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Yi Tianchou's voice fell.

Long Kuangtian's face changed slightly as he exclaimed in his heart, "This is bad!"

He had forgotten that this was h.e.l.l and that there was a controller of the 18th level of h.e.l.l, the King of h.e.l.l!

"Ahh, ha, ha …"

"Ahh, ha, ha …"

King Yanluo's wild laughter spread throughout the sky, "Is it finally my turn to fight?"

The sound exploded.

The eighteen levels of h.e.l.l began to rumble.

Long Kuangtian's brows twitched, and said to Long Fei: "Quickly, leave!"


"Where can I go?"

"This is h.e.l.l, and I am the sky here. Can you walk out of the control of the heavens?" The voice of King Yama resounded arrogantly.

He was in charge of the entire Ghost Manor in the South Horizon Region.

The 18 of h.e.l.l was something he controlled all by himself. Just where could he go?

Yi Tianchou also laughed out loud, and said: "Long Kuangtian, you probably don't know yet, but the Long Family junior in front of you is still a person."

"He's still a living person, not a dead person like you."

Long Kuangtian's heart trembled when he saw Long Fei's actions, his face was filled with excitement, and he started laughing out loud, "Only the Long Family would be able to cause such a ruckus like this in h.e.l.l."

"Boy, you're too handsome. You're much more handsome than I am. At least, I couldn't have been able to do that back then."

He really couldn't do it.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have died!

"Ahh, ha, ha …"

King Yama laughed out wildly and said, "So what if he's alive? So what if they were from the Long Family? All of them will die today! "

"Ahh …"

"It's King Yama, what should we do?"

"What are you afraid of? What is there to be afraid of here? "

"When I followed the young master, I never thought of leaving this place alive. Being able to do something so exciting in my lifetime, it's already more than enough."

"Young master, what do you think we should do?"

Everyone looked at Xiang Longfei.

They knew that even if they recovered their peak strength, they would still not be a match for the King of h.e.l.l.

However …

He still wanted to do something extra for Long Fei and fight it out with him.

Because …

They were extremely close to breaking through the eighteenth level of h.e.l.l.

Long Fei also understood in his heart that these people could not bear King Yanluo's attacks and asked Yan Huang ancestor, "Ancestor, how are your preparations going?"

Yan Huang ancestor said: "Brat, there is only one way to bring them out, Death Calling G.o.d Seal!"

"Only by absorbing all their primordial spirits into the Death Calling G.o.d Seal, would we be able to take them all out. You have to think this through. "

"Once you absorb their primordial spirit into your divine seal, you won't be able to summon anything from h.e.l.l. You can only release them."

Simply put.

Yan Huang ancestor had modified the Yellow Springs Summoning Seal.

Long Fei could only choose one, which would either maintain the power of the Yellow Springs Summoning Seal or choose these villains.

Long Fei practically did not hesitate at all, and said: "I choose them."

"I've already torn myself to pieces with the King of h.e.l.l, once I use the Summoning Divine Seal, will he be able to summon me? That's impossible. "


"Which sect in the entire South Horizon Region has such great power over this previously famous war emperor realm expert?"

"Nantian Sect? The Chao Heaven Sect does not have any of them! "

Yan Huang ancestor said, "Alright, then I'll begin."

Before he could finish.

He infused one of his power into the Death Calling G.o.d Seal and after two seconds, he said to Long Fei: "Alright, now let's see if they are willing to hand over their own primordial spirits or not."

Long Fei turned around and asked: "Do you guys believe me?"

And then …

Long Fei said heavily once again, "Do you believe that I can bring you out here? I can't bring you out of the eighteen levels of h.e.l.l, but into the world of living!"

The faces of all the villains changed.

He was a bit confused.

It was as if he didn't understand what was going on.

Lang Qianli asked woodenly, "What did you say?"

Long Fei repeated: "Do you believe that I can bring you out of h.e.l.l and into the world of the living?"


Isn't this too crazy?

Only a madman would think that?

The Underworld and the living world are two completely different worlds, how can I just rush out?

However …

Seeing Long Fei's serious expression, Lang Qianli clenched his teeth and said: "Young Master, just tell me what to do, I believe you."

"I believe in you too."

"I believe you, there's nowhere to run anyways, isn't it just to die again?"

"d.a.m.n, it's as if you're talking about someone who hasn't died before."

"Hahaha …"

"Young master, we'll listen to you."

Seeing that everyone's blood was boiling, Long Fei did not beat around the bush, and said: "I want to absorb all of your origin souls into the Divine Seal, this way I can bring you out."

Everyone was stunned again.

The only thing they had left in this h.e.l.l was their primordial spirit.

Long Fei took out the Death Calling G.o.d Seal, and said. "This is the only way."

"Huff …"

Lang Qianli was ready to throw caution to the wind, the idea moved, releasing his own primordial spirit, and said: "I'll go first!"


After flying into the Divine Seal, everyone looked at each other in dismay, many of them taking half a step back.

However …

There were also quite a few people who released their primordial spirit and were absorbed by the Yellow Springs Summoning Seal.

In less than half a minute, there were one thousand five hundred villains and five hundred of them did not choose to release their primordial spirit. To them, primordial spirit was life.

If he were to absorb the life from the Divine Seal, it would most likely be gone.

Long Fei did not make it difficult for them, and said: "Quickly escape."

Everyone had their own choices.

A thousand villains chose to believe that Long Fei had already exceeded his expectations.

He couldn't force the other five hundred places, so he could only give his blessings.

Long Fei kept the Yellow Springs Summoning Seal, and turned to look at the amount of blood on Yi Tianchou's head.


The amount of blood on Long Kuangtian's head was also running low.

He had to hurry.

The five hundred villains looked at each other, then turned around and rushed back into the seventeenth level of h.e.l.l.


The King of h.e.l.l coldly laughed, "I've always wanted to purify the eighteen levels of h.e.l.l. You ants should be wiped out by now."

While they were talking …

A powerful force bombarded down from the King of h.e.l.l.


With a loud sound, more than five hundred villains were instantly killed.

Long Fei turned his head to look, "Yama Minamiya, f.u.c.k your ancestors!"

Although they didn't choose him, they were still brothers that had to struggle hard all the way.

The anger in Long Fei's heart raged.

King Yama laughed loudly, "Don't worry, I'll be waiting for you soon."


"I'll get rid of Long Kuangtian first, then I'll kill you, you little b.a.s.t.a.r.d." King Yama was not in a hurry, he was not in a hurry at all.

The eyes of two Yama Kings appeared in the air. They stared at Long Kuangtian and said, "You have been in h.e.l.l for ten thousand years, you should have been evolved by now, right?" Strongest Upgrade System:

Long Kuangtian's mind trembled. He currently did not have any extra strength to fight against the King of h.e.l.l. As long as the attack of the King of h.e.l.l falls, he would definitely die.

His heart tightened.

Long Kuangtian asked: "It doesn't matter if I die, King Yama, I want to ask you one last time."

"Just where did the ancestors of my Long Family go?"

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