The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 49

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### Chapter 49 - Handsome people can't keep a low profile

Long family, Long Zhanwu's residence.

"Trash, trash, all of them are tras.h.!.+"

"If you can't even handle a small piece of trash like Long Fei, I really don't know what use will there be for you two to be raised." Long Zhanwu was furious.

Long Fei had caused him to lose face in martial-arts arena.

Who in the Long family would dare speak to him like that, and call him by name?

Long Fei did not place him in her eyes at all.

The thing that made Long Zhanwu the most furious was that many people started to stand by Long Fei's side. This made him feel a sense of danger, an intense sense of danger.

All of the direct disciples of Long Zhanwu's sect lowered their heads, not daring to breathe too loudly.

"Say something, why are you all mute?" Long Zhanwu bellowed.

One of the disciples said carefully: "Great Clan Elder, Long Fei is related to the people of the Heaven Sect."


"What did you say?" Long Zhanwu was shocked.

Long Ao, who was still lying on the ground with feces continuously coming out from his mouth, gasped for breath and said: "Father, I wanted to tell you about this when I was in martial-arts arena."

Long Zhanwu's eyes turned sinister, and he shouted: "Then why don't you say anything?"

Long Ao said in a low voice: "It's you who didn't let me say it."


"You've lost all my face." Long Zhanwu no longer looked at Long Ao, but narrowed his eyes and said: "The Sky Sect huh? Long Fei, you must be trying to get yourself a big backer. "

His voice was colder, and his killing intent grew stronger.

Long Zhanwu thought in his heart: "No matter who you climb up to, you must die tomorrow!"

At this moment.

Long Zhanye hurried into the courtyard.

Long Zhanwu slightly said: "All of you go down first. Remember, you must kill Long Fei in the arena tomorrow."

After those disciples left, Long Zhanye immediately stepped forward and said, "Big Brother, I just received a message from the three great families and the Imperial Family. They will be personally present at the Long family's arena tomorrow."

Long Zhanwu's expression became serious, frowned, and said: "Because of Long Fei?"

Long Zhanye said: "The entire city knows about Long Fei killing the five level monster. A piece of trash turning into a genius and with that dragon's roar last time, they are worried …"

At this time, Long Zhanwu's expression became ugly, and he said in shock: "Are you saying that the Dragon G.o.d blood lineage in Long Fei's body has recovered?"

"If that's the case..."

Thinking about Long Fei's arrogant and rampant appearance today, Long Zhanwu felt that Long Fei must have recovered his Dragon G.o.d blood lineage. Otherwise, where did he get the confidence to challenge him?

Long Zhanye said: "The three pillars and the Imperial Family also want to confirm this matter. If Long Fei were to recover the Dragon G.o.d's blood lineage, then our situation would be even worse."

The Dragon G.o.d blood lineage was a Dragon G.o.d Warrior.

Apart from the Grand Elder, he was the only one who could command the Long family's army.

The Long family army didn't have any military talismans, they only listened to the orders of the Grand Elder, or the Dragon G.o.d's soldiers!

Once Long Fei regained his status as a Dragon G.o.d Warrior, his power would be immense. Give the order, the Dragon Cavalry would rush to the Fire Gla.s.s City in the shortest time possible, but he wouldn't be able to stop them at all!

Long Zhanye said in a low voice: "Big Brother, do you want killer at failure alliance to make a move? Deal with Long Fei tonight. "


Long Zhanwu immediately denied it, and said: "The Long family's cavalry will need at least five days to return to the Long family, and there are too many things that can be changed in five days. I want Long Fei to die, to die on the arena, and I want everyone in the Long family to think that he is trash again, a trash who cannot get up, and to make the Long family lose hope in him.

"If he dies in the arena, everyone in the Long family will despise him."

"This time, I will make it so that he will never be able to turn over his body!"

Long Zhanwu's voice was sinister, as he whispered something into Long Zhanye's ear.

