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The Grand Pavilion Master was already furious.

It didn't matter if he lost the Powder-making Compet.i.tion.

However, he could not lose face for the drug race.

Now, not only was he losing face, he was also getting whipped.

This caused him to be incomparably furious.

Thinking about it now, the knowledge the formula had about Immortal Elixir could not possibly go up in smoke.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that someone had done something to the Spirit Gra.s.s.

The pavilion master stared at the pill.

The pill cried out, "Pavilion Master, I really don't know anything. I have never left this place before, so how, how am I supposed to do anything?"

"Besides, there's a certain probability of explosion in Alchemy. It's just that we were encountered by Junior Brother Medicine Cube."

"Grand Pavilion Master, you are wrongly accused."

As he spoke, his tears began to flow, as if he had suffered a great grievance.

"Nice acting." Long Fei laughed in disdain.

The medicinal pill's gaze turned, stared at Long Fei and asked: "Who exactly are you, and what exactly is your purpose for coming to the drug race? Grand Pavilion Master, this brat seems to have evil intentions, and has ill intentions towards the drug race."

He wanted to turn the tables on Xiang Longfei.


Long Fei laughed coldly: "I simply do not have good intentions. I do not have good intentions, so what about it? I had thought that the drug race was fair and square. "

"So …"

Not waiting for him to finish.

The pavilion master shouted, "Enough!"

It was also at this time.

Yao Lang was dragged out, and he was escorted up.

Yao Changtian said: "Grand Pavilion Master, after examination, it is he who swapped the Spirit Gra.s.s of Junior Brother Long Fei's medicine formula with another one of Long Fei's Spirit Gra.s.s."

The pavilion master had yet to speak.

The pill rushed up and slapped down as he shouted, "Yao Lang, you're amazing! To think that I trusted you so much, to think that you would actually do such a disgraceful thing. You've disappointed me too much."

"From now on, I don't have a disciple like you."

At this time.

Mu Xiaoyao's eyes darkened, an elder beside him asked, "Patriarch, what do we do?"

Mu Xiaoyao shook his head lightly.

Yao Lang was slapped until he was extremely angry, his eyes stared straight at the pill, and could not help but look at the Mu Xiaoyao in the distance.

At this moment.

No one spoke a word for him.

"You still dare to look at me like that?" The medicinal pill slapped down once again as it shouted: "You've truly disappointed me."

Long Fei laughed blandly: "You are such a good actor. A mere little disciple, without any benefits, would risk his life to exchange for a Spirit Gra.s.s?"

"Hehe …"

"Even a fool would understand."

Long Fei's words were like a bucket of gasoline poured over a fire, and flames soared into the sky with a 'boom'.

The expression on the pill became extremely ugly, as though she hated Long Fei to the bones.

The Grand Pavilion Master walked to Yao Lang's side and said, "Speak, what exactly happened here?"

Yao Lang couldn't help but look at Mu Xiaoyao. Others may not have noticed, but Long Fei saw it very clearly.


Yao Lang clenched his teeth and said: "It's him!"

Pointing to the medicine, he said, "He was the one who told me to do this, in order to fight for the position of Valley Master and frame the Medicine Elder, he also wanted to win against Long Fei, and even wanted me to change to a Spirit Gra.s.s. This was all because of him."

The body of the medicinal pill went limp as a fierce slap was sent flying over.

This slap was going to kill Yao Lang with all his might.

Yao Changtian was quick to react, he pushed the pill away and shouted: "You want to kill me to keep my mouth shut?"

The pavilion master shouted, "Men, arrest these two men."


At this time...

Long Fei's voice sunk as he walked out and said: "Whether you capture them or not is none of my business, but there are some things that he hasn't done yet."

The pavilion master's eyebrows furrowed as he asked, "What is it?"

Long Fei grinned, and said as if he was joking: "Of course it's about the bet, take off your clothes and let me crawl around the Powder-making Compet.i.tion Stage ten times."

The Grand Pavilion Master's expression turned grim again.

The faces of the elders were filled with rage.

"Kid, don't push your luck."

"Aren't you being too arrogant?"

Everyone was unhappy.

However …

If they were displeased, Long Fei would be very satisfied.

When they were scolding Man Tuoluo, why didn't they think of it until now?

Long Fei grabbed the medicinal pellet, and said coldly: "Are you going to take it off yourself, or should I?"

The medicinal pill gritted its teeth as it made a cracking sound. It wanted nothing more than to tear Long Fei to shreds as it said darkly: "Brat, don't be too …"

"Your sister?"

Without waiting for him to finish, Long Fei slapped his face, and then kicked him: Three days ago, when you made Man Tuoluo kneel, wasn't it very arrogant?

"Monster with the left and monster with the right, are you crying happily?"

"At that time, you should have already thought of today. If you don't finish these ten laps, I will kill you!" Long Fei's voice suddenly carried a strong killing intent.

The moment Man Tuoluo knelt down, the anger in his heart surged unparalleled.

Long Fei had slapped the medicinal pellet to the ground and asked the pavilion master for help: "Grand Pavilion Master, save me."

The pavilion master ignored him.

No one in drug race bothered with him.

Because …

No one wanted to eat s.h.i.+t with him.

And then …

The pill ran to Mu Xiaoyao's side, "Master Mu, save me, save me …"

Mu Xiaoyao kicked him flying, then sneered: "Great Clan Elder, I am only in charge of being a notary, I did not save anyone."

Long Fei grabbed the pill by its collar and shouted: "Crawl!"

He suddenly threw it out.

Immediately throwing it to the ground below the Powder-making Compet.i.tion Stage, Long Fei shouted: "If you lose by one round, I'll take your life."

The pavilion master looked at Long Fei and clenched his fists tightly. If Long Fei didn't come to the Powder-making Compet.i.tion, he came to try Sweeping the Field.

She was taking revenge for Man Tuoluo.

His hatred for Man Tuoluo had never lessened.

The Grand Pavilion Master stared at Long Fei and said solemnly, "Are you here for Man Tuoluo?"

Long Fei laughed: "You guessed right, exactly!"

His mission of escorting Man Tuoluo back to the Medicine Valley had not been completed yet, and he would only complete it after entering the valley.

The Grand Pavilion Master's gaze turned cold as he solemnly replied, "Good, good, good!"

"The fourth level!"

"battle pills!"

The pavilion master looked at the cabinet elder beside him.

The blue clothed elder immediately said, "senior fellow apprentice, leave it to me!"

Man Tuoluo's brows tightened, causing him to be shocked, he shouted: "To have the cabinet elders come out to fight, do you think this drug race is shameless?"

Cabinet elder.

Every one of them were Alchemist of Heaven Stage or higher.

They were extremely powerful.

There were eight people in the Cabinet, and each one of them was Master Fan of the Alchemy Realm.

And everyone has his own field.

The first three stages were pills that helped one to cultivate. The fourth stage was different.

battle pills.

After consuming it, he would be able to increase his battle prowess.

This kind of pill was also the hardest pill to refine, and it was the kind of pill that every martial artist yearned for day and night.

It was just like the Steel Mixture that Long Fei had refined in the South Horizon Region.

It was just that the Steel Mixture s in immortal domain were already useless.


Long Fei had a crazy idea. With a move of the idea, he entered the 'Death Calling G.o.d Seal', the corners of his mouth slightly curled up as he laughed: "It's your turn to go up on stage!"

Chapter IV.

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 546

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