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As soon as his voice faded …

Everyone looked at Long Fei.


Hong Tianjun laughed out loud first, "Hahaha..."

Gu Wuji also laughed.

Following that …

Hong Wantu and the other sect masters all laughed.

They were all ridiculing what Long Fei had just said.

"Is war king very strong?"

"Fine, let me see if you can break through or not." With the protection of Gu Wuji and the others, he was no longer afraid of Long Fei.

Everyone began to mock him.

"He really doesn't know his place. Who does he think he is?"

"Even the ancestors of the Long Family did not dare to be so arrogant."

"You really take yourself seriously, and still say that you are in the war king realm? You actually did break through one. "

He laughed loudly.

Yi Yi frowned, Long Fei's words were indeed too arrogant.

He was indeed the lowest level of existence in the war king Realm because the cultivation method in the immortal domain and the South Horizon Region were different and the density of the spirit energy in the world was also different.

However …

In the South Horizon Region, the war king is a peak existence.

To break through to war king was simply too difficult, and furthermore … Breaking through the war king realm required a bit of luck, if not he would not be able to breakthrough even if he had comprehended it.

Gu Wuji laughed coldly: "It's not difficult, but you've already broken through one."

"If you can't break through, then don't be here."

Breaking through to war king is not something that can be done casually, and even more so not something that can be achieved just by a simple breakthrough.

Long Fei looked at the people who had mocked him, and looked at the incomparably pleased Hong Tianjun, his mouth curling up as he said slightly: "What if I can break through within a minute?"

As soon as he finished.

The surrounding people burst into laughter.

"Hahaha... Hahaha... Am I hearing things? To break through war king in a minute? "

"Long Fei, aren't you being too arrogant?"

"Long Fei, is something wrong with your brain?"

"I'm dying of laughter, do you think this talent is stronger than the Heaven's End Young n.o.ble?"

… ….

Yi Yi Yi also said in a low voice, "Little guy, don't talk nonsense."

Break through war king in a minute?

How is this possible!?

Let alone Long Fei who didn't have any gifted vein, even Yi Yi, Gu Wuji, this kind of immortal foundation elder with absolute talent, couldn't break through the war king realm in one minute. It was even more impossible for Long Fei.

It was completely impossible.

Gu Wuji was naturally clear, and laughed complacently: "If you can break through war king in a minute, you can do whatever you want."

Long Fei said straightforwardly: "I want to give you a slap in the face …"

The entire audience went silent.

Yun Xian immediately said angrily, "Brat, you're courting death."

Gu Wuji's face also darkened, and said coldly: "But what if you haven't made a breakthrough?"

Long Fei laughed: "I'm not done speaking, other than slapping you, I still have his life!"

Long Fei moved his finger and pointed at the extremely proud Hong Tianjun.

Hong Tianjun's gaze tensed up, and laughed coldly: If you can break through war king in a minute, don't even mention my life, I will give you the lives of all the Heaven Sect disciples.

"Break through in a minute? Hmph, what do you think you are? "

"Such a strong being has never appeared in the South Horizon Region. Even the ancestors of your Long Family wouldn't be able to do it."

Long Fei did not respond to Hong Tianjun.

Because, Hong Tianjun's life was not in his own hands, but in Gu Wuji's.

Gu Wuji said: "Sure, but what if you did not break through?"

Long Fei said: "I will die!"

Gu Wuji's gaze darkened and he laughed coldly: "Is your death enough? I want your Long Family to be annihilated! "

Yi Yi Yi's expression changed as he immediately said, "Don't agree to his request."

Gu Wuji stared at Long Fei with his sinister eyes and said: "lame duck, you don't dare? Are you scared? "Hahaha..."

At this moment.

Long Sanfeng stood out and said: "Gamble!"

Li Yuanba also followed: "Boss, bet with him, if you die, so be it!"

Everyone stood up and said, "Make a bet with him."

At this moment.

The Long Family Army had already arrived at the plaza, and they could hear Gu Wuji's voice. Long Zhanhai shouted loudly: "Xiao Fei, bet with him!"

The Long Family Army shouted in unison, "Young Master, bet with him!"

The people of Long Family were never afraid of death.

Since Long Fei had said it, the entire Long Family would fully support him. So what if he died?

His voice was deafening.

Gu Wuji's heart shook, at the same time, his killing intent grew even stronger. He coldly laughed: "I've always heard that the people from the Long Family are not afraid of death, today I want to see how unafraid they are."

"Long Fei, do you dare to bet?"

Everyone's gaze fell on Long Fei.

Break through war king in a minute?

It was obviously impossible.

Long Fei laughed arrogantly, "There is nothing in this world that I, Long Fei, do not dare to do."

Gu Wuji laughed disdainfully, then said: "Alright!"

Hong Tianjun was secretly happy, "Long Fei, you're dead this time!"

He had broken through the war king's realm before, so he knew how difficult it was.

Long Fei had to die.

Long Family would also be exterminated.

Hong Wantu also laughed excitedly. He didn't need to worry anymore.

At this moment.

Gu Wuji laughed coldly and said: "Begin!"

Yi Yi looked at Long Fei and said, "Long Fei, you're still in a rush right now, I can guarantee your safety …"

Long Fei looked at Yi Yi and smiled faintly: "Many thanks. I can settle the matters regarding my Long Family."


Long Fei turned around and glanced at the sect masters who were ridiculing him with their faces, and saw that most of them were mocking him for overestimating his own abilities.

At this moment.

Gu Wuji laughed: "10 seconds have pa.s.sed, you only have 50 seconds left."


With an arrogant sound, Long Fei clenched his right hand, and the dragon salyer appeared in his hand.


Long Fei's figure disappeared and landed in front of the sect masters, "You laugh at me? You all are qualified? "


A single slash had instantly killed a Sovereign.

The system sounded out.

Without waiting for anyone to react, Long Fei struck out frantically, one blade at a time, like an executioner. The cultivation of the sect masters were merely war emperor, in front of him, they were nothing more than radishes, with no leeway to retaliate.


"Keep laughing!"

Long Fei roared.

Blood sprayed wildly from their mouths as they screamed miserably. Their faces were filled with fear.

Gu Wuji did not stop him.

He could not understand why Long Fei wanted to kill these ants.

The System's notification rang out incessantly.

His Experience Points was rising rapidly.

At the last moment.

Long Fei landed beside Hong Wantu and revealed a faint smile on the face of the grim reaper.

Hong Wantu's body trembled, and he said: "Long Fei, what are you planning to do?"

In that instant.

Hong Wantu shouted at Gu Wuji: "Master, save me!"

Long Fei sneered: "I don't want to do anything, I just want to borrow your head for a bit." c + miaoc + bic + Pavilion c +


Long Fei's body suddenly exploded with power. The three forces of darkness immediately moved, binding Hong Wantu, and with a wave of his right hand, the dragon salyer descended.

The blade chopped down.

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