After Long Zhanye finished listening, his eyes shook and he said, "I'll go do it right away."

After taking a few steps.

Long Zhanye turned around and said: "Big brother, the killer from failure alliance did not come back, whether he is dead or alive is still unknown."

Long Zhanwu didn't think much of it, and said: "She's just a low-levelled killer, there's no need to care about her life."

Long Zhanye replied: "Got it!"

… ….

"jojo, I'm back!"

The first thing Long Fei did when he came out of the training grounds was to go home and see jojo.

In these three days, the person he was most concerned about was jojo.

Hearing the voice, jojo immediately ran out, and with a smile on her face, she smiled sweetly and said: "Young Master, you're back, I've prepared dinner for you."

She silently watched what was happening in the martial-arts arena from a corner. Every time she saw Long Fei being forced to the edge of a cliff, her heart would always throb in pain.

She hated herself for not being able to help Long Fei.

She was sorry she couldn't do anything.

In the past three days, she had followed Long Fei's instructions and continuously tried to cultivate, but she could not. He simply could not sense the spirit energy flowing between heaven and earth, and he could not absorb the into the true breath.

She felt like the stupidest, most useless person in the world.

There was a smile on his face, but he covered it up extremely well, not letting Long Fei notice it in the slightest.

Long Fei laughed: "jojo treats me the best, you've starved me to death, I want to eat ten bowls, hahaha …"

jojo also laughed, and said: "I'll bring you food."

A cozy dinner was over.

Long Fei made sure that there were no Long Zhanwu's people around before he said, "I'm going out for a while. Stay at home and wait for me to come back."

jojo nodded obediently and said: "En!"

… ….

Half an hour later.

Long Fei came to the Fengyuan Merchant Union.

Looking at Long Fei, Zhao Er's eyes filled with admiration: "Young Master Long, you're simply too cool, even the five level monster were killed by you, you're too powerful. From today onwards, you're my, Zhao Er's, idol."

Long Fei smiled and said: "I'll first brew a cup of Holy Tea for this idol, no … It's a pot! "

This time, Zhao Er surprisingly cooperated and said: "Elder Liu guessed that you were coming and told me to prepare."

When Liu Feng heard this, he also walked down from the pavilion. Laughing, he said, "Brother Long, you really don't reveal your true colors. You even killed a peak level 5 beast.

"F * ck!"

"News travels really fast. I wanted to keep a low profile. Sigh …" A handsome person will never be able to keep a low profile. " Long Fei said shamelessly.

While they were talking, the two of them entered the backyard.

Liu Feng said: "What do you want this time?"

Long Fei went straight to the point: "The true pill s have a hundred sets of spiritual herbs, and the healing pills have a hundred sets of spiritual herbs. I will need them immediately."

Liu Feng said: For tomorrow's arena battle?

Long Fei said: "Mn, in these three days, I have used up all the true pill and healing pellets in Fire Wolf Valley, so Long Zhanwu will definitely not let me off during tomorrow's arena battle. I need to prepare well."

Liu Feng shouted, "Zhao Er, bring the things over."


Liu Feng laughed: "I have long prepared it for you, but you know … I would like to ask, can you really refine true pill? "

Long Fei downed a cup of Holy Tea and said: "Yes, but the success rate is not high, only fifty percent."

"Cough, cough, cough..."

"Cough, cough, cough..." Liu Feng coughed rapidly, his face flushed red, as though he had been provoked by something, "How high do you think the success rate is?"

Long Fei drank another cup of Holy Tea s and said: "50%, huh? "Old Liu, is your heart feeling uncomfortable again?"


"My liver hurts." Liu Feng really wanted to die. He was also a Alchemy Master, and he had refined pills for dozens of years, but he did not even have a ten percent success rate when refining true pill. Even a Profound Rank Alchemy Master could not even reach fifty percent. To be able to achieve a success rate of fifty percent, he simply didn't want to live anymore.

It was really deadly!

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 49

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