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"Woo woo …"

"Ahhh …"

"I don't want to die."

A burst of ghostly howls sounded out in the air like a pig being butchered.

Xiao Ying looked at the black figure that was hovering in midair and muttered, "Is there anyone else who still wants to jump off a cliff and be martyred by love these days? Wow... Isn't this a little too old-fas.h.i.+oned? "

Man Tuoluo stared at her, and said: "Don't speak nonsense, there seems to be someone at the top of the mountain."


"Young Master Long, where are you going?"

"You can't be thinking of seeing if it's a man or a woman, right? Even the deaf can tell that the voice just now was a man, and it must be a fatty. " Xiao Ying called out.

Long Fei said: "d.a.m.n your sister, why don't you call me over to listen?"

Man Tuoluo said: "Such a high cliff, jumping down is certain death, what are we still going to do with it?"

Long Fei didn't listen at all.

Because …

The system rang out just now.

Because …

Fifth King Kong, the holy-armor king kong appeared!

Eight King Kong Systems.

holy king kong Li Yuanba, Demon Subduing Vajra Arhat, Yuling guardian warrior Holy Spirit, G.o.d;s water king kong Lin Yousheng.

The four King Kong were back.

Long Fei kept thinking, where were the other four Vajra?

In all the three years in the South Horizon Region, there had only been four great King Kong, and the other four great King Kong had disappeared?

Or did the system make a mistake?

Now that the Fifth King had appeared, Long Fei was naturally nervous. He quickly ran up, and … If someone jumped off such a high cliff, they might die.


holy-armor king kong s, protected by divine armor, definitely would not die.

"Wait for us."

"Young Master Long, don't run so fast."

Man Tuoluo and Xiao Ying hurriedly chased after him.

Xiao Ying said: "Miss, you must be mentally prepared."

… ….




Just like a cannonball exploding, an earth-shaking explosion resounded, causing the entire valley to tremble. The water in the deep lake immediately exploded a hundred meters into the air.

The pool was half empty.

The figure also disappeared into the water.

Xiao Ying shook, looked at the huge explosion in the distance, and said: "Such a loud noise is definitely capable of exploding one word, 'too'."

Man Tuoluo was startled, "Why is it 'too', it should also be 'human'."

Xiao Ying laughed sinisterly: "Miss, if it's a woman, of course it's' big ', but a man … They have a bit more, so naturally, it's just the word 'too'. "

"Hee hee …"

Man Tuoluo stared at Xiao Ying, and only after a long while did she speak, "Rascal, Young Master Long really did not say it out loud, you are just a female ruffian."



"Miss, I, I, I am still a child, alright?" Xiao Ying muttered.

Man Tuoluo also rushed forward.

At this time, Long Fei had already arrived at the deep pond.

Looking up at the sky, he cursed in his heart, "Holy sh * t, this high, it's at least seven or eight thousand meters high, this …" You can still live? "


Just as he was looking at the top of the mountain, there were a few shadows moving about. They were too far away and he could only see them.

"Don't die!"

"You're my 5th King Kong."

Long Fei was a little worried in his heart, but he did not care too much about it.

He swiped down forcefully.

He saw a huge 'object' at the bottom of the deep pool.

Why was it so huge?

Because he was really huge, at least two hundred and fifty kilograms. Moreover, he was only seventeen years old at most. Looking from the bottom of the pool, he looked like a lump of meat.

"My face value dropped all of a sudden."

"Sigh …"

Long Fei sighed in his heart, then pulled the huge lump of meat and swam towards the sh.o.r.e.

After using all of his strength, he was finally able to get the ball of meat out of the water. Seeing that his face was pale and his entire body was scarlet, it seemed as if he had ruthlessly rubbed it.

The words of an ordinary person had long since been dismembered.

This fatty …

Long Fei pressed on the lump of meat and pressed on it, then patted it, causing it to press on his chest. At the same time, water continued to spew out from the fatty's mouth.

A small fish flew out of his mouth.

Long Fei was also drunk and shouted, "We can't die, we can't die, we absolutely can't die!"

The Eight Great Vajra.

If one of them died, they would become seven Vajra. If so, they wouldn't be able to trigger the hidden attribute missions of the eight Vajra Body, and thus, they would be able to establish their own sects.

The order was still with the King Kong.

Long Fei shouted as he slapped the fatty. Seeing that the fatty's face was still pale, he showed no signs of waking up at all, "f.u.c.k …"

"Your father's innocence will fall into your hands, fatty."


Long Fei wiped his mouth and swallowed the saliva right into the fatty's mouth. He felt extremely resentful, "Why is she not a beauty?"


"Oh G.o.d …"

It was also at this time.

Man Tuoluo and Xiao Ying rushed over.

Xiao Ying covered Man Tuoluo's eyes and anxiously said: "Miss, don't look, it's too disgusting, please don't look."

Her own eyes were wide open, like a magnifying gla.s.s, with not a single detail missing.

"Young Master Long, I didn't expect you to be this kind of person. You're unmoved by leaving us two great beauties behind, but you're actually treating a fatty, and a dead fatty at that …"


"What's wrong with this world?"

Xiao Ying sighed at the sky, feeling that his life had already lost its color, and that there was no hope in this world anymore, that he had lost all hope.

Man Tuoluo pushed her away and quickly walked in front of Long Fei. Long Fei's mouth was still half a centimeter away from the fatty's mouth.

Fatty stared angrily as his nose twitched, "There's a beauty!"

In that instant.

His body instantly bounced up.

It was also because Long Fei reacted quickly, otherwise, he would have been kissed by the fatty!

Fatty turned around and stared at Man Tuoluo beside him, his eyes gleaming. "As expected of a beauty, a great beauty, haha … It's ten times prettier than G.o.d emperor city's Floating Fragrance Garden's top name, Cui Hong. "

"Hahaha …"

"Little beauty, do you want to play with me?"

Before he could finish his words.

"Ahhh!" Xiao Ying punched out violently with his right fist, "You dare to be powerless against my Young Miss, d.a.m.n fatty, are you seeking death?"

"Ahh …"

The two hundred and fifty catties of meat flew back into the deep pool.

This time Long Fei did not go to save him, but disdainfully said, "Serves you right!"

Fatty's body splashed about a few times as he shouted, "I can't swim! I can't swim! Quickly, quickly, quickly save me!"

"Beauty, quickly save me!"

The three of them had no intention of saving him.


The water was only half a meter deep, so he had to be a bit more intelligent if he wanted to act.

Seeing that everyone had gone down to save him, Fatty could only stand up by himself. With a look of shock on his face, he said, "So the water was not deep after all."


"I just jumped down from the top of the mountain, I …" The fatty seemed to have discovered something very shocking. He had an exaggerated expression as he looked at his own hands and feet. He was incomparably excited. "d.a.m.n, your father isn't dead yet?"

After he finished speaking, he rushed forward, looked at Man Tuoluo and said: "This handsome brother isn't dead, I'm not dead yet."

He wanted to grab Man Tuoluo in his arms. Floating Life: [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] No windows? a + +

This time.


Xiao Ying punched again, sending the fatty flying and cras.h.i.+ng into the water.

Fatty's body did not seem to react at all. He stood up and said, "Beautiful girl, it's love if you hit me, but what do you mean by always. .h.i.tting me? Did you fall in love at first sight or something?"

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