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New Year's Eve.

There was still one day until clan congress.

At this moment.

Compared to a few years ago, the great occasion in the was several times more lively and lively.

The scene was grand and majestic.

The Heaven Sect of Chaotic Storm also held the aura of the number one sect of the South Horizon Region. From the mountain gates to the summit, they were all served with servants, meticulous and meticulous in their actions.

It was impossible to find anything wrong with living and living alone.

Just this bit of expenditure was more than ten times that of Nantian Sect.

However …

Whether it was a first-rate family in the South Horizon Region, a dynasty, small sects, or small sects … It could be said that clan congress had made a huge profit this time. Just the spirit stones he had received formed a mountain, which was enough for him to spend on cultivating for a few years.

Not to mention the precious gifts sent by the big sects.

"Hahaha …"

"Welcome to the Myriad Gate Sect."

"Pavillion Master Hong congratulates you. To think that your n.o.ble young master would become the number one person in the Southern Domain to step into the war king realm in the past hundred years. He truly is a dragon amongst men."

"Not at all."

… ….

"Sect Leader Liu."

"Clan leader Feng …"

The people who had been continuously coming to pay their respects for the past ten days.

These ten days were Hong Wantu's happiest ten days because everyone treated him with incomparable respect, giving him the feeling of someone who would become the master of the Southern Domain.


He was the lord of the South Horizon Region.

His son Hong Tianjun had broken through to war king, and no one could compare to him.

Not to mention.

The elders of the G.o.d emperor academy have already determined that their son being able to enter the G.o.d emperor academy is considered a specially recruited student.


Furthermore, it was not just that, there was a high possibility that he would be selected by the elders of the Tong Tian hall of immortals, and become a true disciple.

In his heart, he had already become the overlord of the South Horizon Region. No one could move against him.

… ….

At night.

Hundreds of Sect Leaders and Sect Leaders were gathered here.

Hong Wantu sat in the middle of the hall, raised his gla.s.s and said: "Welcome to my sect, all of you are my friends."

"F * ck!"

"F * ck!"

Everyone picked up their and downed the wine in one gulp.

"Hahaha …" Hong Wantu finished it in one gulp and laughed loudly.

One of the Sect Leaders asked: "Pavillion Master Hong, tomorrow will be clan congress, I wonder if Young n.o.ble Tian Jue can come up?"

"Hahaha …"

"Young master Tian Jue is going on stage. Who's going to be his opponent? They're all begging for mercy on the ground."

"That's right, he's a twenty-three year old war king. He's the real number one in the South Horizon Region."

"I heard that young master Tian Jue has been specially recruited by the immortal domain. Is the Hong Sect serious?"

"G.o.d emperor academy, that's the Warrior Temple! None of us have pa.s.sed the G.o.d emperor academy's a.s.sessment in the past hundred years, it's even harder than ascending to the heavens!"

… ….

Everyone began to discuss.

Hearing their discussion, Hong Wantu was very happy, and said: "Tomorrow is the clan congress, and also the young disciple's compet.i.tion.

"As for G.o.d emperor academy."

The voice stopped.

Everyone looked at Hong Wantu, and the hall suddenly became quiet.

Hong Wantu enjoyed the feeling of being the center of attention, and laughed: "The rumors you all have heard are not false, Tian Jue has already been recruited by the high level elders of the G.o.d emperor academy, and next year, G.o.d emperor academy will enter immortal domain at the start of school."

Crash …

As the sound of his voice faded, the entire city burst into an uproar.

It was only a rumor in the past, but now, with Hong Wantu's confirmation, everyone was extremely shocked.

"Young master Tian Jue's reputation as the strongest person in the South Horizon Region is indeed well-deserved."

"This is the fortune of our South Horizon Region."

"In the future, you will definitely bring honor to our South Horizon Region."

… ….

Countless voices of praise rang out.

Hong Wanjian was extremely happy.

At this moment.

A disciple rushed into the main hall, knelt down, and said: "Report!"

He looked fl.u.s.tered.

Hong Wantu slightly said: "If you have something to say, tell me."

The disciple looked at the several hundred sect masters and hesitated.

Hong Wantu's voice sank, and said: "Speak!"

"Yes, yes!" That disciple said: "I just received news that the blood sea sect was ma.s.sacred. All of the disciples that we sent to the Heavenly Sect were killed."


Hong Wantu suddenly stood up, his eyes turned sinister as he coldly asked: "Who did it?"

The disciple said: "Three people, two of them are under Long Fei's command, and there's even the other child, we have never seen him before."

"Long Fei!"

Hong Wantu frowned, his body releasing a strong killing intent.

At this moment.

Another disciple hastily ran into the hall and said, "Reporting to Sect Leader, the Mountain Sea Sect has been ma.s.sacred, and all of the disciples of the Chao Tian Sect have been killed."


"The Blood Refinement Sect was ma.s.sacred, and our men were all killed …"

Three consecutive messages that made Hong Wanjian extremely unhappy had come, and this made him very angry.

"Long Fei!"

"You dog!"

"I think you're tired of living!" Hong Wantu's voice was incomparably gloomy.

One of the sect masters immediately stood up and said, "Pavillion Master Hong, my Ten Thousand Arts Sect is willing to be the vanguard and will definitely tear this Long Fei into pieces."

"As long as Pavillion Master Hong says it, my Liu Ye Sect will immediately attack Fire Gla.s.s City and uproot him."

"Pavillion Master Hong, we are also willing."

… ….

One by one, they stood up and made their decision.

Hong Wantu smiled slightly and said: "Merely a Long Fei, he's like a fly, and likes to cause trouble, right? Tomorrow is the clan congress, and also the day of our great wedding. Let's see what tricks you can come up with. "

"Someone, come!"


An elder walked out.

Hong Wantu said: "Are they going to head down the Heaven Mountain now? Invite them to the wedding tomorrow. "

"I want them to personally see Long Fei die in front of them!"

… ….

Early morning.

Liu Luoxi's courtyard.

Xiao Tiantian hurriedly walked in and said, "Big Senior Sister, blood sea sect, Mountain Sea Sect, and the Blood Refinement Sect have all been ma.s.sacred. It should be Long Fei who did it."

Ye Ziyan's brows tightened, and said: "Why isn't he here yet, tomorrow is the last day. Could it be that he wants to helplessly watch Senior Sister marry Hong Tianjun?"

Xiao Tiantian also muttered, "That's right, tomorrow is the final day."

"You scoundrel, if you still don't come, then Senior Sister …"

Xiao Tiantian was also incomparably anxious.

On the other hand, she was incomparably calm as she looked at Liu Luoxi, and said faintly while looking at the night sky, "I hope that you won't come, you definitely won't."

She was still holding onto the ball of paper, the paper Long Fei had drawn with a smile on his face, and the Demonic Core.

She kept it.

At this moment.

The aura in the yard rippled and a figure landed.

Hong Tianjun! = Half ^ Float # # Life ^

A figure landed on the ground.

Everything in the courtyard was instantly crushed.

Xiao Tiantian, Ye Ziyan's face became incomparably pale.

Liu Luoxi stood up, stared at the figure, and asked: What are you doing here?

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 476

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