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"It's you?"

The second brother's eyes grew dark, and his gaze grew even more vicious. With a cold snort, he cried out, "Kid, you've finally come!"

It was also at this time.

Long Fei roared in his heart, "Fourth level, peerless!"


The aura on his body moved as power of celestial surged out, and he took a step forward.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

With a grab of his right hand, the dragon salyer landed on his palm and fiercely slashed down.

The second brother snorted, "With just you?"

"Rank 5 Immortal cultivation?"

"So weak!"

The second brother was not afraid at all. He opened up his five fingers, and the binding power of the five power of celestial s coiled around Xiang Longfei like silk threads from heaven. As long as he was coiled around, Long Fei would not be able to move.


"The wrath of the Dragon G.o.d!"


The shadow of the Dark Dragon G.o.d moved and slashed out!


The power of celestial released by the second brother had already been destroyed, so Long Fei's entire being advanced in an instant. His shoulder suddenly knocked against the second brother's chest, and before he could even stand firm, he had already fiercely grabbed onto his throat.

The second brother's face grew aghast as his eyes began to tremble, "You dog, what are you trying to do?"

"For what?"

"Kill you!"

Long Fei roared.

The second brother's face was pale, and he said angrily: "You dare, I am the disciple of G.o.d emperor academy, if you dare touch me, you are going against the entire G.o.d emperor academy."

"Do you dare?"

"On that day, you didn't even dare to attack that expert, yet you, a trash who has the power of a fox, dared to touch me?"

"Hahaha …"

The second brother roared.

What kind of existence was the G.o.d emperor academy?

Who would dare to offend the strongest power in immortal domain?

No one!


Long Fei was an exception. He grabbed the second brother's throat with one hand, fiercely grabbed his head with the other, and pressed him down using the power of celestial on his body.

He knelt on the ground.

Long Fei sneered and said: "I don't dare, right?"

With a sudden flick of his left hand, a malevolent look appeared on his face.


The second brother's neck rotated at 360 degrees and his eyes bulged, his pupils bloodshot. Long Fei asked with a voice like the G.o.d of death, "Do I?"

If Yi Yi was not there, he would have killed these sc.u.m long ago.

The scene today …

He was even more enraged.

These sc.u.m were not qualified to live in this world!


If the G.o.d emperor academy were this kind of sc.u.m, Long Fei would kill them one by one!


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Old Liu Er' for obtaining 56o experience, 100 power of celestial, and 100 Energy Values."

The system sounded out.

Long Fei's gaze swept across them, stared at the bandits, and then coldly said: "Next!"

Lin Long was even able to react a little.

No one had ever dared to be so arrogant and kill a student of the G.o.d emperor academy in public.

Is this man crazy?

Was he a fool?

Or was his brain filled with water?

How dare he kill a student of the G.o.d emperor academy in front of so many people?

This was too crazy!


Lin Long's voice sank, and said: "Kill him!"

"Kid, since that expert isn't here today, I would like to see if you still have the ability to do so."


As soon as his voice faded …

A dozen or so bandits quickly rushed forward, and the disciples of the three G.o.d emperor academy s surrounded them.

"Huff …"

It was fine for a dozen bandits, but their cultivation base was not high. They were only at the third level of the Immortal Realm, fourth level, but … However, these four G.o.d emperor academy s were extremely difficult to deal with.

When he killed Second Elder Liu a moment ago, Long Fei clearly felt a strong pressure.

If not for the fact that the dragon salyer's might had cut off his control, the one who would have fallen would definitely have been Long Fei.


Long Fei was currently burning with anger, looking at the little girl who died, that was the daughter of the chief bodyguard, looking at the dead old man, that was the old man who poured wine for him.

The guards.

It was his brother who had fought alongside him!


The anger in Long Fei's body exploded like a volcano as he roared in his heart, "Nine Grade Immortal Spirit, let me see your strength!"


The deepest part of Long Fei's mind felt as though the mountains were collapsing and the earth cracking as a strong power surged out.

It was also at this moment.

"Weng …"

In his mind, the Nine Grade Immortal Spirit was like nine bronze men. The first bronze man activated inside his body, and when he opened his eyes, his body began to move.

Just like the bronze men from the Shaolin Temple, each move was executed.

It was also at this moment.

Long Fei completely followed his movements and attacked together.


A bandit was killed in an instant.



Yet another bandit was killed in an instant!


The system sounded out yet again.

Long Fei's heart started to boil, "Is this the power of the Nine Grade Immortal Spirit?"

It was a total slaughter.

Every move and every move carried the power of a Nine Grade Immortal Spirit. Those bandits could not withstand it at all.

"Ahh …"

The G.o.d emperor academy disciple of the holy sixth rank rushed forward, his long blade cutting down, causing the bronze man's eyes to tremble, "Boom!"

Long Fei's eyes flashed with a golden light.

The golden light with its Grade Nine Immortal Root crushed that G.o.d emperor academy disciple to pieces, and blood poured out of his seven orifices!

Instant kill!

Long Fei moved as though he was flying, and all twenty odd people were killed within a minute, their Experience Points increasing by a large amount.

At the same time.

Long Fei stared at Lin Long, and coldly said: "Next!"


"The Nine Grade Immortal Spirit's duration is over!"

"F * ck!"

"One minute?"

"It can only be used for one minute?" Long Fei cursed in his heart. He never thought that the Nine Grade Immortal Spirit could only be used for such a short period of time.

Moreover, it was the number one bronze statue.

What about the second bronze man?

Third, fourth … What about the ninth bronze man?

One person a minute.

The Nine Grade Immortal Spirit's duration had ended, but the domineering aura on Long Fei's body did not decrease at all. He knew in his heart that he would definitely not be Lin Long's match with his own strength.

However …

He was shocked.


A month ago, a shadow had appeared in his heart. Now that he had been intimidated, his temperament was in complete chaos.

Even a Worldly Immortal Stage Level 8 was extremely difficult to deal with.

The dragon salyer in Long Fei's hand pointed, and the gravitational flame started to burn crazily. The tyrannical aura on his body became even more intense as he roared loudly, "Speak!"

"Wasn't it very arrogant in the beginning?"

"Come on!"

"Isn't G.o.d emperor academy very amazing?"

"You f * cking sc.u.m!"

The dragon salyer pointed at Lin Long's nose, and firmly smashed away at Lin Long's mind.

In Long Fei's eyes.

Lin Long was still a small boss, although the golden light surrounding his body wasn't strong, he still had a little bit of it.

"Explode him!"

Lin Long didn't say anything. Instead, Long Fei took a step forward and fiercely smashed the dragon salyer in his hands. The illusion of the Dark Dragon G.o.d roared as he heavily chopped down.

Lin Long's legs went soft.

Long Fei had overestimated him.

Seeing more than twenty people being killed by Long Fei, coupled with the shadow in his heart, he didn't even have the strength to resist, and was already scared out of his wits.

He never thought that Long Fei would be so abnormal!

His body trembled uncontrollably as he watched the blade fall down. "Don't kill me, don't kill me, don't …"



A head fell to the ground.

Long Fei was shocked, "d.a.m.n, it's that simple?"

At the same time.

"Release your Striking Attribute!"

"Thirty points of luck, and something good, Demacia!"

The system sounded out.


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