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"What a powerful energy."

"This is an immortal grade weapon?"

Long Fei released the broken sword, he was extremely shocked in his heart.

Although it was a broken sword, the power within it was extremely strong. It was a type of power that could not be controlled.

Adding on the fact that Long Fei hadn't rested for a few days, his body was extremely exhausted.

It was even harder to control.


A loud sound echoed out.

Long Fei was sent flying by a powerful force. The blood on his chest was boiling as he cursed in his heart, "d.a.m.n, is it that strong?"

The Yan Huang ancestor said: "Of course it's powerful, this is the remnant sword of the power of celestial, in my opinion, these broken swords were refined by a crafting madman of the G.o.d emperor academy."

"It contains a powerful power of celestial. It only mutated after being swallowed by these demon beast."

Long Fei slightly said: "Then..."

Yan Huang ancestor exhaled and said, "It's time for me to show you my hand."


"You have to look carefully. I'll only do it once." Yan Huang ancestor said seriously.

And then …

Long Fei walked to the side of the Refining Platform, his heart sank, and calmed down.

Following that …

Long Fei's body was being controlled by the Yan Huang ancestor.

"Control the Qi first."

"Back control!"

The Yan Huang ancestor said lightly, "Strength is used as support, qi is used as the main, and energy is used as the main. I want to let the powerful energy in the broken sword to flow and draw on by itself." (TL: Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi))


"Do not let them escape your control."

"They can be arrogant, they can be impudent, but they absolutely cannot p.o.o.p on your head or be controlled by them.


The power of the Yan Huang ancestor moved and shouted, "Calm down!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Sparks flew in all directions as the hammer landed. The powerful force suddenly sank and was forcibly knocked back.


The Yan Huang ancestor's hammer descended once again, "Refining is like a battle, I have to learn how to be gentle with you, how can I be gentle with you …"

"Bang, bang, bang …"

The Yan Huang ancestor began to beat crazily.

Each time, the power was different.

It could be fierce, or it could be soft and weak.

It was hard to fathom.

However …

However, Long Fei slowly comprehended something, after all, his current comprehension ability had already reached an extremely high realm.

Ten minutes later.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Yan Huang's father's hammer exploded like a bomb, but he still shouted in his heart, "Done!"

"Weng …"

On top of the refining platform, a two meter long berserk blade appeared. It looked similar to a dragon salyer, but there was no dragon or carvings. It looked just like a piece of black wooden board.

There was no aura of power.

There was no arrogance at all.

The saber was the overlord.

But you can't see anything with this knife. It's like 'nothing', nothing at all.

"Huff, huff …" The Yan Huang ancestor panted heavily as he muttered, "The mental strength of this remnant soul of mine is truly weak, I can't even hold on while refining my weapon."


"Kid, go experience it for yourself."

"Whatever you want with this blade, it's not as good as the dragon salyer, so just treat it as a little contribution from me."


Yan Huang and his father disappeared just like that.

He was going to rest.

Long Fei watched as the artifact was lifted up with the black long blade. Only after a full ten minutes had pa.s.sed did it slowly calm down.

In this instant.

Long Fei's eyes suddenly shook!


His mind exploded, and his Sea of Consciousness fiercely churned up.


It was incredibly powerful.

Its power was like a rolling sea of anger, incomparably arrogant and tyrannical. This was a world that belonged to a 'hegemony', and it was completely different from the dragon salyer.

The style was completely different.

However …

One was Yiping.

The other was the domineering aura of dragon's fury.

This blade is very strong, but it is still far from being able to compare with the dragon salyer.

Weapon:? Unnamed)

Grade: Immortal Grade Nine

Damage: >

Description: Insolent and endless saber energy, domineering strength, one move, one slash, release with full force!


"Do you want to name the weapon?"

Without even thinking about it, Long Fei immediately shouted: "Ba!"


"Weapon 'Tyrant' successfully named!"

Long Fei's hand loosened slightly, and his body quickly left this kind of arrogant and tyrannical world. This kind of feeling was very special.

This was true domination!

"This blade …" Long Fei did not immediately make up his mind. After all, this was a blade refined by the ancestor.

Yan Huang ancestor acted as if he knew what Long Fei was thinking, "Brat, this blade does not match your status. You already have a dragon salyer, take this blade and auction it."


Yan Huang ancestor also wanted to know what the price of this blade was.

This was something every creator wanted to know.

Long Fei said: "Ancestor, you want to be smug, right?"

Yan Huang ancestor laughed. "You noticed it, hahaha … Lad, hurry up and refine your sword, the Xuan Ming sword is not by your side, you need a sword as your weapon. "

"Sword …"

Long Fei laughed lightly, and said: "Indeed, I need a sword!"

"One … The sword of the future! "

And then …

Long Fei moved, "Decomposition Technique!"


"Disintegration successful."

A broken sword was formed.

"Disintegration Technique!"


"Disintegration successful!"

Yet another sword broke apart ….

It continued to decompose.

Long Fei split all the broken swords that had exploded out, and also divided the 'Beast King Sword' amongst them.

Yan Huang ancestor was stunned.

"Kid, are you crazy again? You can't control this power at all. "

Long Fei became excited and said: "Ancestor, let me summarize your refining just now. Two words, violence!"


Yan Huang ancestor was stunned for a moment, and said: "What violence?"

"Kid, did you not listen to all that I just said?"

At this moment.

Long Fei did not speak anymore, the idea moved, "Enchanted!"


He turned around and became an ugly Sky Demon, shouting in his heart: "Wushuang, open!"

"G.o.d's bone taboo, level one!"

"Open the second level, open the third, and the fourth!"

"The fifth floor …"



Long Fei's body could not bear it any longer. His body had already reached its limit, the power of the Heavenly Bone of the fifth floor opened up to the first floor, and all the bones in his body were covered with incomparable pain.

Adding on the fact that he was unparalleled at the fourth rank, this made him even more miserable.

"Crazy again." Yan Huang ancestor hurriedly moved his idea and protected Long Fei's heart veins and sea of consciousness.

At the same time.

Long Fei laughed madly in his heart, and muttered: "I want to forge a devil sword, I, Long Fei … It's a unique devil sword! "

And then … Baidu Search: Half a Float

Long Fei took out the ore that was already soaked in the G.o.d's devil ancient case s.

Blood dripping from the ore!

The arrogance of demonic intent filled every corner of the room.

Long Fei quickly refined it like a madman …

Chapter III

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 596

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