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With a promise, he entered the Underworld!

Seize the souls and souls of the dead, make the dead come back to life.

Who could do it?

Long Fei can!

This moved them immensely. To think that there would be such a good man in this world. Their hearts were intoxicated.

"Sis, someone is watching us." Long Fei smiled faintly.

Xie Qin turned around to look, and her face blushed even more as she quickly stood up from Long Fei's embrace.

Xie Yun walked forward and hugged Xie Qin, and said excitedly: "junior sister apprentice, we had thought that we would never be able to see you again."

"Senior Sister!"

All of the female disciples were crying loudly.

After a long time.

Long Fei said: "The matters of the evil sound sect will be managed by the two of you. There are still about ten days worth of time.

"This might be a tough battle!"

Long Fei was now a level 9 warG.o.d.

But what cultivation did Hong Tianjun have first? He did not know!

Just how strong was the Heaven Sect? He didn't know.

He only knew one thing.

He was determined to get this marriage!

… ….

After all the orders had been given.

The Celestial Spirit finally spoke, "What about me?"

Long Fei looked at the sky spirit and asked, "You?"

"Your enemy is not in the South Horizon Region. We won't be able to leave the South Horizon Region for a while, so you should follow Yuan Ba and the others for now."

The genie nodded slightly. "Oh!"

Li Yuanba carried the Heavenly Spirit in his arms, caressed its little bald head and said: "Ol 'Five, follow me and I'll guarantee to make you feel good about it, hehe …"

The Sky Spirit struggled.

But he couldn't stop himself.

No one had ever dared to do this to him.

He actually dared to treat me as a toy …

When Long Fei saw this, he burst out laughing in his heart.


"Everyone, get back to work."

"Remember one thing!"

"On the first day of the new year, we must catch up with the Heaven Sect!" Long Fei emphasized.

Everyone shouted in unison, "Understood!"

And then …

Li Yuanba then pulled the Sky Spirit and Arhat out of the great hall, transforming into a ball of light and quickly disappeared into the horizon, flying towards the Demon Sect's territory.

Xie Qin stepped forward and asked, "Sect Master, what about you?"

Long Fei let out a long breath, and said: "I want to return home for a while, it's been almost three years, I should be able to return home to take a look."

At this moment.

Long Fei was like a wanderer, filled with extreme yearning.

He missed his grandfather, missed his uncle, missed everything about Long Family.

She missed Jojo, the leopard girl, Shadow and the others even more.

"Ice and Fire!"

"Let's go!"

Long Fei summoned his fire and ice and stepped onto it. With a flap of his fire and ice wings, he soared into the sky and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

… ….

One day later.

The Great Heaven Sect, in the grand hall.

"What did you say?"

"He's not dead?"

"He disappeared for over a year, and now he has returned? Where has he been all this year? "

Hearing Elder Yin's report, the elders in the hall burst into an uproar.

Long Fei had baptized the eight great demon sects in blood.

Long Fei was a well-known figure in the entire South Horizon Region.

Rising like a comet, yet vanis.h.i.+ng like a meteor.

During this year, there were countless rumors about Long Fei. Some said that he was accepted by the G.o.d emperor academy, some said that he died in the blood sea sect, and some said that he was killed by Nantian Sect's experts.

Most of the rumors said he was dead.

But now, he had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and was even suppressing a powerhouse of the ninth level of the war emperor.

Hong Wantu's brows secretly tightened, and said solemnly: "Long Fei!"

Great Elder Dongfang Hai said slightly: "Sect Master, isn't it just a Long Fei? Even if he were to break through the ninth level of the war emperor and enter the War G.o.d's Domain, what can he do? "

"Just with Long Fei, he wants to overturn the heavens?"

Dongfang Jian's father, Dongfang Hai!

Because of Dongfang Jian, Dongfang Hai especially hated him.

These years.

He continuously suppressed Long Family.


As long as they were disciples of the Yuan Long dynasty, the Xiang Tian Sect would not accept them. Furthermore, he even spread the news that if the other sects dared to accept disciples of the Yuan Long dynasty, then they would be going against the Xiang Tian Sect!

No matter how strong a clan was, they wouldn't be able to go against a sect.

Killing a clan was far too easy.

Xiao Feng said, "Sect Master, should we inform Young Master about this? After all … This is for the Young Lord. "

All the elders looked at Hong Wantu.

Hong Wantu shook his head: "Jue'er is currently in an important period of closed door cultivation, so we absolutely cannot be disturbed. Furthermore, that expert also doesn't want us to disturb them."

"I can't tell Jue'er about this."

He couldn't distract his son.

He really did not put a single Long Fei in his eyes.

His son was even less of a threat.

Currently, he could be said to be the leader of the South Horizon Region. In the South Horizon Region, the Heaven Sect was the sky, and no one could hope to overturn the heavens.

I was worried.

Now. Hong Wantu wasn't worried at all.

Because …

G.o.d emperor academy!

Hong Wantu said slightly: "How can a mere Long Fei overturn the heavens? Does he think we are ants? Hmph, as long as he dares to come, I will make him lose his life! "

His body suddenly exploded with the aura of a war G.o.d's Peak Realm.

The entire palace was in an uproar.

Hong Wantu absolutely would not allow anyone to destroy the Heaven Sect, and even more so, would not allow anyone to harm his son.

His son was currently the strongest in the South Horizon Region, and would be the strongest in the immortal domain in the future. He was the strongest in the Sky Martial Continent, and might even become a Demon Slayer!

He firmly believed in this!

… ….

Hong Tianjun was in closed door cultivation.

Liu Luoxi was also in closed door cultivation.

After Xiao Tiantian received the news that he was back, he was no longer able to cultivate in peace. He had been guarding the entrance of Liu Luoxi's secret room, as anxious as an ant on a hot pan.

Ye Ziyan was the same.

Xiao Tiantian's eyes revealed excitement, "Coming, coming! Long Fei is coming!"

Two years pa.s.sed.

Xiao Tiantian was even more adorable than before, but the most important thing was that she had been raised by a lot.

Ye Ziyan was also incomparably excited, "The three year agreement is about to arrive!"

Xiao Tiantian grabbed onto Ye Ziyan's hand, "Second Senior Sister, seize the marriage, the woman who is the number one genius of the South Horizon Region,! Just thinking about it makes my blood boil. "

"If someone can do this for me, don't mention marrying him, I won't hesitate to die for him." Xiao Tiantian's face was filled with fantasies.

She was too excited.

Thinking about the scene of Long Fei falling from the sky, she couldn't help but become excited.

Ye Ziyan teased: "junior sister apprentice, it's spring again. When Long Fei comes, let him s.n.a.t.c.h you too."

"Hee hee …"

"Second Senior Sister, I want to as well." Xiao Tiantian muttered, "I don't know if Long Fei, that scoundrel, will still remember me."

Ye Ziyan smiled and said, "I might not remember it in the past, but … …"

She grabbed onto Xiao Tiantian's chest and rubbed hard, then exclaimed: "Wow, even though it's bigger, looking at that big chest, Long Fei still needs to remember it."

Xiao Tiantian's face was flushed red, her b.r.e.a.s.t.s straightened, although she had nurtured them well over the past two years, she was still weaker than Ye Ziyan. = semi--/floating-life +)


The stone door to the secret room opened.

A white-clothed female that seemed as if she was a otherworldly fairy walked out …

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