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"The auspicious hour has arrived!"

"clan congress will now enter."

The voice of an old eunuch echoed throughout the sect.

Outside of the Martial Arts Practice Square, the heads of the various sects were waiting one after another. Hearing the sound, all the sect heads smiled and said, "It has begun."


Entering the compet.i.tion was also done in accordance with the order in which the powerhouses entered.

Some of the smaller sects did not dare to be the first to enter.

"Where's the Pavillion Master Hong?"

"He should be the first to enter, right?"

Hong Wantu was not the first to appear.

At this time, no one dared to be the first to enter the Martial Arts Practice Grounds. Whoever entered the Martial Arts Practice Grounds would be offending the Chao Tian Sect, and they wouldn't be able to afford the consequences.

No doubt about it.

Right now, the Heaven Sect was the strongest, adding the war king, who would dare to fight against Hong Tianjun?

After waiting for a whole ten minutes, Hong Wantu still did not appear.

With Nantian Sect as the leader, the few major sects were very unhappy, and said: "What are you putting on airs for us to have waited so long?"

"Is the realm of war king amazing?"

"He is obviously from the Heaven Sect. I don't believe that he will be late, and that he will be late to deal with matters on the doorstep."

Sect Master Situ, according to strength, Nantian Sect is not weak, but his disciples are far superior to the Sky Sect.

"You're right!"

The other sect leaders did not dare to speak.

Other than the Heaven Sect, Nantian Sect was the strongest, and Nantian Sect had been training in the mountains for the past year. This time, if situ hao dared to come, he would be fully prepared.

situ hao laughed faintly, and said: "Sigh, although I, Nantian Sect, am not weak, this is Sect Leader Hong's place, and we should pay our respects to him."

"But... We've waited so long and still haven't seen Pavillion Master Hong come out. This really isn't a form of hospitality to the host.

In the dark.

Hong Wantu's face turned cold, and coldly snorted: "situ hao, who do you think you are?"

… ….

Ten minutes pa.s.sed.

Everyone was getting impatient from waiting.

"Could the Pavillion Master Hong have entered?"

"We've already waited for almost half an hour. If this continues, will the clan congress still compete?"

"Why don't we go in first?"

"Sovereign Situ is the first one to enter, it's not yet your turn."

Everyone looked at situ hao, and one of them said, "Sect Master Situ, please."

Everyone was looking forward to it?

situ hao was secretly pleased in his heart, and said: "Alright, for the sake of the clan congress's normal progress, I will first go in and see what is going on."

While they were talking …

situ hao stepped into the training grounds, but before he even stepped foot inside, a cold snort came from afar, "Who is so rude?"


"Do you still think you're the sect master of the strongest sect?"

"Why aren't you taking a p.i.s.s? What kind of virtue do you have?"

situ hao's expression was very ugly, both his fists tightly clenched, the anger in his heart surging.

Hong Wantu shouted, "Ah San, don't be so rude. After all, he is Nantian Sect's Sect Master Situ.

The word 'used' was particularly strong.

He wanted to humiliate situ hao.

Because …

Back then, he had also been humiliated by situ hao and he wanted to take it back!

"Everyone has been waiting for a long time."

"I spoke a little more with the elders of the G.o.d emperor academy just now, delaying clan congress's time. I'm really sorry." Hong Wantu laughed.

He said he was sorry, but there was no sign of regret on his face.

He was now the sect master of the strongest sect.

He was also the father of the war king Ranker, Hong Tianjun.

Not to mention twenty minutes, even if it were two hours, these people would still have to wait.

All of the sect heads had smiles on their faces.

"Pavillion Master Hong is too courteous, the elders in G.o.d emperor academy are naturally more important, what's the harm in us waiting a little longer?"

"That's right, the future of Tian Jue is the most important."

"Being recruited by the G.o.d emperor academy, this is the fortune of the South Horizon Region. It's fine to wait a bit longer."

… ….

Hearing the words' G.o.d emperor academy ', they did not dare to complain in the slightest.


G.o.d emperor academy's elders were in the Heaven Sect, which made them even more fearful of the Heaven Sect.

An Elder of the G.o.d emperor academy, a Ranker of the immortal domain, what a powerful existence!

At the same time.

A few people secretly looked at situ hao, and when they saw his body trembling uncontrollably, many of them started to laugh in disdain.

Hong Wantu walked to situ hao's side and said with a faint smile, "Sect Master Situ, please step aside."

"What a good dog that doesn't block the path!"

"Sect Master Situ, this year, you are not qualified to be the first to enter."

"It's better to stay at the side."

"Hahaha …"

situ hao's expression turned to the side again, his fists clenched tightly, his joints popping loudly. Although he was enraged, he still took a step back, revealing a smile: "Pavillion Master Hong, please!"

Ah San laughed. "Good girl. She's like a good dog."

"Hahaha …" Hong Wantu started to laugh out loud, and behind him, the other sect masters also started to laugh out loudly.

"Cluck, cluck, cluck …"

situ hao was so angry that his head was on fire again.

However …

However, he did not dare to do anything, and silently thought in his heart: "Just you wait, Hong Wantu, there will be a day when you kneel on the ground."

… ….

After Hong Wantu entered the arena, the other sect masters also began to continue entering.

The huge martial arts practice field was filled with people.

After the sect head entered the arena, there were now large clans and dynasties, these sorts of unorthodox powers had entered.


These powers were all green leaves, acting as a foil.

"Nan Yu Li family."

"Hai Yuan Empire's Tang clan."

"Sea Shark Gang."

… ….

One by one, the small sects entered the field.


"Yuan Long dynasty, Long Family!"

As soon as he finished.

Hong Wantu's eyes turned sinister as the corner of his mouth revealed a cold smile, and he said: "He's finally here!"

"Please come in!"

At this moment.

Long Sanfeng brought the four great king level, Xie Yun, Jojo, the leopard girl, and a few other Long Family disciples from Dragon Mountain into the compet.i.tion grounds. There were twenty of them, and compared to the hundreds of other sects, they were a little weak.

"Hahaha …"

"Who are these people? Old man, child, woman, look, there are also demons here. This Long Family is just a motley crew, they have all kinds of cats and dogs."

Who said that it wasn't, does this kind of force have the qualifications to enter the clan congress?

"Could it be because they stole the invitation? I heard that the Long Family loves to do things like steal a chicken model dog the most. Even their throne was s.n.a.t.c.hed away. How shameless."

"I strongly recommend that you expel this group of trash. This is clan congress, and won't be a place for trash like them to play monkey tricks." Baidu Search: $Health//

Many sect masters hooted, because they wanted to show off their skills in front of Hong Wantu.

Li Yuanba was immediately enraged, his eyes raging, lightning bolts crackling in his hands.

At this moment.

Long Sanfeng's eyes darkened slightly, signalling him not to act carelessly. Long Fei had not appeared yet, and the wedding ceremony had not started yet.

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