly and said, "Ling Er can't leave me. She can't leave me."

Ling'er nodded. "Yes!"

Long Fei said: "Your mother doesn't agree, but I think we should forget about it. The best person in the world is still your mother, you should stay by her side."

The heavenly spirit said, "Mother is good, but I want revenge."

The beautiful woman was in tears as she said, "Ling'er, don't!"

She looked at her mother and said, "Mother, I will use ten thousand times more pain to pay for what you have endured. I will make all of them beg for death."

Evil Qi!

It was a very vicious aura.

At this moment.

Even the Yan Huang ancestor who was in closed-door training was shocked.

Yan Huang ancestor said: "What a strong evil aura, this brat …"


A idea from the Yan Huang ancestor appeared out of thin air, wanting to pry into the vicious aura within the Heavenly Spirit. But right at this moment, the Heavenly Spirit's eyes opened wide, and it spat out a word in a low voice, "Scram!"

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The aura of the Yan Huang ancestor was actually blocked by him.


Yan Huang ancestor was also unhappy, and he said: "I would actually like to see how strong your strength is."

Long Fei was a little worried, and said: "Ancestor …"

Yan Huang ancestor said slightly: "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing."

In that instant.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The s.p.a.ce in the sky rumbled like thunder. Layers after layers of bombardment descended, directly crus.h.i.+ng the top of the head of the heavenly spirit and directly reaching the deepest part of its mind.

A strange light flashed in the sky spirit's eyes, "I told you to get the h.e.l.l out of my body!"



A series of loud sounds reverberated in his body, crazily attacking the idea's power in the Yan Huang ancestor.

However …

Yan Huang ancestor laughed lightly: "Kid, you dare be arrogant in front of me? Just suppress them! "


Another loud sound rang out, the powerful force inside the Heavenly Spirit's body had been completely crushed, the Heavenly Spirit's face had also turned extremely pale, her eyes were staring straight at Long Fei, gritting her teeth, she was extremely unsatisfied.

Just like a child losing a fight, he stared at Long Fei and said: "Let me go if you dare."

"Let go of you."

The old man's breath relaxed.

At this moment.

The aura on the Celestial Spirit's body spread out as it formed a pair of claws with purplish black flames trailing behind it, revealing a few sinister runes on its body.

The Seal Runes that he could not understand at all were covered all over his body and looked extremely sinister.

One step forward to attack Long Fei.

The beautiful woman exclaimed, "Ling'er, don't!"

Chapter III

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 408

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