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You hit me?

I don't care, as long as you can't kill me, I will kill you!

Hong Tianjun's' Falling Immortal Palm 'attack power was extremely strong. When the two palms struck down, the two energies resonated within his body and rushed into his stomach.

He rushed straight into his sea of consciousness.

His entire body seemed about to split apart.

It was extremely uncomfortable.

However …

Long Fei was now a Level 3 Sacred Body, coupled with the fusion of the Giant Demon Heart, his physical defense had reached war king.

Not dead!

Then he would have to kill Hong Tianjun.

Clasping Hong Tianjun's neck would result in a violent beating, a crazy beating!

Yama Minamiya's Ten Thousand Arts Punch was like lightning as it bombarded forward. It was a deadly strike, hitting the ground with all his might!




Your father is talking about ten thousand times more!

Hong Tianjun's head exploded from Long Fei's attack, and as he stepped on the bloodied Hong Tianjun, he looked at Hong Tianjun who was at the other side and roared out in an incomparably tyrannical manner, "Arrogant your sister!"

His right foot shook.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

His body was stomped into the ground, causing it to cave in, while Long Fei took the opportunity to punch out.

Hong Tianjun's second body, dead!

However …

The system did not reply him.


This was still not his real body.

The surrounding people were dumbfounded.

Long Fei was a madman.

After the last of the three figures, Hong Tianjun's gaze darkened as he let out a cold laugh and said, "Trash is trash, so what if you kill my two fake bodies?"

Hong Tianjun frowned, a burst of power erupting from his body.



The two bodies on the ground disappeared.


Hong Tianjun laughed in disdain.

Two heavy punches, one crus.h.i.+ng the body, but … In the end, he did not even manage to injure a single hair on Hong Tianjun's body. It was as if Long Fei had been played around with.

Long Fei raised his eyes and laughed coldly: "You're an idiot, right?"


His figure disappeared.

Long Fei landed in front of Hong Tianjun and grabbed his throat with one hand.

Too fast!

Hong Tianjun's face sank, and a cold smile still hung on his face as he said: "Long Fei, you think you've caught me?"

"power of celestial!"

Hong Tianjun's forehead shook as he let out a furious roar.

Just like the immortals in the movies, their bodies changed.

His body once again materialized two other bodies.


Long Fei's hands loosened, the dragon salyer was in his hands, and the G.o.d's devil blade was in his hands. Autumn Water bit on his mouth and moved his body, "Nine Knives Force!"

"Hiss …"

The power in his body began to burn.

At this moment.

Long Fei's body became three heads and six arms, "Ah Shura, gravity knife!"


The nine blades were as fast as lightning, not giving Hong Tianjun a chance to create any images as they heavily slashed down.




The saber light flashed crazily like a shadow.

Hong Tianjun's body kept on being suppressed back, unable to move at all.

At this moment.

Long Fei moved again, "You want to compete with your father?"

"Multiple Shadows!"


Eight figures appeared and Long Fei stepped out, grabbing onto Hong Tianjun's throat again, he roared out, "Hanger, isn't that a clone?"

"Aren't you arrogant?"

"F * ck you, show some arrogance again!"

With a move of his right hand, he raised Hong Tianjun up into the air and smashed him down onto the ground.


"Is it good?"

And then …

Long Fei then lifted Hong Tianjun up, and with a turn of his body, he landed behind, and kicked him behind his knees, "Kneel down!"

Hong Tianjun kneeled down heavily on the ground towards Liu Luoxi, the floor breaking into pieces.

Long Fei slapped the back of his head and said: "Kowtow!"


Hong Tianjun struck the ground heavily, blood spurting out from his forehead and his body bounced up into the air.

"One is not enough!"


Long Fei once again struck down with his palm.



After three kowtows, Hong Tianjun's forehead was broken, and his bun was scattered everywhere; his entire person was in an incomparably sorry state.


Long Fei did not stop there, "Kowtow to my grandfather, admit your wrongs!"

A kick.

Hong Tianjun turned his body, and heavily kowtowed to Long Sanfeng and the others.


"Bang, bang, bang …"

Nine kowtows!

A deep crater formed on the ground and his entire face was covered in blood. For the last time, he did not bounce back and instead smiled sinisterly from within the crater.

The people from the Heaven Sect were dumbfounded.

The sect leaders around were also getting scared.

Hong Tianjun had been completely oppressed!

He didn't even have the strength to resist.

How strong was Long Fei?

As their hearts began to turn cold, countless people felt regret. They should have left from the beginning, so why did they stay?


One of the sect masters said slightly: "Pavillion Master Hong, I still have matters to attend to, I will be leaving first."

"My wife has a child, so I have to hurry back."

"My eighty-year-old mother has given birth as well. I want to go back as well."

"You know me. I've been suffering from severe liver pain recently. I can't drink. I'll be leaving first."

"Pavillion Master Hong, we'll come again next time."

… ….

All of them wanted to leave.

Hong Tianjun who was at the war king realm was oppressed like a dog, if they stayed any longer, the Heaven Sect would definitely die with them.

Long Fei was a madman that could not be provoked.

He's a madman.

Thinking about how Long Fei had ma.s.sacred the seven great demon sects, they were extremely afraid and wished that they could climb out immediately.

Long Fei said coldly: "Did I let you leave?"

It was also at this time.

An elder rushed in and said, "Sect Leader, the Long Family's army is coming."

Hong Wantu's face darkened.

The faces of those sect leaders who were about to leave suddenly changed.

"Long Fei, we are just here to join the clan congress. It has nothing to do with the Heaven Sect."

"Long Fei, there's a point to being arrogant. We don't want to be involved in the matters of your Long Family and the Chao Tian Sect."

"Exactly, it's better if we leave."

… ….

Long Fei's gaze swept across them, and laughed coldly: "I have never had such an arrogant att.i.tude before. I told you guys just now, I gave you a chance, and no one left!"

"Do you want to leave now?"

"Heh heh …" "These two words, it's too late!"

He didn't know how to cherish the opportunity.

Then don't blame Long Fei.


If Long Fei wanted to make the Long Family the number one clan in the entire South Horizon Region, the sect masters of these sects must be eliminated. Long Fei was still a little short of levelling up his experience.

These sect masters were all experienced.

How could he let it go?

One of the sect masters suddenly shouted, "Long Fei, don't be too presumptuous! Unless you want to go against all of our sects? "

Long Fei glared and roared: "I just like to be presumptuous!"

"So what if I'm going against all of your sects?"

"Come up and bite me!"

He roared arrogantly.

It was also at this time.


Hong Tianjun, who had been kneeling on the ground with his head buried in the deep pit, let out a burst of cold, wild laughter. "Hahaha …"

At the same time he laughed.

The flames on his body turned black. Strongest Upgrade System:

Hong Tianjun was bedevilis.h.!.+

The power of the demonheart explosion was completely different.

In another place.

Gu Wuji gave a cold laugh, "Demonheart, his strength is finally about to break through. I really have to thank this kid for that, hahaha …"

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 493

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