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The three women relaxed.

Long Fei slowly walked out of the ruins. His entire body was covered in dust and he was in a slightly sorry state. Coupled with the fact that he had not rested for the past few days, he looked somewhat exhausted.

Fu Xishan's heart ached a little when he saw this. He walked over and brushed off the dust off Long Fei's body and asked: "Are you injured?"

Xiao Ying and Man Tuoluo also walked forward and said: "Don't make such a big commotion since you're scared to death."

They were all worried for Long Fei.

Long Fei scratched his head and laughed simple-mindedly: "I made you guys worry, I'm sorry."

After Fu Xishan confirmed that Long Fei was not injured, he calmed down and said: "It's good that you're fine. It's good that you're fine.

Since the house had been blown up like this, refining naturally failed as well.

However …

Fu Xishan also did not hold much hope for Long Fei.

Long Fei looked at the worry in Fu Xishan's eyes and laughed lightly: "Sis, let's go to the auction."


Fu Xishan was startled and reacted. She then took out three tickets and a s.p.a.ce Ring and said: "There are three tickets and a thousand fairy stones. You guys can go.

"Fu Xishan."

"That's a thousand fairy stones, it's not a small number, you …" Fu Tianlong immediately shouted.

Fu Xishan turned around angrily, and said: "Fu Tianlong, this is my own money, you don't need to worry about it."

Long Fei did not accept, but said: "Sis, we are going to sell something, not buy something. You can just keep your own money, I don't need to buy anything."


"What are you selling?"

Fu Xishan asked.

Xiao Ying became excited and asked: "Young Master Long, you refined a weapon?"

Long Fei nodded his head, and said: "I refined a little, but there was a little less ore, if not I could have forged a little more."

"Hahaha …"

Fu Tianlong laughed in disdain, and said: "Brat, you're still pretending to be cool at this time, a bit more. Have you refined something in the past few days?"

"You even blew up our Fengyuan Merchant Union's courtyard. You have to accompany us there." Fu Tianlong shouted, he did not believe that Long Fei could refine something like that.

Long Fei laughed: "Whether or not I can refine something doesn't seem to have anything to do with you right?"

Fu Tianlong said: "Now, take it out and let us see. Don't even mention those trash, once we arrive at the auction house, it will only embarra.s.s us even more."

"Take it out!"

"Take it out and take a look."

"Kid, I don't think you can take it out."

The three elders were overbearing.

Long Fei smirked and said: "You guys don't have anything to do with this auction, what qualifications do you have to watch?"

"You can have a look if you want."

"However, you three will be responsible for this auction as well. If you are responsible, I will show it to you!" Long Fei said in amus.e.m.e.nt.

Fu Tianlong sneered, and said: "You want to bomb us? "Brat, you're still too young. You want us to take responsibility and take the blame for you, hahaha …"

"Stop dreaming."


Long Fei's voice sunk, he suddenly shouted angrily: "Since you do not wish to take responsibility, then watch your eight ancestors! What qualifications do you have to look at it? "

"F * ck!"

"Laozi has given you face, right?"

It was a fierce scolding!

If Fu Xishan was not present, Long Fei would have charged over and give them a fierce slap.

So many people bullying a woman.

What does this look like?

Fu Tianlong's face sank, and anger surged out of him.

The other two elders immediately shouted, "Brat, it's not your turn to be impudent here. I think you're tired of living."

The corner of Long Fei's mouth moved, he sneered and said: "I am being presumptuous, and am just tired of living. If you have the guts, come up and touch this daddy here and try, and see if I can kill you or not!"

I'm so unhappy.

As long as Fu Tianlong dared to touch him, he would definitely retaliate.

The bodyguards of the Arrogant Immortal State were indeed strong, but … Not as strong as the Giant Demons, not as strong as the power of the Yan Huang ancestor!

Fu Tianlong stopped the two old men beside him and said: "Let him be so impudent, let us see what he will use to partic.i.p.ate in the auction, if he likes to disgrace himself, we can let him go."

"He's just a good-for-nothing from the South Horizon Region anyway. He's already used to losing face."

While they were talking …

Long Fei's eyes darkened as he stared darkly at Fu Tianlong, and said: "If you have the guts, say one more word!"

A cold killing intent emerged.

Fu Tianlong's heart trembled, a cold chill hit his body and made him extremely uncomfortable, but he quickly recovered as he sneered: "Fu Xishan, is this the man you reared?"


Fu Xishan frowned, she looked at Long Fei.

Long Fei looked at her and said: "Sis, do you believe me?"

In just three days, he could refine something good.

Even if one refined an immortal grade spirit treasure, the other Merchant Union would still have one. Even higher grade items would not have any advantages, and would only embarra.s.s themselves.

The Fengyuan Merchant Union's face.

Seeing Long Fei's resolute expression, Fu Xishan's heart tightened as he said in a heavy tone, "Big sis believes in you!"

Xiao Ying also said, "I believe you too."

Man Tuoluo said: "I believe you."

Even the smoke thunder that was annoyed by Long Fei last night said lightly: "Brat, this old man believes in you too!"

Long Fei laughed and said: "Then let's go to the auction venue!"


"I want you to become the most famous person in the G.o.d emperor city. I will make the Fengyuan Merchant Union an unsurpa.s.sable existence." Long Fei heavily said as he looked at Fu Xishan in his heart.

Fu Xishan was ready to throw caution to the wind.

In any case, she had already thought of an even worse ending. How much worse could it be?

Long Fei hinted at Man Tuoluo and said: "Bring a few more high ranked Spirit Gra.s.s with you."

Man Tuoluo nodded.

And then …

The group of five walked out of the courtyard.

In the yard.

Fu Tianlong's face was ashen, he did not know why he was stunned by Long Fei at that moment.

"Big brother, what should we do?"

Fu Tianlong sneered, and said: "Go take a look, see how much rubbish this brat has refined, and how he will suffer the ridicule of tens of thousands of people."

"Fu Xishan, no matter what, you will definitely lose today!"

… ….

In another place.

Murong Mansion.

"Hahaha …"

"The Fengyuan Merchant Union has yet to hand over anything. After this auction, their market in the G.o.d emperor city will be quickly divided." Murong Fenglei laughed.

Jin Sanyuan smiled and said, "This is all thanks to the intelligence provided by Lord Murong."


"Here are three thousand fairy stones. We, the Family Jin Union, will only help young master Mu Rong find the warbeast type immortal roots at the auction."

It was very worth it to be able to topple this generation of the Fengyuan Merchant Union.


He was ready for everything.

This time!

The Fengyuan Merchant Union would definitely lose miserably!

Murong Fenglei laughed, obtaining three thousand fairy stones just like that was too easy.

With this money, the Murong Prince's estate could expand in power. Baidu Sister-in-law a a half (. Floating Life Strongest Upgrade System

Murong Tian walked out from the side of the hall and said with a faint smile, "As long as Family Jin Union cooperates with our Murong Prince's Manor, I will allow your Family Jin Union to occupy the entire market in the G.o.d emperor city."

"Hahaha …"

This was just the beginning!

Next, he had to deal with Long Fei …

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